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Chapter by Chapter Analysis (Spoilers)

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Okay so I know there have been a good handful of chapter by chapter read troughs but darn it! I wanna do one. I've been working on it for a good bit and I'm finally putting it out for others to read. I'll try and post pretty frequently but I plan on doing a pretty decent write up for each one. Another thing I do is a ranking system for the characters so I can actually track why I like certain characters and why I hate others. Just a small background. I have seen all the episodes of Game of Thrones up to Season four (Excited for Season 5!) and I've read the first book. There will be spoilers at certain points but they will be clearly marked in case you want to skip over them. Enjoy!

The Prologue

The story starts off with someone speaking, which to me is one of the best ways you can begin a story. There’s no back story, no explanation of what is going on, you are just instantly sucked into the world and you are forced to figure things out as you go along.
Before us we have three member of The Night’s Watch, those men who have sworn an oath to guard The Wall from those in the North from crossing into the South. Gared, the seasoned veteran, Will, the rookie, and Ser Waymar Royce, the ponce who thinks he knows everything but will eventually die, because the ponce ALWAYS dies, which I am thoroughly okay with.
They have been sent on a mission beyond the wall to track down a group of Wildlings that were passing near The Wall. As they are tracking them Will scouts ahead and finds a group of Wildlings all dead in their camp, killed by the cold Gared suggests. Royce is on his first ranger mission and wants to make sure it is completed to its full satisfaction before returning back to the wall, which we can all agree is a classic horror story mistake. Gared and for the most part Will wants to return to the wall and go off of what Will had seen. At this point you feel a sense that Royce is of a higher rank than Will or Gared, even though Gared has been a member of the Night’s Watch far longer than Royce. We don’t get Royce’s back story but he is given a feel that he came from a higher family and that this sort of higher position was ‘bought’ more than earned. Though while you read you can easily see that Ser Royce is rather frightened but he projects it on Gared, the veteran. Do the dead frighten you? He also shows us his fear by overruling Gared's ideas of a fire and going back so he can establish his unearned dominance.a quick note on the fire. While we don't know this yet White Walkers and fire don't mix so if he hsadbuilt a fire, slight chance that it could have saved him
This sort of higher position is shown when you compare Gared’s sword to Royce’s sword. Royce’s sword is described as ‘a long sword… Jewels glittered in its hilt... a splendid weapon, castle forged, and newly made.’ Gared’s is described as ‘It was short, ugly thing, its grip discolored by sweat, its edge nicked from hard use.’ This is a good comparison between these two characters that show sometimes leaders are placed in positions of power without rightfully earning it, which is shown later in the series.
Gared is than ordered to stay with the horses while Will and Royce go to see the bodies. Once they get there they discover the bodies to be gone. Royce orders Will to climb a tree to try and find others. While he is scouting Royce see’s someone coming towards him. He warns them to stay away but they approach him. Six of these pretty dang creepy things come towards him and he fights one of them. The creepy undead thing has a pretty intense sword, it eventually shatters Royce’s sword with a ‘lazy’ parry and is killed, the sword slicing through his ring mail and leather like butter. Of course Will is up the tree freaking out this whole time. After the creepy things leave he climbs down from the tree and grabs the broken sword to prove what had happened. And then….BAM! Royce Zombie! Didn’t see that coming did ya. Royce kills Will and the prologue has ended. That was a pretty quick conversion from being dead to being alive if I say so myself.
While Waymer is fighting these Ice Zombie things it says that here is a moment where he doesn't feel like a boy anymore but a member of the Nights Watch. So he finally has this moment change and bravery...and than he dies! One thing that most people know about good old Georgy is that he doesn't mind killing off his characters (he's so good at making them that he can just introduce another one). But more importantly he loves to start something, build it up, and than cut it off (literally in some cases). This is probably the first instance of him doing this by having Waymer finally having this character growth and for all its worth he dies In the end. So just be ready for these moments cause it happens
One last little tidbit, when they are talking about how those wildings were ‘dead’ Gared gives them a description about how it feels to die by the cold. ‘The real enemy is the cold. It steals up on you quieter than Will… it burns, it does. Nothing burns like the cold… After a while you don’t have the strength to fight it. It’s easier just to sit down or go to sleep. First you go weak and drowsy, everything starts to fade and then it’s like sinking into a sea of warm milk.’ I’ll tell ya what the full version of this description made me feel two things, really dang cold, and okay if I do die by the cold. The descriptions were wonderful and overall this is a great way to start off this series. Almost like a good quality horror movie in a whole new world that we are excited to learn about.

Book Owns
-1 to Ser Waymer Royce for being a ponce
+ 1 to Gared : 'Hard to take orders from a man who you laughed at in your cups'
+ 1 to Ser Waymer for freaking awesome good detective skills. Realizing they couldn't have frozen cauase the Wall was weeping or melting.
- 1 to Waymer for dooming them with not fire
+ 1 to Will for being a noble follower
Favorite Charactes: The White Walkers! Super B.A.
Book VS Show S1 E1
This scene in the show decided to go the 'super creepy haunted forest' rather than just the 'mission gone wrong' path. This scene gives us a reason to fear what is North of the Wall. It also gives Ser Waymer Royce an extra dash of being a ponce and helping us hate him even more. I feel that in the show it is more of a 'the Nobel guy got them killed' routine. The overall change that will happen to all scenes is that they will be shortened, its just the way it is, but here are a couple changes I noticed.
We get to see Will discover the camp in the show and one thing that is interesting is that the bodies and heads are laid out to form the shape of a circle with a line through it (Deathly Hallows... Marking where Harry dropped the Resurrection Stone!). Curious as to what that exactly means and if that will be a recurring thing. For this whole scene we are on Wills side.
Next big change we see is that Waymer doesn't fight back in such a heroic way. He is simply snuck up from behind and killed. I think this is just going along with the atmosphere that they are shooting for. The forest beyond the Wall is something you do not mess with, it won't even give you a chance to fight back and will strike back hard.
The last big change is that it is Will who survives and not Gared. I think that the show is sending a different message by having Will live. With Gared living and him deserting the wall we are instantly worreid because Gared is a very experienced Ranger. If he deserts than we all should be running. With Will surviving it is almost a taunt from the White Walkers. They killed off Ser Royce and Gared, the most experienced of them all, and let Will live to send a message of 'we are coming, go ahead and warn them'. These White Walkers means business.
Just a small Note, they refer to these ice zombies things as White Walkers in the show and The Others in the book. I'm going to call them White Walkers whenever I talk about them because it sounds way cooler/ Plus I don't want you think that I'm talking about Lost here.
Fun Fact, the little creepy girl in this scene is a real actress, though many think it is a doll.
Show Owns (No Repeats allowed)
No owns to add, but they did an amazing job on this scene, very happy.
Show Trivia
To film this first scene they had to spray down the floor of this forest with a sticky membrane and than coat it with snow. the filming took 10 weeks for them to cover it with snow, film the scene, and than clean it up.

