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Feedback on write-up covering upcoming CG changes

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We are looking at making some changes to how characters are written. We're not sure how long it will take to implement or how difficult it will be to have "old" and "new" characters side by side, but the following text is a write-up that we would publish after the changes are done. As such, we'd like some feedback on whether it is clear enough or not. Please note that none of the changes are implemented yet.


We have started implementing some changes to the CharGen which all players should be aware of. There will be a period of transition that may be confusing, especially for newer players, but we're hoping that it will result in better characters in the long run.

1) A third Long CG Field (the other two being Background and Justify) called Concept has been added. This does not mean that we expect people to do more writing than previously, however, as the Background has often served as an awkward catch-all for both a background and an attempt to lay out a basic character concept. This has not served us well when it comes to characters passing from one player to another and as such we feel that a clear-cut Concept would be a great starting point both for the first and subsequent players. This will, we hope, really enable us to see what someone hopes to do with a character. At the same time we will also encourage a move away from a linear background and more reliance on Events to cover time-specific parts of the background. This should lead to less writing being needed for the Background itself and hopefully the Backgrounds will also feel less "dated" for future players. Existing players are encouraged to submit Concepts for their current characters though it is not necessary. We may also consider allowing Backgrounds to be re-written and supported by additional Events, though the Backgrounds should still cut off at the original date.

2) To allow Events to contain information that previously would have been in the Background, Events set during CG will now be locked as a player exits CG. Additionally, Events set during play will be locked whenever a character is reset so that future players are unable to tweak the Events of past players.

3) The Long Info Fields History and Persona have been deprecated. All existing History and Persona fields have been moved into Notes named History and Persona.

4) In terms of what a player is expected to write during CG, History and Persona have been replaced by a mandatory Note which should be called Biography/Presentation/Profile. This Note should at the beginning essentially be a public version of Background, Concept and any elements of the Justify that should be publicly known, written as one cohesive presentation of the character. However, this Note, unlike the Long CG Fields, can and should be updated during play. Existing players are strongly encouraged to add this new Note to their characters and, once that is done, to remove the History and Persona notes.

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