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Sexiest Person

ser jon stark

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Ok, for the attitude.

Ok, for the kindness.

But do you really get turned on by his honesty?

IMO, there are several qualities that make him appealing. But sexy, because of honesty?

His particular brand of honesty, yes. He's not fooled by the liars and intrigue of King's Landing. He says what he means and doesn't give a damn what anyone else thinks.

But lets flip this around. The opposite would not be sexy: A pandering suck-up who believed all the lies and was fooled by appearances, and changes his opinions to suit who's listening. (Hmm... sounds like Lancel? Squicky indeed)

"I hate liars. I hate gutless frauds even worse"

I takes guts to be honest in a nest of snakes like KL.

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Well, I like it when person owes their shit. Lack of logic and self insight annoys me more than villainy in itself. I like certain amount of self-awareness. Jaime, who I love as a character too, is very good one for self justifications. He's so misunderstood, Bran was spying on them, etc...

As far as speeches go, I prefer the "bugger" one.

Re: turn on - it's not just one thing, it's the combination of them. Again, I am not particularly "turned on" by any character, but usually to me looks matter the least of all in hotness department. Especially when it comes to guys.

In literature, the most important thing is to be interesting, compelling character.

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Theon, because he is arrogant and mean in a nice way. Even though he's an idiot.

Loras Tyrell (if we overlook the whole gay-thingy), because he is described as incredibly hot in a way that makes me believe in it!

Jaime Lannister. Before he loses his hand and hair and becomes a good person.

Jon Snow, because he is Jon Snow.

...and about every other guy that's described as good-looking and preferably also a cynical self-centered bastard. When it comes to literature, I'm too shallow for my own good!

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I can't believe more women didn't name Oberyn... as a guy, I can positively say he's the guy I'd most want to emulate.

As for females... just about any alpha female in the book is good (ie not the Sansa types). Especially Cercei, something about that bitchy attitude of hers makes me want to teach a lesson or two...

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Sandor, without a doubt. In fact, he's one of the best written characters I have ever had the pleasure of reading in fantasy.

And b/c of all of the above posts: the honesty, the big/strong thing going for him, etc.: but also, the subtle hints at him being a different person than the identity that he has adopted (due to multiple factors: brother, Lannister employment, childhood trauma, etc.). The idea that he can now be friendly and reborn as someone new makes me...well....look forward to more of his story.

THEN you have that whole sensitive side, crusted over with aggression. Telling Sansa how his face is burned and then threatening to kill her if she tells anyone. Holding a dagger to her throat and silently crying over it....telling Arya horrible things to get her to give him the gift of mercy....without a doubt the best written character in the book IMHO. Although Jaime is a close second.....I did actually like him (meaning, I looked forward to his thoughts and POV) by the end of AFFC.

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