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Official Blatant but Honest Self Promotion Thread

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Hi! I'm new here, but I thought I'd promote the first release in a series of  fantasy books I've written. I'll continue the rest of this post in Swedish, since my books are written in Swedish and only interesting for those who can read and understand this godforsaken Scandinavian language :D

Jag skriver på en serie som jag kallar för ”Norndarl – Legenden om horderna”. Började skriva för lite drygt två år sedan och har nu klämt ur mig sex romaner och sex noveller. Är inte utgiven och då har jag en enkel princip: om inte förlagen anser sig kunna göra pengar på mina böcker, så ska inte heller läsarna betala något för dem. Den principen känns rätt för mig, men jag har all respekt för att andra agerar annorlunda. Därför så kommer jag att publicera min första bok på min hemsida vid midvinterblotet 2017. Fri att ladda ner!
Serien är en äventyrsserie i en historiskt fiktiv värld. Det är få övernaturliga eller magiska inslag, men desto mer av strider, maktkamper, lusta, våld och givetvis kärlek. I mina egna ögon är det ganska mörka berättelser där gränserna mellan rätt och fel inte alltid är särskilt tydliga.
Följ gärna med på resan in i Norndarl och titta in på hemsidan:


Edited by Roy G biv Rost

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13 hours ago, Roose Boltons Pet Leech said:

My taniwha-railway story (yes, really) is now out, as part of SpecFicNZ's Te Korero Ahi Ka anthology of New Zealand speculative fiction:


You seem to be having a good run.  I really enjoyed your Antarctica story.

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I participated in the Collaborative Writing Challenge's Steampunk project The Army of Brass.  (I think I was told that I was responsible for 20% of the final project, but that is just a guestimate).  The book is available for pre-order.  Worth every penny of that .99 price!  (Or free if you have Kindle Unlimited)

Army of Brass on Amazon

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My Catholic vampire story, Pulmenti Gloriosum, Pulmenti, has been accepted by Bards and Sages Quarterly for their October 2018 issue.

This one was a bit of a relief - it's damn hard to find a place that likes vampire stories at the moment.

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Heirloom of the Rusks, by Lucas d'Aquina (yours truly).


A 370 pages High Fantasy adventure, with rabbits and terror wraiths made of liquid metal.

In the far north, there is a small country known as the Flower Valley, inhabited by a race of sentient rabbits called leporines. For centuries they have lived under the protection of the Rim Mountains surrounding them, settled their land in peace and built a prosperous agrarian society with semi-egalitarian traits, and soon the Midsummer celebrations will herald their sixth century of settling their land. 

One not too much invested in that endeavour is Cinnabar Rusk, adolescent son of the matriarch Claudia - an overweight dreamer who prefers reading about ancient elvish myths and heroes. The time he doesn't spend reading he plots to impress Lyra Mársk, a sapphire-eyed juvenile doe with fur as white as snow... 

On the eve of the midsummer celebrations, what must not happen does, as a mighty earthquake makes the Rim collapse, and their country is invaded by strafers, creatures born out of living metal, whose magic leporine valour and cunning cannot match.

Cinnabar finds himself torn between flame and family, as the world he had taken for granted is falling around him and he struggles to cope with the new reality.

A rather fun and non-formulaic story to write. I hope that readers will become equally entertained :)

Edited by Lucas_d_Aquina

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