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Chapter One - Bran I


One of the biggest challenges in the Game of Thrones series is making sure you remember characters. Luckily Gared isn’t one of them, sorry Gared. We start out this chapter with a beheading, the local entertainment when things get really dull. Gared was caught fleeing The Wall and the Night’s Watch, which breaks the oath he vowed and is punished by death. Now let’s take a second and think back to Gared, he was the veteran out of those three from the last chapter and the events he saw caused him to flee from the Night’s Watch. Whatever zombie things killed Royce and Will are truly something to be feared. Even though Gared has been on the Wall for so long, White Walkers were always talked about as an omen or a superstition. He saw them and knows that they are real. If the veteran of the group is the one who abandons his post than there is a real reason to fear the White Walkers. Another really big thing to remember that it is because he broke his oath to the Night’s watch that he is sentenced to die. Oaths are a binding contract and breaking them has serious consequences. This is a recurring thing throughout the books, so keep that in mind as you read.

So Eddard grabs a good chunk of his family to go to this beheading, even seven year old Bran Stark. Now to us this is kind of… cruel and disturbing, bringing your seven year old to a beheading. As you read you get the feeling that children are not allowed to stay children for very long. This land is pretty intense, a medieval feel, and men are needed to live in this land. One thing that is really intense about this book is the ages of all the characters and the things they go through are things that no 8 or 10 year old should go through. People need to and most do grow up quickly in this land, and leads it to be a pretty friend place.

Eddard beheads Gared and they pack up and head out. Interesting fun fact, in the previous chapter Gared was the one who made the deep descriptions about how dying by the cold feels. The sword used to execute him is named ‘Ice’ so he died the peaceful way in a sense. The characters are revealed in this scene with their reactions to the beheading and the conversations they have afterwards. Eddard Stark is shown as a man who follows his duty and doesn’t waver from it. He talks to Bran and tells him the reason he was the one who had to execute the traitor. He told his son ‘The man who passes the sentence should swing the sword’. He doesn’t send others to do his dirty work for him and stands by the traditions that have been in the family since the First Men (referring to those who settled the land of Westeros).

Jon Snow is seen as a good older brother to Bran by supporting him and advising him to not look away during the execution; more on Jon a little later. Robb is shown as his father’s son. He gives commands in an almost different voice, a lord voice, and has a little more grit than the others. Theon Greyjoy, whom at this point we don’t know much about, is shown as kind of a jerk, mainly by the fact that he kicks the head of Gared when it rolls towards him and laughs. So all in all it’s pretty obvious which character we will have to remember which is nice. And Bran is just the young kid, still learning and so forth.

On the way back to Winterfell Robb and Jon ride ahead and discover a dead Direwolf near the bridge with five small Direwolf pups nearby. They go down and discover that it was killed by a stag, part of an antler to the throat. Which lets pause for a second and give props to that stag. We know that Direwolves are about the size of a pony and are super buff and pretty intense. So how this stag got this kill is pretty amazing. But also the direwolf did kill the stag...somehow... and the direwolf was pregannt. but still... that stag owned that direwolf. A cool note, this is actually the first scene that G R R M wrote and it wasn't until he wrote it that he knew what kind of a story it would be.

* * * Spoiler * * *

The death of this Direwolf is one of the biggest and kind of obvious foreshadows in thsi series, but one of the most serious. The sigil for House Stark is a Direwolf and the sigil for House Baratheon is a Stag. The Direrwolf being killed by the stage foreshadows the death of Ned Stark by the hand of a Baratheon, Joffery Baratheon. While the Direwolf is the mother of all the pups the symbolism leads the direwolf to be seen as more a leader. Without the lead Direwolf the pups have no where to go and are scattered and left to fend for themselves, which is what happens to the Stark children. With there being an exact number of Direwolf pups as there are Stark children a very intense connection is created between the Starks and these wolves. lots of the actions that happen to the Direwolves happen to the Starks and foreshadows can be seen through the actions of these wolves. One thing that is important to note this chapter is from Brans perspective so the Omen isn't as prominent but it is pretty obvious to catch once you know a little more about the kingdoms and the Houses.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Once they gather the pups Jon Snow suggests that instead of killing them that each true born son or daughter of Ned Stark should receive a Direwolf to be raised on their own. This is a pretty huge character development for Jon Snow. There is a moment where Jon makes this suggestion and everyone realizes that he has excluded himself for receiving a Direwolf. Jon Snow was mothered by someone else other than Ned’s wife. He is considered an outsider, the black sheep of the family and doesn’t receive the same respect and family status as the others. This shows that Jon Snow knows his place, he understand that he is considered lower than the other Stark children and it actually seems that he has accepted it. Props to him because this is such a cool and pretty coincidental moment and he opt himself out, what fourteen year old hormonal punk kid would do that!?

As they are headed out Jon hears the whimper of another Direwolf and claims it as its own. There are a couple things different from this pup than the others. This one is an albino, an outcast, and the runt of the litter, a good comparison to Jon and his situation. Another thing is that Jon’s Direwolf’s eyes are open at this young age and the others aren’t. I think this shows the maturity of Jon, he grows to become a good character and one that has a little more foresight than the others, at least I believe so. We will have to keep that in mind and see where Jon goes in life.

Book Owns
+ 1 to Ice for being so B.A.
+ 1 to Ned Stark for his decleration of Death, I always read it out loud on my would be Sea Beans voice
+1 to Jon Snow for his 'Ass' comment. Good timing
+1 to Ned Stark for inspiration quote 'Can a man still be brave when he is afraid? That is the only time a man can be brave
+1 to Ned for another inspirational quote: Whoever passes the sentance should swing the sword
+3 to the stag who killeda Direwolf that was as big as a pony!
- 1 to Theon for trying to crush Brans hopes and dreams
+ 1 to Jon Snow for sacrificing
Favorite Character: Jon, what 14 year old kid would gie up havinga wolf as a pet.

Book Vs Show S1 E1
Before we get to the beheading party they added in an extra scene before it. Its mainly of Bran learning to shoot an arrow and his family is around. I think the main purpose of this is to establish this family. We don't get their names yet but we can see that they are related and care about each other. An added bonus I feel is to introduce Arya early and who she really is. She doesn't like sowing, she wants to shoot an arrow and hang the boys. She does and shows Bran up in a pretty comical way.

