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POV's you're most looking forward to in TWOW


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Aeron Damphair (just my favourite character)

Melisandre (religious zealots for the win, this assumes Mel is our first wall POV)

Brienne (because cliffhangings)

Victarion (because

Moqorro sees dragons


Theon (because Winterfell)

Samwell (because Crow's Eye (at least mentioned, surely?))

Davos (because Skaagos)

Sansa (because controversy, Sweetrobin and Harry)

Bran (because, well, Bloodraven)

A bit too many, I suppose....

Special mention to Arya and Barristan, but we've already had samples from them!

ETA: The Theon after the gift chapter.

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Davos: Simply because I'm really intrigued with us finally seeing Rickon again and what the situation is there. It could lead the way for a massive Stark rally.

Jon: Because the wall is currently in complete turmoil, one minute he's doing really well making tough decisions and taking in numbers to take on the white walkers. Next the decline of the Starks is too much and for his decision of wanting to march is stabbed. So the wall is currently my interesting point out of anywhere to see what goes on.

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1.Bran - to me it's very important to find out some unanswered questions.

2.Arya - I fell this is going to be the saddest of POV, but also the most awesome.

3. Daenerys - some crazy shit is about to get popping.

4. Theon - probably the most exciting chapters to come with the battle for Winterfell, and going by track record.

5. Mel - I need more prophecies, her take on Jon's attack, and of course Patchface.

Honorable Mentions:

Jaime - I mean bruv.... something major is going to happen.

Jon - I feel Jon's chapters will be very slow, and focused in recovery, self pity and playing detective, but he holds the wall's chapters(Mel too, but does not have the perks Jon has) has major knowledge of every situation as LC.

Sansa - very excited to see what's next for the Vale.

Tyrion - very interested to see his encounter with Dany, and just how much useful he will be.

Davos - Davos is awesome, and he can hold the alliance of house Manderley on his 6 fingers.

Least excited:

I want to read everything but I have to provide a list.

Damphair - only want to see more Euron, Damphair is the worst POV in the books IMO.

Ceresi - she has almost no power left, most of Lannister(House is looking bad) decisions might come from Jaime & Devan from now on.

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Any POV that involves the death/dismemberment/ridicule of Freys. Any POV that can prove/disprove the GNC theory.

I am also interested in Sam at the Citadel more so now than I was during my first read though. I've already read "Mercy" so that kind of got an Arya chapter out of the way. I already assume Jon is not dead, so no big rush to get to that.

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