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Thank Mhysa for “Freedom”


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I also agree that ruling isn't supposed to be easy. It would have been unrealistic to watch Robert practically fail at every kingly thing, Stannis failing to inspire anything more than pity, Ned failing to grasp that the game is necessary when there are snakes in the grass, Robb marrying into his demise, Renly confusing gallantry with leadership, Jon constantly struggling with hard decisions, Tyrion managing to convince himself he was brilliant player yet failing to realise just how good LF&QOT and Varys are, Tywin missing the necessity of ruling with leniency and separating the Lord from the father, it would have been so annoying to have all those scenarios and then have Dany just be perfect at it.

We'd all be asking "....b....b...but how?"

Excellent post! How smart you are!! :)

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It never gets old because it's true. I'm sorry if it offends various people's gender sensitivities, but she is too emotional, she makes decisions based on emotions, she does it MANY times.

So does Jon and many of the other characters. Though, admittedly, they usually rationalize their actions better. In fact, I have once pointed out that it is a bit of unfortunate tendency that Martin has with female characters - they never seem to explain or rationalize their actions in their PoVs to the degree that male characters do.


I compare Dany to other characters who employ torture, such as Stannis and the Old Bear, beacuse their actions illustrate general attitudes of their world - even among non-villanious and ostensibly "just" characters. So, Dany is being bashed for what? For not being apriori much more enlightened and progressive than her contemporaries in each and every respect? For not being a Mary Sue who never makes mistakes, in other words?

And yea, IMHO it is also instructive how these other characters are never held to account for it, as it really highlights that Dany's character is treated somewhat differently by her critics.

Cas Stark:

IMHO, Dany's Meeren storyline is rather interesting because it doesn't shy away from difficulties that trying to change the world entails. I also find Dany's mistakes and naivity very believable. What annoys me is seeming lack of reflection on her failures and lack of learning process thereof in her PoV. All the more so, since it as actually a departure from how her character had been previously written. The fact that Dany, who used to be quite observant, was suddenly not didn't exactly help either.

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