One change we get to see in this scene is that the age of Bran has been changed from 7 to ten and I'm assuming that means most of the characters ages have changed. This is most likely to make the audience a little more comfortable with the things these people go through. Plus its hard to cast someone who looks seven to play such a big part. Mainly just a small change to make the audience more comfortable. Just an initial reaction to the cast of the show they look absolutely perfect. I think they did a superb job. I mean we get a cooler Boromir back and Robb and Jon are pretty awesome looking guys. Excited to see how they become their characters.

A small add in we get is we get to hear Will's last words before he is executed, warning them about the White walkers and them coming back. This really sets the tone for the next couple scenes. Compared to the book I feel like the show is a whole more serious than the book but that is what makes the T.V show so good and I think the tone is just a little bit better in the show than the book. It leaks into the next scene with the Direwolf which granted why would you go searching for something that killed the stag? Its not that big of a deal is it? The background music and the looks everyone had on their faces when they found the Direwolf really put it in perspective that his omen is a serious thing. For those who haven't read the books I could see wondering why everyone was so serious about it but overall they did another great job with this scene and adapting it from this chapter.

Just a cool note of trivia, the stag they found dead in the road was not a prop but a real stag, the actors found the smell revolting as it had been dead for two days.

Show Owns
+1 to Robb for being a good brother in general
+1 to Arya for showing up Bran at age 8 or so
+1 to Ser Rodrick for rocking that beard
+1 to Sean Bean for 'And Winter is Coming'
Another three to the Stag my friends!

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Chapter Two - Catalyn I


Catalyn has entered the Godswood of Winterfell. By first glance the Godswood is seen as a holy place, a place of meditation and a place to worship the gods. Catalyn is not used to the Godswood here in Winterfell and feels a bit out place. She is truly a southern girl through and through and we see it here. She describes the Godswood in Riverrun where she grew up as a place of light and happiness while the Godswood here was dark and cold. I feel like this Godswood brings forth a little more reverent respect towards the Gods, a place where you fear them instead of being with them.

We see one of the first differences between Catalyn and Ned, they worship different Gods. Catalyn grew up believing the Godswood to be a place where you can relax and go there for a little bit of peace; it wasn’t a place for common people to worship, that was the Septs job. Ned believes in the Old Gods, where you are a part of the worship along with the Septs. Probably a good reason she feels uncomfortable and out of place is because she is meeting Ned in his place of worship, it’s his ground, not hers.

A part of the Old God worship is to have a ‘heart tree’. A tree with a face carved out into it to watch over those who worship AKA The Great Deku Tree from Zelda. The Northerners hold onto these heart trees as most of them believe in the Old Gods. In the south most of the heart trees were taken down because of the spread of the new belief in the new Gods. Ned understands the differences in religion and actually built Catalyn a place where she could have her own worship as is her tradition.

She finds Ned polishing out Ice, the four hundred year old sword he used to execute Gared in the chapter before. A pretty B.A. image if you ask me. This shows that Ned doesn’t really enjoy killing or executing anyone. He goes to the Godswood to ask for mercy and to pray to his Gods after each time he does this. This further sets it in that Ned is duty bound to do things and honors them because it is his duty.

They have a quick talk about the Night’s watch and mention a man named Mance Rayder, someone who has declared himself King-beyond-the-wall. This later develops into something pretty spectacular but it’s just worthy to note that he slipped that in here and introducing us to the fact that there is an outside force wanting to come into Westeros.

Catalyn brings the news that Jon Arryn, the Hand of the King, and a close fatherly figure to Ned had passed away. Jon Arryn was married to Lysa Tully, Catalyn’s sister. Ned and Robert Baratheon were fostered at the Eyrie, North of Kings Landing, and grew up together with Jon Arryn becoming their father type figure. Ned urges Catalyn to go see her but news has come that the King rides for Winterfell. While Ned mainly sees this as a visit and a time to catch up with Robert, Catalyn is fearful of this and takes the omen of the dead Direwolf to heart. She fears that Robert Baratheon coming, Baratheon House being a Stag, coming to visit Ned Stark, the Direwolf, will lead to his death. She tells Ned the Lannisters are coming as well and that they must prepare for their arrival.

This chapter’s main purpose is to move the story along with the death of Jon Arryn but also to give us a view on Catalyn. She considers herself an outsider and is still not used to the Northerners. She is only comfortable in her environment because of Ned.

Book Owns
+1 to Sean Bean, so Ned, for making it when I read it I hear Sean Beans voice. So good.
+1 to Catalyn for making the best of an arranged marriage ad them actually being a good couple.
+1 to Old Nan for making everyone Paranoid
Favorite Character: Ned, he is a very Noble person

Book Vs Show S1 E1
A scene they added into the show before it covers this chapter is with Jamie and Cersei, though we aren't given their names. It shows them attending Jon Arryns funeral and they begin to have secret secret talks.. In a hallway for all to hear. Jamie and Cersei are twins, brother sister and they are close it seems. Seems they have done something that would lead to them being executed. I think they added this in mainly so that we have a sort of presentation than a pay off. We know that Jon Arryn knew something and later on we will find out what it is. Plus it gets us to be familiarized with the looks of main characters in smaller quantities while in the books it is thrown at us all at once at times.
This scene with Catalyn and Ned they did very well. They summed it all up very quickly. Catalyn says she feels like an outsider, Ned is polishing that sweet Greatsword, and the news is said that Jon Arryn is dead. Quick and simple. They added a man candy scene for all the ladies. It was a true tradgedy to see that Jon snow was gonna get his hair cut. sigh. Fun Fact though, The three actors who play Theon, Robb, and Jon participated in rigourous exercises and held their breath so that their abbs would show, creating quite a funny moment on set.
Fun Fact, the pool of water was actually black paint so that it would be more reflective

Show Owns
-3 to the barber for cutting Jon Snows hair.

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Chapter 3 - Daenerys I


So we get to meet Daenerys (Dany) and Viserys Targaryen, a son and daughter of Aerys Targaryen ‘The Mad King. The big chunk of the first two pages is their history with a few little bits of other people’s histories. So I’ll give short summary of their history.

Once The Mad King was killed by the Kingslayer (Jamie Lannister), his wife and Viserys who was eight at the time fled to Dragonstone, an island just north of Kings Landing. Dany was born at Dragonstone and her mother passed away at that time. When Robert Baratheon, the Usurper, was coming to Dragonstone, Ser Willem and four other loyal men took Dany and Viserys and escaped from Dragonstone and fled to the free city of Braavos... or Essos I can't remember at the moment. They lived there with Ser Willem until he passed away. His servants immediately stole what they could and fled and Dany and Viserys were left to wander the streets begging. In the beginning people were honored to have the last Targaryens in their homes, but as years went on the doors began to close. This is how Viserys, who has always felt h is the rightful heir to Throne and deserves it, become known as ‘The Beggar King’. And there ya have it.

