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Theon Turncloak's Future


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He'd probably wish Stannis had burned him.


I don't see any reason to divert from the narrative.

The Ravens, "The tree, the tree, the tree" "Theon"

I think it's time for this character to die. His chapters we're excellent and he isn't the 'monster' the world thinks he is. He played the game of thrones and lost.

Stannis will give him to the tree once he no longer needs him alive. The Wulls and co are very anxious and determined so if Stannis wants a Northern army he will need to appease his host.

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With the exception of Dany I don't really think that any character is safe in TWOW. GRRM usually kills people when their plans start to take fruition. I know his arc appears to be drawing to an end but anything is possible. There seem to be a lot of people that look like they are about to die or atleast seem very unlikely to survive the whole story IE: Stannis, Theon, Jaimie. Frankly I could see all of Westeros being destroyed in the end.

side note: I am not saying that Dany survies the entire story but I don't see dying at least until near the end or some major battle or fashion.

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