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Sexiest Person

ser jon stark

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all right, i still think Arianne has succeded Dany as the "hottest" chick for me, but i still would want to marry dany.

However, to create a new category, "fling," i would love to have one with Asha. At face value she is so-so, but her attitude makes her desireable. I would like to encounter her, sail the high seas, exacting the iron price by day, engaging in wild romps below deck by night, and have her ditch me one morning on some barren shore with nothing more than a looted sword or helm as a parting gift.

Here is what convinced me (you Asha fans are gonna LOVE this!)


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I don't know why I didn't think of him before but my previous answer can now become null and void! :D

Mine would have to be RHEAGAR TARGARYEN!!! YAY! Everybody loves the dragon knight :love:

And if I should suddenly morph into a male ( God I hope not! Hehe) I would say my choice would be..Umm either Sansa, Ellaria or Lyanna Stark. :cool:

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Brandon Stark.. I like a firebrand.....

Jon Snow if I were a little younger

Rheagar... multifaceted, but sounds a little too melancholy for me

and a young Big Bad Bob Baratheon would be fun foer a tumble in the hay ;)

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Hmmm...this is an interesting thread. In addition to the suspension of disbelief required for this exercise, I am exercising some additional suspension of disbelief as most of the female characters in this book are more than 10 years younger than I am and are way too young.

This would be my order of preference:

1. Margaery Tyrell

2. Lyanna Stark

3. Sansa Stark

4. Daenerys Tagaryen

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I'm glad there's love for Gendry. He's too young for me, but I hold out hope for him. Actually, during ASOS I was hoping he and Arya would eventually end up together.

Same with Jon Snow.

And add me to the list of bad-boy lovers, for Sandor and Jaime. Why? I should know better.

If I weren't so inconveniently attracted to men, I think Asha is totally hot.

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this is the best thread i've seen since the marry-kill-one night stand one on the old board.

OBERYN. hottest char EVAR. my GOD. I would totally have sex with him. hes one of the two fictional characters I've ever seriously crushed on. damn it!!!!! :mad: :cry:

hm. no one else! eeeeeveryone else pales in comparision!

but I would absolutely go lesbian for Arya.

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1. Jon

2. Bronn (why do I always picture him looking like Clive Owen?)

3. Gendry is gonna be hot, hot, hot real soon here!

4. How come nobody mentioned Littlefinger? I can't be the only person who thinks he has a real Gary Oldman style going on? :love:

Gawds, I love inane threads like this.

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Heres my opinion:

Arianne- Slut

Cersei- Queen of Sluts

Arya- You sickos, she's ten

Sandor- If I liked that kind of person, I'd hang around the burn unit of my local hospital more often

Lyanna- Great, except shes dead and pieces would probably start falling off

The best are definitely Nymeria Sand. Or Tyene. Or both; I could deal with both.

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Boys that will be hot when they are older...

1. Gendry ~ Strong and loyal, this guy has handsome written all over him.

2. Jon Snow ~ He's going to sexy, angst ridden, and powerful. In 5 or so more years I would love to call him Lord Commander. :kiss:

3. Tommen ~ Should he survive to adulthood, I think he will be a very handsome, gentle man. Unfortunately I think this kid will die before he ever has a chance to be a heart breaker.

Guys that would be sexy if they weren't dead.

1. Rheagar Targ~ Sexy, sexy, sexy, sexy..... Sexy. :blush:

2. (If he had been older when he died) Robb Stark ~ I have a thing for red heads. But beyond that he was a brilliant warrior, and honorable. Got to love the boy.

3. Ned Stark ~ Quiet and honorable, yet with a silent power underneath it all. Sexy.

The beautiful girls...

1. Arya~ when she is older I think she will be every bit of her aunts Niece. She'll also have the danger element going for her.

2. Dany ~ Violet eyes, blonde hair and Dragons. Does it get sexier then this?

3. Mycelle~ Cercei minus the ubber bitch factor. A missing ear won't mean much with all of those golden curls.

4. Sansa ~ So pretty.

So that is who I think is hot :). Got to love Martin for putting so many pretty people in his books. :mellow:

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as the staright male i am:

Arianne: Come on, she has alot of fire, but tends to listen to reason.

