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Cersei, the Little Bee

Ser Cold Fingers

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I'm currently reading through the entire series (listening to the Audiobook when reading isn't an option) and am about 2/3 through ASoS.

I didn't catch this the first time I read it but I did this time...it is nothing amazing nor does it confirm any theories. Something I found humorous.

Lord Walder named the names. “My daughter Arwyn,” he said of a girl of fourteen. “Shirei, my youngest trueborn daughter. Ami and Marianne are granddaughters. I married Ami to Ser Pate of Sevenstreams, but the Mountain killed the oaf so I got her back. That’s a Cersei, but we call her Little Bee, her mother’s a Beesbury. More granddaughters. One’s a Walda, and the others … well, they have names, whatever they are …

I had a good chuckle at that. Cersei...the Little Bee.

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