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Dark Horse GOT figurines

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So I got the Ghost figure from Culturefly on eBay for around £30, and he goes perfectly with Jon. Was interested in the mini Dany with Drogon statuette but she looks tiny in a video I've seen, not in scale with the figures?

Still hoping we get Melisandre and Tormund, and then new figures like Sam, Theon etc, maybe some new ones will be shown at SDCC?

Any gaps I think I'll plug with Eaglemoss figures. They're small but look good. Collectors of that line are also worried about its future, as they are about to hit 60 issues with no promise of an extension. Apparently Eaglemoss are keen to do more, but it's HBO who are being a problem. I wonder if it's the same case with these figures? Why wouldn't HBO want a continuous income of GOT merchandise? I'm still buying Lord of the Rings statues 14 years after ROTK came out!

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