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Do you support the Greens or Blacks? Why?

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you cannot uphold your portrayal of Daemon as your posts clearly show a very biased view in part directly at odds with the textual evidence. Nothing suggests that

- Daemon did (or wanted to) rule the Realm as Rhaenyra's Prince Consort. There is also nothing suggesting that Rhaenyra was/could be reduced to a figurehead. One could possibly even make a case that Daemon only rallied Rhaenyra's forces in the Riverlands because Rhaenyra had to recover from her miscarriage.

- The textual evidence clearly shows that Daemon sacrificed Caraxes and possibly his own life in the duel against Daemon (Daemon may have had a chance to survive, but Caraxes was dead from the very moment he slammed into Vhagar's side). That's nothing a man trying to take over the Realm would do. Your assessment that Aemond is Daemon's greatest enemy is nothing but wishful thinking. Aemond was a threat to no one. He had a big dragon but no army. All he could do was to terrorize the Riverlands, that's it.

- Nothing suggests that Daemon gave a fig about his sons by Rhaenyra or his daughters by Laena. If he did, or if he wanted to rule through Aegon the Younger, he would have gone back to KL instead of sacrificing his dragon.

- All the stuff from TRP that Daemon was ambitious and after the Iron Throne is an interpretation by historians and his contemporaries. No letter/line from Daemon himself we know of suggests/confirms that everything he did since Viserys became king was done to secure that he (or his line) would control the Iron Throne.

I imagine Rhaenyra-Daemon had a sort of understanding that they could have lovers etc. during their marriage. Daemon reaction to Nettles' death sentence suggests that Rhaenyra had crossed a line there. But his love to Nettles cannot have been that deep, or else he would have gone with her.

-The title lord protector gave such power.

-The text clearly shows he meant to win, and to win is to live.Aemon was the greatest threat to the realm, his beast was the mightest dragon about and he living kept the green cause alive. Attempting to minimize the importance of this just to make the death of Aemond more useless is a hollow attempt.

- If he gave so little a crap he wouldn't have fought Aemond at all and abandon the cause. Daemon returning to KL left the worry he can return and burn them as they slept.

-So we are meant to ignore everything about Daemon because it seems bias? The maester based his account by word of two kingsmen(granted, one seemed to making things up off the back in the jester). The maester has no reason what so ever to be bias against Daemon, the crown as well the highowers themselves were of descent of him.

So let me get this traight, to you, Daemon killed himself just because? It is quiet confusing, if I am wrong please explain.

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