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Goodkind 54: How to Revive a Dead Dick


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Thanks to DF for the title.

Remember the rules:

1) People are stupid

2) Do not feed the Yeard (or do, I don't care)

3) Deserve victory

4) Don't go picking fights on Goodkind boards (which would be hard anyway, since they don't exist anymore)

5) There have always been those who hate, and there always will be (that would be us)

Have fun and play nice!

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I just noticed something terrible yesterday. My text messaging feature on my iPhone now includes a suggested words thing. I type a handful of letters and it gives me about three to four words as suggestions that I can click as a shortcut.

Yesterday, I typed "good" and one of the suggested words was "Goodkind." My god... what have we come to?!!?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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