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If there were a BWBcon...


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Bar(s) -- good.

Bar(s) that don't close -- better.

Bar(s) that are free -- best.

At least one decent 24/7 eatery within drunk walking distance.

A soundproofed hotel room for Lodey.

Weatherproof smoking area.

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I like Paedar's idea of plenty attention given to the short stories, especially everything set in the 'Thousand Worlds' universe. That stuff is really what took it to the next level for me, when it came to my love of GRRMs works.

Perhaps something with GRRM's editors.

If there is a screening of the Doorways pilot, maybe showings of the Twilight Zone episodes, and the best Beauty and the Beast episodes.

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Collaborators (Wild Cards authors, cover artists, Bill from SubPress, etc)

Costume and armor creators from GoT (saw the lead costume designer give a talk at the Met the other week -- fascinating)

Things that would be nice:

The people whose scholarship informs different aspects of ASOIAF (historians, armor experts, archeologists, etc)

The people whose scholarship builds context while reading ASOIAF (gender theorists, literary critics, philosophers)

A steamboat

Things about which I care not:

Actors on GoT (The ones I've met are very nice, but this aspect of fandom is of no interest to me whatsoever)

Everything else I'm brainstorming right now is almost at the level of track programming and even individual programs, which is a bit granular at this phase.

agree with this except i'd quite like the smaller of obscure GoT actors or the actors who have read the books.
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Conveinient location with access to bars accepting of us, plenty of resteraunts to choose from.

Maybe even simply create the "Inn at the crossroads" at the con with ale and Arbor gold, food from the series, so we can get the true experience.

GRRM available to answer some questions.

Again, some actors from the show, stars and obscure alike.

I would prefer to focus only on ASOIAF topics and not anything other than it.

D&D from AGOT there to answer questions, and no, not to throw stuff at.

Decent ticket price, not so low that people who aren't really into it come and crowd it up, but not so high that it turns cost prohibitive.

Him signing copies of TWOW!!!!!!!!!!

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Stego and Chataya as bouncers because when I picture a BWB party, that is the first image that pops into my mind.

Seriously, though, I wouldn't be interested in fan-only panels on this. Have you ever noticed the fan panels on ASOIAF that don't include people from the BWB or George or other collaborators kind of suck because we already discussed that topic 1000x here? Yeah. That's why I only attend con panels with Real Authors™ on them. Anything else might as well be the board.

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... only with a hot tub.

If this is the only thing that happens, I'm in.

I like the idea of a beer ticket. I'll pay a lot more, turn up and drink lots of beer.

Just hang out in my room. That bathtub is actually just an ice chest.

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