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Colonel Green

[TWOIAF Spoilers] Ranking the Targaryen Kings

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I imagine that Viserys I and Corlys Velaryon never got along. Corlys most likely expected to become Prince Consort at the side of Queen Rhaenys when he married Rhaenys before 92 AC, and I imagine there was no friendship between Jaehaerys I/Baelon/Viserys after 92 AC, leading to the retreat of the Velaryons to Driftmark and the end of them being Master of Ships - which eventually enabled Tyland Lannister to rise to that office at one point during Viserys' reign.

And it does not seem as if this really changed after Rhaenyra married Laenor. Laenor was not called to KL to rise to high office, nor was Laenor the leader of the Black party - Ser Harwin Strong was. The marriage closed the rift between the Targaryens and the Velaryons but it did not make them good/great friends. At least not Corlys/Rhaenys and Viserys.

Makes sense.

But Otto's appointment was a mistake.

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Reappointing Otto was a grievous mistake. Remarrying and fathering spares wasn't wrong. Rhaenyra could have predeceased her father without issue of her own, and then the Realm would have been stuck with Daemon as Heir Presumptive - again.

Remarrying and fathering spares wasn't wrong. But I believe that his choice was a very bad one. Te Hightowers are one of the most powerful houses in the realm, controlling the second city of the realm and with some influence above the Citadel. He could have foreseen that from the moment he had a male heir the succession could be disputed, and therefore a much more sensible decision would have been to marry into a weaker house.

I agree that reappointing Otto was his worse decision, though.

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