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I don't mind if we get the book piecemeal really, I just want to read it. I quite enjoyed the sample chapter and look forward to seeing what Elio and Linda have to say about it.

I do mind because we're not getting it in the intended chronological order. Of course, one can simply choose not to read them.

I've read only this one and Mercy, meaning the vast majority of WINDS will be fresh reading when it finally comes out.

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Yes, that article does have some new information. We knew he was trying desperately to finish by 2016, but now we also learn about his new show deal and the fact that he has a possible major twist in the books that will not appear in the show. A

Not sure why but the first feeling I got from this was LSH, Jaime and Brienne. There's also Willas but it's harder to think of a twist involving him and other characters.

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One thing that worries me: was a desire to one up the show part of the reason for his coming up with a new twist? That concerns me. If it was part of the normal writing process... fine.

I confess to thinking that as well. Not necessarily that he sat thinking about it but that when a new idea popped into his head, it seemed like a good way to "one up the show."

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'kay...so without plumping for any what are the possibilities (should this be a new thread?)

  • LS, Jaime, Brienne, Pod - not poss in the show as there is no LS in the show
  • Jojen Reed with an apparently unlikely set of characters from Oop North - not poss in the show as they killed Jojen
  • Something with Littlefinger, who is disliked by everyone in the show but generally has people thinking he's on their side in the books
  • Something to do with Xaro and Illi (locked up and dead on screen, both alive and well in the books iirc)
  • Something around Missandei and Grey Worm
  • Something around the Ironborn/someone else who have been "cut" from the show

I'm sure I am missing lots of possibilities...

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Well looks like I was right, those side projects really did slow George down.

He says taking time off from writing TWOW slowed him down. That's not at all the same thing: he's worked on side projects during the writing of all the books, before, during and after this particular break.

Brynden, since we're just about at the 20 page mark now, it's probably a good idea to start a new version of this thread once you've updated - let me know when, and I'll close this one. :)

ETA - there is now an open thread on the 'twist' revelation, btw.

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