So let’s get to this Viserys character. He is absolutely obsessed with taking back ‘what is his’. He is doing his best to make friends with powerful people and has hit a point where he will stop at nothing to get his kingdom back. At the very beginning we see that Viserys is very abusive to Dany, possibly in a sexual way but it more implied it is just physical abuse and the ability to control her. Though with the whole dash of creepy sexualness I would label Viserys as the creepy type of abuser. Dany has even named these abusive moments as ‘waking the dragon’. Dany at this point is completely subjecting herself to his will. She’s thirteen and it is understandable. And since Viserys was eight when they left Dragonstone that means he is now 21.

A couple of Illyrio’s servants come in and begin to prepare Dany to meet a man named Kahl Drogo, her arranged future husband. Let’s talk about Illyrio for a second. He is the Magister of Pentos and a trader and a dealer. One important description we get of him is that he is someone who is friends with everyone, and he will sell every one of his friends for the right price. I think this gives us the insight to answer the question: Why did he take Dany and Viserys in? Illyrio can see that Viserys will stop at nothing to get the Throne, now while Illyrio probably doesn’t think he will he still wants to be on Viserys’s good side in case he does. At this point Dany does think that there is a chance they will take the Throne, but most people see Viserys as a whiny king who lost his play thing and wants it, which what he is.

Dany finishes up and goes out to meet her brother, who criticizes her very critically. Magister Illyrio makes an entrance and begins to sweet talk Viserys and is very good with his words. They head out and Viserys begins to talk about some of his plans. He plans to marry off his sister to Kahl Drogo and then use Drogo’s army to take the seven Kingdoms. He mentions a few names that will be important to mention. He mentions that the Tyrells. Redwynes, Darry, Greyjoy, and the Dornishmen have begun to tire of Roberts Reign as king. He believes they will rise up with him when he sails across the narrow sea. Now we learned that Targaryens traditionally marry their siblings to keep the bloodline pure. So him being a little touchy feely with his sister while is creepy to us isn’t all that creepy to them. Dany even says she was expecting to marry him and was ready for it. This just shows that Viserys will stop at nothing, even marrying off his sister/future bride to some Dothraki horse lord.

They arrive at Drogo’s penthouse type thing, given to him from Illyrio to offer a type of peace between them. They enter and begin to meet Drogo’s Kahl and a couple other people. The most important one is Ser Jorah Mormont, and exiled knight.

Book Owns
-2 to Visyers for being a super creepy abusive brother
+ 2 to Dany for being the victim
+1 to Magister Illyrio for being very good with his words
-1 to Viserys for feeling he deserves something that he can't win back
-2 to Visyers for once again being a creepy abusive brother!
Favorite character ... Ehhh no one for this round

Book VS Show S1 E1
I think that the actor Harry Loyd portrayed Viserys perfectly. This really shows us that his abusive nature is more on the creepy side than on the buff side. Though we do need to remember that him feeling up his sister isn't weird to him because of how he was raised and that brother and sister getting married was common for him. But still no excuse for how he treats her. And points to Jason Mamoa for his depiction of Kahl Drogo, absolutely amazing. One look at that guy and your just intimidating. Really gives us that feeling of being worried for Dany. They cut out the scene of them going to the party but I think the small 'ceremony' really sums up the Dothraki culture and keeps the show flowing.
Fun Fact, Originally Dany and Vsierys wore purple colored contact lenses but they became too distracting and were dropped.

Show Owns
+1 to Kahl Drogo for looking so B.A.