Sansa: She was so lost and innocent, i felt like comforting her.

Dany: I dont like her, but i would so bang her.

If i were gay or female:

Jaime: He has the confidence most woman love and is good looking, not to mention funny.

Syrio: He's bald, but in absolute control of himself and his body, plus he can really thrust ;)

Robb Stark: Really really nice guy.

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Arya- You sickos, she's ten

Isn't she 11 now? That makes it better, right?

How come nobody mentioned Littlefinger? I can't be the only person who thinks he has a real Gary Oldman style going on?

I guess he could be sexy if he weren't so creepy.

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It's so hard for me to say, since the youth of many in the series is jarring for me (for example Dany I think would be great -- but she's 15 or so...; I know, I know, kids grew up faster then, but jeez). Probably just too strange.

But, if in a hypothetical situation where everyone is an ideal age (or whatever):

1. Arya -- she has the making to be fantastic, but just too young as of now. That, and she might be a bit... crazy. But that's just flavoring! Plus, she takes after Lyanna so you know she's got a good look in her future.

2. Dany -- she's young but she's got a good contrast.

3. Ygritte -- touched by fire indeed. Touch up of dental work though.

Follow ups:

Sansa -- she's had a tad too depressing a history I feel. That, and she seems a bit ditzy ;) But hopefully that will be cleared up soon. Comforting would be a reason she takes top of follow ups though. More and more I think about it, she's a really close call to make.

Arianne -- nice figure, but more of just a fling.

Asha -- same as Arianna, a nice fling.

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Jaime. I mean, the thing about Jaime is he's easily bowled over by strong women, so not only is he totally hot and ridiculously funny, but I could pretty much make him my bitch. It does NOT get hotter than that.

Prince Valarr (from Hedge Knight). The whole dark hair with the streak of Targaryen blonde is yummy, and he sounds much less psychotic than the Darkstar.

Prince Baelor Breakspear. I don't generally go for older guys, but I melt for this guy.

Gendry in a couple years. 14 going on 15 is still too young, and hanging with the BWB is a definite turnoff. Still, he's very loyal and has a great body.

Ned Dayne in even more years. I really like his character, he seems like he's going to be an awesome guy, AND the Sword of the Morning, AND we all know the high hotness of the Daynes.

Jon Snow. I didn't find Jon Snow to be that attractive in my first reads but since everyone else seems to think he's incredibly hot, I've decided that I should too. So add his great personality, and try to forget his nasty slumming with Ygritte, and he is a contender.

Aurane Waters. He sounds pretty yummy, although being one of Cersei's pets is a mark against him. Still, he does leave her high and dry, so maybe there's hope.

In terms of women,

Dacey Mormont. Super tall warrior girl who sounds like she's probably pretty in a strong way.

Val. She sounds a lot cleaner and prettier than the average Wildling.

And I think Melisandre would have to be very sexy. I find her repugnant but to get to where she is she has to have some real vavoom. And she certainly uses her sexuality to manipulate people, even more so than Cersei. I would argue that Mel has the most sex appeal of any woman in Westeros, although her personality certainly makes her undesirable. I think she's the only one who actually would look like the fantasy art drawings (sluts in corsets... yay.... :rolleyes: ).

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WooHoo!!! Great thread!!

Sansa: I fell in love with her from her first chapter and she is still at the top of my "wishlist"! She might grow up to be one of the most pretty women in Westeros, but something in her personality does it for me. And i am not much older so thats okay!!

I am so envious of Petyr kissing her every time that i want to rescue her, now!!!!!

Dany: At first i wasn't impressed much and that marriage with Drogo turned me off. But as i continued to read about her i became more and more interested. That "handmaid" thing was what started me thinking her as very very very sexy! My loyalties may lie with Sansa, but if i could pick someone from Asoiaf to have sex with, that would be Dany. Period.

Of course there are many more, like Arianne, Val, Irri, and most importantly Roslyn Frey! She is so cute!!!!!

And i dont like the Sand Snakes! They scare me! ;)

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im all about this thread, and if i really let my hair down and talked about melisandre the way i wanted to, i'd be kicked off this board.

that being said, will people please STOP saying ARYA!!!!!!!! she should not be allowed as a contestant here!

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