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Gods Bless Mhysa for “Freedom”


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This thread continues from the previous one which is locked here.

First of all I take ALL my apologies back because I am 100% confident that I expressed my ideas clearly. I never praised slavery in that thread or anywhere else. It is offensive to accuse someone of being pro-slavery. All those who posted that I praised slavery in that thread are simply committing straw man fallacy.

I repeat my statement that accusing someone of being pro-slavery and/or Dany-hater is the equivalent of Godwin’s Law. I don’t know whether the mods are thinking of doing something for that kind of posts but I simply don’t care. For me, those posts show that the poster is intellectually dishonest and/or cannot accept any criticism to Dany.

Criticizing Dany is not equal to supporting her enemies.

So let me continue with an addition to the OP of the locked thread.

After the “Liberation” of Meereen …

The slaves from the fighting pits, bred and trained to slaughter, were already proving themselves unruly and quarrelsome. They seemed to think they owned the city now, and every man and woman in it. Two of them had been among the eight she’d hanged. There is no more I can do, she told herself. “What do you want of me, Captain?”

“Slaves,” he said. “My holds are full to bursting with ivory, ambergris, zorse hides, and other fine goods. I would trade them here for slaves, to sell in Lys and Volantis.”

“We have no slaves for sale,” said Dany.

“My queen?” Daario stepped forward. “The riverside is full of Meereenese, begging leave to be allowed to sell themselves to this Qartheen. They are thicker than the flies.”

Dany was shocked. “They want to be slaves?”

“The ones who come are well spoken and gently born, sweet queen. Such slaves are prized. In the Free Cities they will be tutors, scribes, bed slaves, even healers and priests. They will sleep in soft beds, eat rich foods, and dwell in manses. Here they have lost all, and live in fear and squalor.”

“I see.” Perhaps it was not so shocking, if these tales of Astapor were true. Dany thought a moment. “Any man who wishes to sell himself into slavery may do so. Or woman.” She raised a hand. “But they may not sell their children, nor a man his wife.”

“In Astapor the city took a tenth part of the price, each time a slave changed hands,” Missandei told her.

“We’ll do the same,” Dany decided. Wars were won with gold as much as swords. “A tenth part. In gold or silver coin, or ivory. Meereen has no need of saffron, cloves, or zorse hides.”

Freedom to be sold to slavery but not without a tenth part of the price to fund the military campaign of Mhysa.

That tutor in the TV show is not an invention/interpretation for the show. That is something in the text the show wanted to show to the general audience.

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Well, no, you never "praised slavery," but the gist of your OP, as I took it, was that some slavery is better than other slavery and some slaves prefer to be slaves. The underlying idea was that Dany shouldn't have freed the slaves the way she did.

So let me put this to you: I say that she had exactly 2 choices, (1) free the slaves the way she did, or (2) not free them at all. Do you think she had a 3rd realistic choice? If so, what was it? If she didn't have a choice, should she have left the system untouched?

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The last thread explored the topic adequately and we do not encourage a sequel, particularly if it's started for personal reasons rather than to discuss the books.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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