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Chapter Four – Eddard I
King Robert, family, knights, a total host of about three hundred arrive at Winterfell. We get mentions of Jamie and Tyrion Lannister and then we are introduced to Robert Baratheon and I can confidently say that most people who read his description get a sense of disappointment with his new physique. He was this flipping knight maiden god who was in everyone’s dreams with those rippling muscles. Now he’s just this fat king who can’t really do much.
Though this man deserves a lot of respect for leading the rebellion and winning the war, the relationship he has with Ned is obviously very brotherly. He doesn’t expect Ned to bow down and worship him, they are still brothers in a sense and they love each other. It is also mentioned how Theon Greyjoy came to be a ward, or in a sense a prisoner, to Ned Stark. Theon’s father Balon Greyjoy declared himself King of the Iron Islands and began a rebellion against Robert and the Seven Kingdoms. Robert and Ned combined their forces and shut down that rebellion and took Theon as a ‘hey buddy don’t do that again or your only heir is totally gonna die’.
Robert immediately wants to go down to the crypts to pay his respect to Lyanna Stark, his deceased bride to be and Ned’s sister. Robert begins to tell Ned about all the wonders of the south, the heat, the women, and the food. Ned and Roberts relationship is definitely one of opposites attract. Ned is a very noble character while Robert goes for what he wants and fills his appetite. They walk down the halls of the crypt which is filled with statues carved to be the likeness of a Lord of Winterfell. Each Lord has a long sword across his lap and a Direwolf carved next to him. The crypt goes on with empty spaces for the future Lords of Winterfell, pretty foreboding. Some of the long swords are rusted away and Ned wonders if that means the ghost of those Lords were free to roam the castle. So this is interesting… so Ned is obviously superstitious about these things. I wonder if he took the Direwolf that was killed by the stag to be an omen or not?
We come to Brandon, Lyanna, and Rickard Starks crypts and we learn that Brandon was going to marry Catalyn before Ned was. Probably wed out of a sense of duty, she was sworn to a Stark no matter who it is. This arranged marriage doesn’t show a whole lot in their marriage and interactions, they seem very comfortable with each other. It shows that they have made a kinda awkward duty filled situation into a good one.
Robert obviously misses Lyanna even after ten plus years. Ned recalls how she died and her last words. She had asked Ned to Promise her something and as far as I know we don’t figure out what that promise is for a while. My theory is that it has to do something with Jon Snows lineage. I personally think that Jon Snow is Lyanna Stark’s child, the father being Robert Baratheon. That is just a thought that is not confirmed. I think Ned promised to take care of Jon Snow and he possible is pretending Jon is his child….why…hmmmm I don’t know the answer to that one. Think that theory has any potential?
We get a quick little history. Robert claims to dream of killing Rhaegar Targaryen every night and that he deserves even more. Robert ended the rebellion a the Trident by killing Rhaegar Targaryen with his B.A. war hammer. The rubies from Rhaegars armor is said to still be scattered in the stream. Than they begin to discuss Jon Arryn. Robert tells Ned that his death came on too quickly and it is suspicious. Ned asks of Lysa Tully, his wife, and he tells him that she took her son Robert and ran off to Jon Arryn’s Kingdom, the Eyrie which is North East of Kings Landing.
Robert than asks Ned to be The Hand of the King, the second in command only to the king over all the seven Kingdoms. We gain an insight into Robert here, he hates politics. Robert is a warrior and thrives on it. It’s said later In the series that Robert is like a sword, if you hang it up and don’t use it in battle it will rust and grow weak. This is what has happened to Robert and I think one reason he wants Ned is so that he can go off and whore all he wants and Ned will do the tedious work. Which is what he basically says to him, just one more paragraph and I would have seen that ha ha. Ed asks to speak to his wife about this and Robert agrees. He also throws in a betrothal of Sansa Stark and Joffery Baratheon so that their houses can be joined.
Book Owns
+1 to Robert for not being a proud and jerk of a king
-1 to Robert. We are disappointed in his negative change
+1 to Robert for his sypathy towards Lyanna and his love for her
-1 to Robert, back to neutral for wanting to hire Ned so that he can go whore around.
+1 to Ned for consulting with hs wife before accepting thing like this.
Fav: Robert. Even though he is kinda this obnoxious person he is a good character and I like him.
Book VS Show S1 E1
The scene when the king party is arriving was done so well. There is a lot of naration during this scene in the book and they were able to sum most of it up by just a few lines and a few actions. The steps that the servants put down for King Robert to get off his horse shows that he has changed. The small moment of serious and than jesting moment between Ned and Robert is priceless. I think one of the best moments is when Cersei comes up to greet the Starks, the tension between them is thick and it changes the feeling of the scene in an instant.
Ned and Roberts bro-ness is very well done. Ned is honoring him because he's the king but Robert just wants to be like they used to be. This really settles it in that Robert doesn't want to be king.
Than we take a break and go to a scene they added in of where we meet Tyrion Lannister who is someone we will grow to love. Though I feel the nudity isn't really needed it shows us that Tyrion is someone who enjoys the pleasures of life and goes after his appetite. He doesn't really enjoy royalty and is self conscious about him being a dwarf.
Back to Robert and Ned at the grave site of Lyanna Stakr. The first scene is actually of Robert putting a feather in Lyannas statue. I don't know if this is canon but one of the people who worked on the films said that Robert would bring Lyanna feathers from these exotic birds when they were younger and it was just a token to show that he still loves her.
Fun Fact, There was an originaly Pilot episode filmed with a couple different actors. But the scene with Robert and Ned in the crypt is one of the few that survived from the previous film to this one.
Fun Fact, when the royal party arrived in the show the huge carriage actually colided with the set and had to be repaired.
Show Owns
+1 to Ned for that look he gives Robert after 'you got fat'

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Chapter Five – Jon I
Chapter Summary/Commentary
So the first line of Jon’s perspective is that sometimes he doesn’t mind being a bastard… which really means that he hates being a bastard most of the time. It’s a classic angst teenager move and its understandable. Catalyn really doesn’t like him and has asked that he not sit up with the Stark family as to not put a ‘blemish’ on the family. Though Jon doesn’t mind it too much, he is allowed to drink as much wine as possible instead of just one glass of wine as per request of Ned for his children.
I was sitting back and thinking about all of this and realized how much of a switch this is for Jon. The very first main scene we get with him he is being very noble and sacrificing by giving up his chance to have a direwwolf when they find it. Everyone looks to him and is like 'man he is not letting this 'I'm a bastard' phasing me'. Yet here in this scen we see that it does bother him and he wishes he wasn't. But luckily George R. R. Martin was like 'well that would lame if all the Starks got a wolf and he didn't so I'll give him one'.
Winterfell doesn’t seem to get a lot of visitors or have a whole lot of parties based on how Jon is reacting to the new company and the amount of wine available. He dives in pretty fast and gets drunk and seems to really enjoy it. The royal procession begins! This is a time for us to meet a lot of the characters and most of the Lannister family that came with Robert. Ned and Queen Cersai and Jon notes that even he through his drunken state can see through her smile. The Queen and Robert really don't seem to like eachother very much, or in fact where she has come. Next comes Robert and Catalyn. Jon voices our feelings for us at this moment. He is extremely disappointed in the King. He grew up hearing all these amzing stories and Jon viewed him as theis great warrior, but instead he sees him as the fat drunk King he is. It is interesting though that when we met Robert that this is actualy how we felt even though we didn't grow up with the stories, which just shows us how good of a writer George R. R. Martin is. So i actually had to look this up but a man 'half in his cup' means that he seems to be drunk.
Now we get to meet the children of Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. Robb Stark escorted Princess Myrcella, a gal of 8. Arya was being escorted by Prince Tommen who is probably 10 or so and Sansa is escorted by Joffery a tall 12 year old boy. All of them with their golden curls, they all stand out extremely to most of the darker haired peoplein the room and of the North.
The next two are two of my favorite caracters in the books, Jamie and Tyrion Lannister. Both of these men we will learn have a silver tongue and some of their dialogue is the best in the series. Their descriptions are completely opposite of eachother. Tyrion is ugly, short and mismatched eyes. Jamie is tall, handsome, and a smile that cuts like a knife which is one of the best ways to describe him. This is what a king should look like Jon thinks. Jon is a bit inmmature in ths area, their is a moment in a later chapter where he is disappointed by something because of the way he viewed it. He is easily decived by things that are on the surface, which is a Stark quality as we will see as the series goes on.
Jon is able to bring Ghost, his Direwolf, in with him and he prides himself at being able to do this because his brothers and sisters weren't able to. At least you can say he looks on the bright side of things. As you read this book keep an eye out for these moments where George makes connections between the Starks and their Direwolves. Right here we see Benjen coming to visit Jon and he ruffles his hair like he just did to his Direwolf. There is a deep connection between these characters and their wolves and we need to give it our focus.
One good connection between these books and the Harry Potter books is both of them love to describe the food that they eat. I remember J.K. Rowling said she mainly did this just to try it out and she loved it. Just another angle for us to be immersed in this story... and hungry.
So there's a point where Jon yells out to Benjen 'I'm not your son!'..... or is he??? oh man! I have no idea but we will see. So Jon wants to serve in the Nights Watch. The biggest reason for this is he see's all the other Starks growing up and receiving some type of glory or recognition but he doesn't see it in himself. His Uncle Benjen is a member of the Nights Watch and is one of Jon's role models. He sees the Night's Watch as a place where he can receive that Glory and that recognition that he wants. He seeks out to be recognized as something other than a bastard which in all reality is something we all want to strive to do. we want to be remembered for something amazing we have done. So as we read on we learn that The Wall is also a place where cities send their prisoners. I wonder why Bejen Stark is in the Night's Watch. Was he given an ultimatum or was it by volunteer. I'd imagine it was his choice which would only fuel Jon's desire to join the Night's Watch.

