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Varys vs. Ramsay vs. Littlefinger vs. Joffrey

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1. Varys - Orchestrates a massive war for his own selfish reasons. Uses child soldiers, whom he also mutilates.

2. Ramsay - Chooses to be evil. He shows he understands how it is to act normal, and uses his full available power to do evil.

3. Littlefinger - Sort of like Varys, only he is more chaotic in how he works.

4. Joffrey - Has problems, and it was mostly nature and nurture that turned him into what he was.

If they all went to dinner out in what context?

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Who is the most sickening to you and why?

Ramsay or Joffrey... Both are under control of savage instincts of small but dangerous animal. What I mean both use the power that came in their hands to approve themselves important and the best of the best. Both are crazy sadists. But at least Ramsay has brains and sometimes behaves really smart. So Joffrey.

What would you think would happen if they all had dinner for a night?

It depends on the condition of their meeting? A dinner for these 4 in KL during Joffrey rule? So nothing will happend. Joffrey will be bored. Ramsay will be careful enough, but mb will pay a dual-sensed compliment to Joffrey. THe king won't understand, but it will amuse LF and Varys.

If they eat something together in prison? Undoubtly, Ramsay will show who's the boss there and make Jof suffer, while Varys will escape somehow from the cell. Meanwhile LF will buy his freedom.

Still why LF or Varys should be sickening? They are not adorable pussies, but they are reasonable and quite smart people, who knows their own purposes. They aren't protoganists, but they rather deserve respect then disgust. And actually they do not do nothing crazy themselves.

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is there proof of this or?

“What I can do, I will,” the one with the torch said softly. “I must have gold, and another fifty birds.”

She let them get a long way ahead, then went creeping after them. Quiet as a shadow.

“So many?” The voices were fainter as the light dwindled ahead of her. “The ones you need are hard to find … so young, to know their

letters … perhaps older … not die so easy …”

“No. The younger are safer … treat them gently …”

“… if they kept their tongues …”

“… the risk …”

Varys' "little birds" are young kids, who have thier tongues removed. This also has the side effect of some of them bleeding out and dying in the process.

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I would say Ramsay first, Joffrey second, then LF and then Varys.

I rank them this way because of ideology and motives.

  1. Ramsay's motives seem to be to cause misery and pain, the worst motives.
  2. Joffrey is kind of a sadist but doesn't reach the same extreme as Ramsay and he mostly responds to what he sees as insults or kingly/manly behavior. He is defensive rather than offensive.
  3. LF always has some motive for what he does and so i see him as less evil, because at least he is aspiring to something, although he does commit vile atrocities.
  4. Varys i ranked as the least evil because he seems to have some pure motivation at least, even though his means for achieving it are repulsively sinister. If Varys is shown to have no ideology at all for what he is doing and it's just for personal ambition, he moves on top of the list.

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