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*MASSIVE BOOK 3 SPOILERS* EW 'psychic' confirms LSH will appear


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Presumably it's a picture someone took of an article in the magazine, VictariousReturneth.

I thought D and D or HBO might be mad at Hibberd myself when it seemed he wasn't getting scoops anymore (though I thought it was because of him spoiling LSH right after 410 aired not for something else) but then it was explained to me by another poster here, Faint, that in June Time Inc. became independent from Time Warner who owns HBO (or something like that, someone else who knows such things could explain it far better). So now EW and HBO no longer have the same parent company and that exclusive relationship that Hibberd had with the show is no more.

TIME went back to being just Time Inc, a publicly traded company, in a few years print magazines , at least like Time, may be extinct.

HBO is still owned by Time-Warner , tho that's a little confusing having Time in your name, as far as I can tell Time-Warner no longer owns Time.

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This is a nothingburger folks. I only posted about it in the Casting etc thread (and later posted the photo linked above) because I was mad that EW spoiled who LSH is without any warning. They have a pattern of doing this sort of thing over the years with any number of books, movies, TV shows. They really don't seem to care.

It's just an interview with a psychic. They asked her about Beyonce, GoT, Big Brother, Serial, and Halloween costumes next year. It means nothing, Jon Snow!

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The fact that there reads "Khaleesi" as Dany's name instead of Daenerys makes me doubt this source.

And no, you can't have Stoneheart if I don't get my frickin Coldhands, Euron, Vic and Arianne! There's just no way.

well i dont like when people make this conclusion its just they prefer Khaleesi more than daenerys like how people prefer hound instead of sandor and Mountain instead of Gregor and red viper instead of oberyn and red women instead of melisandre

but not saying this will be legit and and i believe it but this argument is the one i never liked because book readers treat that show watchers are like idiots who dont even get the names right and mock those who like danny for not getting her name right ..

LORD STONEHEART for what its worth i still think there is a chance for your lady but everyone will be spoiled at that moment

JCRB sadly i too think there is not going to be Griff but i do think there will be atleast young Griff

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