So Jon gets all upset and starts crying, which seems kind of ridiculous but I cry when I get really frustrated so I totally get this. He runs outside to get away from everyone and to kind of save his dignity, since he's drunk and all. He gets outside and Tyrion Lannister is hanging out over the door being all creepy like a gargoyle. Tyrion wants to take a look at the Direwolf and this part threw me for a loop. He hops off the ledge, lands on his hands and plops onto his feet... Tyrion Lanniste the great gymnist... that is nuts! This is one scene that I really think is just a little too crazy to believe. I just try and Imagine Peter Dinkladge doing this and it just makes me laugh. Great scene in my head. But ya just a little jarring for what is going on.
Tyrions silver tongue comes from living with people who don't hold their tongue when it comes to commenting on him being a dwarf. Your influences and her surroundings truly do show us who we will eventually become. But I am happy about it because we do get some of the best dialogue with Tyrion. he mentions that Jon has more of the North in them than his brothers which Jon likes. It's interesting how Jon enjoys being apart from his family but at other times he despises it. the contradicting feelings of wanting to be unique but accepted.
Than we get some good counsel from Tyrion himself. he basically tells Jon to take what he is and make it his armor so that others can't use it against him. Basically Jon needs to accept himself, because the reason he get s offended and have those moments of wishing he wasn't a bastard is because he doesn't like it about himself. Once you accept it it becomes armor besides a weak spot. Also a good jest with Tyrion. Jon says he doesn't know who his mother is and Tyrion replies, 'some women, no doubt. Most of them are.' He heads for the door and as the door opens his shadow stretches as tall as a king it says. Possible foreshadow? I wouldn't be shocked. A good story of the different and ostracized person become the most powerful person in all of Westeros. We will just have to see,
Book Owns
+1 to G. R. R. M. for making me hungry
+1 to Ghost for holding her ground
-1 To Catalyn for hating on Jon
+1 to Benjen Stark for inspiring some Hope and being a responsible adult
+1 to Jon for knowing what he wants to do in life. He runs away crying but hey at least he knows.
+1 for Tyrion for being an intense front side double spin flip
+1 to Tyrion for good sound advice “Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”
+2 to Tyrion for a witty comment and sound advice again: “Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armor yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”
Favorite Character goes to Jon for having a purpose, knowing what he wants and for the wonderful introduction he gives us to the Lannister Family.
Book Vs Show S1 E1
We get a small scene between Sansa and Catalyn which sums up Sansa's character very well at this moment in the story. She is lloking for her dream prince to come take her away and she lives in these fantasies which will get her into trouble.
We ge to the party and Queen Cersei goes all Queen Amadala on us.
One cool tidbit we learn from the interactive features of the show is it says it is a tradition of the starks for someone in the family to serve in the Night's Watch. Wonder if Benjen just pulled the short straw?I will be honest and say I am a bit disappointed in Tyrion for not doing his freaky flip as an entrance. but hey... that's life. let's move on.
We move on to a few character interactions during the party. Benjen and Ned are back to being brothers. +2 to benjen for his Winter IS coming if your going to be Hand of the King comment. Catalyn and Cersei havinga good tense awkward conversation. Robb being a good big brother to inmature Arya. You really grow to love this family.
Show Owns
+1 to Arya for a good accurate shot with a spoon

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Hey I was just wondering if yall could let me know how I'm doing on these reviews that would be awesome. let me know what I can fix. Sometimes I think my analysis just ends up being a chapter summary which is what I want to avoid. so let me know if you could and I'll get at least one probably two up today

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Thread Owns

+10 to Jinjoz for creating such a comprehensive and entertaining chapter-by-chapter analysis!

Nice comparisons between the show and the books, I love how you compare and contrast on how the show lived up to the book, what it did I well and badly. Reviews are concise without going on for too long on one issue. I can't say I've read many chapter by chapter reviews, but I am impressed. I like the + and - reputation points you give at the end- perhaps there will be a running total every now and then to see how characters are doing? Hope you can keep it up!

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Thanks 'The Grandmaster' I really appreciate you saying that. Motivation up by 20 points man! So here is my plan. right now I'm reading the chapters that each episode covers. I'll put up the running total of points on the last chapter that is covered in the first episode. And That will be in a separate post and I'll put up my thoughts on the rankings well. I'm hoping to get at least two chapters up each day but it just depends on my schedule. There will be at least one up by the end of the day. thanks again!

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Chapter 6 Catelyn II
First thing we learn is that whoever built Winterfell is flipping smart! Here we have a huge castle and it has a heating system that is absolutely amazing. Built on a hotspring so that the water flows through the walls like blood through a man's veins, amazing description. Pretty awesome. Though think of the mold problems.... hmmmm deep.

All righty so let's just establish this... George R. R. Martin can't write sexy scenes or anything close to it very well. It's very awkward in my opinion. I was listening to a podcast and the gal on it said 'guys I know this may disappoint you but we cannot feel your seed in us. It made me laugh pretty hard. Another thing is here were talking about the awesome heating system of Wintefell and than to Ned rolling off of her and Catalyn hoping to give him another boy. Which I find intereting, possibly she is just trying to drown out Jon with all of her kids. She already has 3 boys and two girls.

So Ned is the one who is not wanting to accept Roberts offer of being his Hand. It is interesting though cause Catalyn is urging him to say yes but she is also superstitious about the dead direwolf killed by the stag. We know that Ned has a superstition about ghosts but when it comes to this direwolf being dead he doesn't seem to catch it. We will learn that Ned doesn't catch on very quickly and it causes him to be in quite a few sticky situations.

Ned tells Catalyn that it was suppose to be Brandon who ruled Winterfell and be in his position right now. I think this is a spot where we can see a connection between Ned and Robert and a red flag to both of them being in political powers together. Neither of them enjoy what they are doing now. Robert wants to live the life of anyone but the King and Ned feels almost... unworthy? Out of place when it comes to him being the Lord of Winterfell. Ned's honor wouldn't allow him to refuse the position of being Lord of Winterfell though. Once again It is said that Catalyn was suppose to marry Brandon but as customary when a husband to be dies the brother shall take the spot. a beautiful family and love born from fulfilling your duty.

