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MileHiCon - Denver '14

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I know most of you guys are too cool for school when it comes to con's. However, I find myself at this thing ever year. James S.A. Corey will be there, and if for no other reason you can come see Ty's ponytail, and how well dressed daniel is.

Let me know.

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Damn, I seem to forget about this every year. How was it?

It was alright. Every year I say I'm not going back. The people depress me, but I really wanted to see DA and Ty. I'm not even sure that will be a big enough draw next year.

There was a guy this year that was driving me fucking nuts. He was on every panel I wanted to attend, and ruined a large part of the con.

We got a room on the 6th floor. The 4th floor was designated as the 'party' floor, so we thought we were safe. The Denver Victorian Society decided to have a goddam absinth party next door to us, and I had to go over there and yell at them.

Besides that, ya, it was alright. Hearing D and T talk was nice, but like I said before, i'm probably out next year.

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