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Possible Season 5 script leaked (Lady Stoneheart).

Salafi Stannis

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Well there's a picture going around of a script for GoT season 5, and here's what it says.

Brienne: My lord!

Thoros: "Spare us milady, we know who you are, we know who sent you, in any case I will not be your judge tonight."

Podrick falls to the ground

Brienne: Pod!

A hooded figure stands beside the fire

Thoros: Silence! Your trial begins now.

Brienne, petrified, looks at Thoros, then at the fire, the figure begins to move towards her, slowly, at first, it's face indistinct, Brienne trembles.

Thoros: "(first part of dialogue is not in the picture) but she remembers."

However, it's entirely possible that this script is either fake or it was a script for when they were going to include her but then they decided to leave her out.

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