Master Luwin comes to see them and we officially get to meet him. Master Luwin is basically a couselor and the wise one amongst the Starks. It is said he sometimes gives toys to the chidren so possibly their teacher and a good friend I'd assumed. He is definitely trusted by the Starks since Ned is allowing him to disturb them at this later hour. He tells them that he found a message for Catalyn under the false bottom of a box that was delivered by an unknown person.

We get this funny moment before we get to the serious bit of Catalyn hopping out of bed with no clothes on. Master Luwin averts his eyes and Ned is shocked. Catalyn shoves it all aside saying he delivered all her babies and they are just showing false modesty. Another slightly funny moment from George that was pretty unexpected. The message is from Lysa, Catalyns sisters and late wife to Jon Arry the previous Hand of the King, and it says that Jon Arry was murdered by Queen Cersei. To Catalyn this strengthens the reason to go and strengthens Ned for his reasons not to go. Ned it not in his element here, he is a family man and wants a peaceful life and being Hand of the King will throw that all out the window.

Catelyn dosn't want Robert surrounded by Lannisters possible murderers and Ned doesn't want to go South. Once again he has a sort of superstition about the South. He says that his father went South and never came back. Alsmost of a sense of, Starks should never go South, or that Northerners don't belong down there, going back to the dead Direwolf, I think if he took that as a omen that a Stage (Baratheon) Will kill a Direwolf a Stark, he would build up a pretty good reason to not going.

Now comes the divvying up of the kids. It is decided that Robb and Rickon will definitely stay in Winterfell so that Robb can rule in Ned's Sted and Rickon can be here with his mother. Sansa will go with Ned; she is betrothed to marry Joffery and Ned says that she has to come so that their devotion to the Crown is not shown as week. The Lannisters are obviously a very powerful family and Ned does not want to challenge that power. Than comes Bran and it is interesting to see Catalyn's reaction to Bran going South. She basically comes out and says to us as the reader that Bran is her favorite. You know how most moms say oh I love them all equally, she says that she needs Bran to stay.
Than comes Jon Snow and Catelyn does not want Jon to stay in Winterfell. She openly despises Jon, she sees him as a failure in her eyes. She goes over a small history of her and Jon. Jon came back with the war with him and took him in as a son which is very rare for a man to do. Rumors felw all over the place but the one that seemed to be the most talked about was that of Ashara Dayne being the mother a maiden of Starfall, a castle off the shore off the Summer isles. Ashara's brother was Ser Arthur Dayne, the deadliest knight of Aerys Targaryen's Kingsguard and was slain by Ned Stark. People say that Ned brought Ser Arthurs sword to his sister and that he bedded her and Jon was born because of that.
Catalyn refuses to allow Jon to stay in Winterfell with her but Ned insists on him staying cause he won't have any place in Kings Landing and the Court. Maester Luwin informs the that Jon wishes to take the black and Catalyn jumps for joy in her mind. Catalyn really doesn't hold anything back in her POV chapters. She openly says that Jon taking the black will be the best because than he will swear to not father any children that will contend against her for Winterfell. So far Catalyn has a couple negatiove points on her for just being rude. Than you got Ned to balance her out. In the end Ned agrees but it is painful for him to lose his son. The plan has been set and the Stark family is going to split up for a time.

Book Owns
+1 to Catalyn for making this Marriage work and loving Ned throughout it.
+1 to Ned for loving the Cold, I'm a fan of the Cold
+1 to Master Luwin for having infinite sleeves!
+1 to Maester Luwin for major detective skills
+1 to Catalyn for hoping out of bed lol
+1 to Ned for being duty bound and noble
-1 to Catalyn for hating on Jon so hard
+2 to Ned for being an honorable father and not leaving his Jon to be raised by just his mother.
+1 to Maester Luwin for wise counsel
Favortie Character +2 goes to Maester Luwin for those infinite sleeves
Book Vs Show S1 E1
One big change from the book is Catalyns attitude towards Ned becoming Hand of the King. In the show she doesn't want to give up Ned and is outwardly against him going but in the book she think it is the right thing to do, even with the omen of the stag and the direwolf are on her mind. Even with the news of Jon Arryn being murdered she is still adimint about him not going. Curious as to why they would make that change. Possible to create an even stronger family bond, that would be my guess. Another thought is that Catelyn is pretty possessive in the book, especially about her kids. So the show could have took that aspect of her and adapted it to show her possessiveness over Ned. One thing I am kind of glad that they skipped over was the box and the lens. It was a cool sort of detective work thing but kind of uneccesssary.

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So each week I put up my + and - for the characters for character developing moments, their actions and how it affects us an audience, and for just good moments they have. If your reading along and see one I missed, feel free to post it and I'll most likely add it into the count. One thing I wanna do after I finish this book is make a graph and see how are characters are progressing throughout the book.

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Chapter 7 - Arya I
We are now introduced to the two daughters of the Starks, Sansa and Arya Stark. And from the first paragraph we can already tell that these two sister are the total opposite. Septa Mordane, kind of like a nanny to the Stark girls, is teaching them how to stich. Arya is very clearly not enjoying this but Sansa is soaking it up, along wth socializing with Princess Myrcella, Beth Cassell (Se Rodticks daughter) and Jeyne Poole.

We get to see a small alliances within the Stark family. Arya is sided with Jon while Sansa see's him as bastard just like her mother does. I think part of the reason Arya sides with Jon is because they are both outcasts. Jon is a bastard and is ostricized by Catelyn and Arya is so different from Sansa, who is seen as th perfect lady, that people steer clear of her. To strengthen this sort of alliance with Jon we get a moment where Septa Mordane asks to look at Arya's stiches which are crooked. Arya's eyes fill with tears with all of this embarassing attention and she runs from the room just like Jon did at the feast.

So Arya leave and meets up with her Direwolf, Nymeria. She says she named her after a warrior princess who crossed the Narrow sea with her people. Sounds like a certain Targaryen we know eh? Possible foreshawing that the plan that Visery's has will actually come true?

One quick Harry Potter connection. One thing that Hedwig would do very often is nip Harry on the finger to show her affection. The direwolves are doing the same to the Starks which really shows how strong of a connection they all have with their wolves. If you really think about these wolves they are going to make the Stark kids go down in history for having all of these.

It's retty interesting when look at all the characters we have been introduced to so far. Most of them are in some shape or form an outcast. Jon is a bastard, Arya is a girl who doesn't like girly things, Catalyn is not familiar to the North, Tyrion is a dwaf, ect. I guess that is one thing that makes a character interesting and George has really gone the extra mile to create so many characters that stand out out to us.

