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Which character's story are you most looking forward to developing in TWOW?


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Q: Of course, TWOIAF only whets the appetite for Martin’s next juggernaut release: the highly anticipated The Winds of Winter. If you had to pick one region in the upcoming novel that you think could hold the most artistic value/inspiration for artists, what would it be?

A: [Elio and Linda speaking]: Artists should start eyeing the variety of ways in which you can depict snow and ice …

… and fire, too. As to a specific region, I think there may be some very interesting things going on in the Vale of Arryn.Source

Definitely Sansa ! After all, It has been almost 10 years since the last Sansa Chapter, and all mentions of her TWOW arc seem to confirm it will be quite something :) !

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1) Tyrion. I'm looking forward to seeing him playing the game again. He's been on leave for way too long.

2) Arya. I'm looking forward to discovering more about the faceless assassins, as well as get some insight or clues at which important target she'll be killing at the end of her journey.

3) Davos, Rickon and Osha. the rumors about Skagos are pretty intriguing.

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Most of them!

- Dany, what will happen between her and Khal Jhaqo?

- Jaime, his face off with Stoneheart

- Jon Snow, please be alive, please…

- Margaery and Cersei, their trials!

- The Sand Snakes, especially the ones going to KL

- Tyrion, please support Dany

- Sansa, will she become a player, what is Littlefinger going to do with/to her?

- Bran, will he become evil?

- Wyman Manderly, he is plotting something big to overthrow Roose in Winterfell. I wish we could’ve had POV chapters from him during his stay in Winterfell

- Jon Connington, what will Aegon do? Will he stand before a cheering crowd (confirmation that he is not the son of Rhaegar and Elia)?

- Arianne, she’s very interesting

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Its between Sansa and Dany for me. Ultimately I would have to say Dany.

If she ends up arriving in Westeros, which I believe she will, hopefully around 2/3 through the book, it will be the most far-reaching event that has taken in the books since the Red/Purple Weddings and will ultimately be more impactful. So i guess you could say, I'm excited for everyone's stories to see how they react to her arrival, but I am still very excited for all of her storyline, queue the hate.

I am very intrigued by Sansa's too. I think her chapters will be among the best of the series in the next book. This suprises myself, because I was never a huge Sansa fan, but her imminent transformation into a Game player is gonna serve us with some Stark redemption. And another reason to queue the hate, I'm a big Littlefinger fan, sue me.

P.S. Theon

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Isn't Reek already gone (I mean Theon has returned)?

Yeah, but I think Freerider was saying he/she would like to see Theon's story take another U-turn. Maybe he accomplishes one more thing in the overall story, but then Ramsay reclaims him and his arc ends in the darkest way imaginable.

Anyway my own answers to this thread would be:

- Theon (Just want everything to go well for him. I know it won't, but that's just what I want.)

- Davos (I neeeeed to see what heroic stuff this guy gets up to next.)

- Samwell (It's been a while since Feast, and he seems to be at the heart of some of the more mysterious stuff left in ASoIaF, with "Pate", the candles and maybe even the horn. Plus like someone else said, it'll be interesting to see more life in the Citadel).

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In no particular order, here are my top 5:

Jon - There are so many ways for him to not be dead. I'm intrigued as to how martin will do it. I'm partial to him warging into Ghost, then Mel resurrecting the lifeless body (and being confused by his unconsciousness), then Jon warging back into his undead body, resulting in no side effects.

Sansa - How does she begin to actually play the game? Will she be successful?

Arya - Her vengeance will be so sweet. Her released tWoW chapter is great. I'm hoping for more of the same.

Lannisters - I'm hoping they go the way of the Reyne's...even the innocent ones. Sorry Myrcella & Tommen. You may not have chosen to play, but you weren't built to win this game.

Samwell - Glass Candles/Jaqen H'hgar/Gilly with Mance's boy at Horn Hill

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- I would like to see Nymeria make an appearance.

- The other Nymeria in KL seems quite a keen move (very excited about that)

- Dany needs to learn of her family's past and own it.

- Arya needs to get her faceless journey going in Westeros (I cannot wait for this)

- Benjen's mission to the far north should be clarified

- Sansa should stumble into BF or the man who rides Stranger again

- Aegon/fAegon mystery resolved

- JonCon makes a difference or is he a fool?

- Jon and Ghost merge and rise above

- Bran must fly

So much to look forward to.

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Melisandre's chapter/s should be good. She's probably my fifth choice after Sansa, Jaime, Bran and Cersei.

On the first read I'm probably going do some serious jumping around. Dany, Tyrion, and Arya are probably going to skimmed on the first read unless major stuff starts happening. Arianne too. Second time around though I'll read cover to cover. With ADWD it basically made no difference when I skipped around so long as I was reading the individual POVs in order.

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