So Jon points out that Joffery's sigil on his clothing is half a Stag half a Lion, the sigils for House Baratheon and House Lannister. This may not seem a big deal but it is important to know that Robert is King and he is a BAratheon, therefore his children are Baratheon. Now I know Robert is not a king who gives a flip what his kid wears, so this is most likely a doing of Cersei. This could be a foreshadow to the Lannisters slowly taking the Kingdom? Possibly.

“Girls get the arms but not the swords. Bastards get the swords but not the arms. I did not make the rules, little sister.” This is a geat quote from Jon Snow, right along with Arya thinking twice today that the world isn't fair. Jon perfectly described Arya's situation and his situation in that quote, which is what makes both of them outsiders. Jon wants the Coat of Arms and Arya wants the Sword.

This is where we get our first look at Joffery Baratheon and I think Jon decribes him best 'Joffery is truly a little shit." Joffery prefers to make other people look like a fool than to physically beat them down which is more of Robb's style. Joffery can get away with these jests because he is the prince and mainly does it due to his pride. We instantly don't like Joffery probably not fully becuase of this, since it is just a short little scene, but mainly because he is beating Robb in a game of words and we like Robb. One thing that is amazing about these books is who you like and hate depending upon whose POV you reading from.
+1 to Arya for some sympathy, the outise point
-1 to Sansa for being prissy
+1 to Arya for siding with Jon, outcats ban together!
+1 to Arya for shocking Septa Mordane with , I'm gonna go shoe a horse!
+1 to Jon for having some good vision.
+1 to Jon for intense words Girls get the arms but not the swords. Bastards get the swords but not the arms.
-1 to Joffery for being a ponce and a cowrd
+1 to Jon for a dang good line "Joffery truly is a little shit'
Fav: Arya . I love this gal I'm a fan of people who be what they want to be
Book Vs Show (Not Shown)
This chapter wasn't fully included in the show which is understandable. The main point of this chapter is to establish Arya as a not so lady like character which was done throughout the episode. The only part I did want to see was Jon and Arya's relationship and the banter between Robb and Joffery.

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Chapter 8 - Bran II
Most of this chapter is Bran's thoughts so we get a good look into his mind and how he thinks. And what do ya know, he's a typical kid. As he's preparing to leave Winterfell he goes around to say goodbye to people, cries when he realizes he won't see his pony anymore, and than runs off to hide so no one can see him cry (Which happens a lot in the first few chapters).

One big thing we do get is the names that all the Starks have given their Dire wolves:
v Robb Stark: Grey Wind, because he runs so fast
v Sansa Stark: Lady - a true reflecion of her
v Arya Stark: Nymeriah - Named after a princess warrior
v Jon Snow: Ghost
v Rickon: Shaggydog

Just a thought on Shaggy dog, I am impressed that this little three year old could even come up with that name. Bran thinks it is pretty stupid. To me it is pretty comical. Read through the history books and see Rickon the Great and his mighty DireWolf, ShaggyDog. It's got a good ring to it. However, Bran can't seem to find a name for his Direwolf so we shall wait.

Now we get to take a little tour of Winterfell through the eyes of Bran and his amazing climbing skills. I just have to say, George R. R. Martin must have been a climber back in his childhood. Most of this chapter is dedicated to Bran and his climbing adventures. The time he got caught and was forced to sleep in the Godswood only to humor his father by sleeping in a tree. Or the time Master Luwin through a clay man off the roof to show what would happen if her fell. It is just amazing that George would give us all this detail and just fun things abou climbing. Here we have an outsider line, he says that climbing is like being invisible because nobody looks up. looks like everyone in the Starks like to be by themselves.

So we get Bran climbing around this old Watchtower like baby SPiderman and he begins to hear two voices. Later we learn that is Cersei and Jamie Lannister, twins. He overhears them talking about Robert, Ned, and Lysa Arryn. Cersei wished Jamie to be Hand of thing King and they discussed the beginings of a plot to but Joffery on the Throne. But Jamies doesn't seem in the mood to talk he just wants the action. Bran gets a look in the window and see's them having sex, or in his words 'wrestling'. Cersei see's Bran spying on them and they go to the window and help him up. They look at him, than at eachotehr, and shove him out the window. What will become of Bran? We may never know... well of course we will know eventually I mean that would just be down right terrible.
Once again we get a build up and the floor is taken from beneath us. We just spent over 70 percent of the chapter hearing about all these amazing climbing adventures and what he is going to do in Kings Landing and...bam... possibly a dead Bran on their hands. This is true George R. R. Martin fashion.
Book Owns
+3 to Bran. This whole hapter is just his thoughts and we grow to care about him. He just jumps around all the buildings on these huge adventuresI love it
+1 to Maester Luwin for making and throwing a clay person off the roof.
+1 to Ned for being a little less strict than his mother
-3 to Jamie Lannister for pushing Bran out
-3 to Cersei for doing that with her bro and for letting Jamie push Bran out the window
Favorite Character: Bran.
Book Vs Show S1 E1
Get a little scene where they are preparing to go out for a hunt, this basically just to show us that Ned did agree to be hand of the king and that Robert sure loves to hunt.
This scene in the book is extremely shortned which is understandable. The book is mainly of Bran's thoughts and fun back story, but pretty simply he climbs sees Cersei and Jamie bumping uglies, and than pushed out the window. The main change in this is the only thing Bran see's is them having sex, he doesn't hear them conversing of a way to get Joffery on the throne like in the book. I feel like that is a part they should have added in. It's not only that there are going at each other it's the plot to get Joffery on the throne that adds to the intensity of the situation.
Show Owns
+1 to Ned ' Are you as good with a spear as you used to be?' 'No, but I'm still better than you'.
+1 to The Hound for his, 'its not hunting on if you paid for it'

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* A quick Note. I am reading these books along with the TV show. So I'm skipping forward to this chapter because it is covered in the first episode.

Chapter 11 - Daenerys II


We get a wedding how exciting! One thing that is kind funny is that the wedding is going to take place outside of Pentos and this makes the people of Pentos pretty dang nervous. Forty thousand Dothraki warriors and tons of their slaves just chilling around the city. Magister Illyrio informs Ser Jorah Mormont that the city has doubled it's guard in case anything fishy goes down.

Ser Jorah Mormon has pledged his allegiance to Viserys and Dany and has been with them ever since and their constant companion. And what is this!? Viserys is whining about wanting to become king and not care what Kahl Drogo thinks? real shocker. What I really wonder is why Ser Jorah swore his allegiance to him? Cause obviously he doesn't think Viserys is all that big of a deal. Maybe he's just covering his tail in case he does become King, just like Illyrio is. Daenerys has a dream and it is pretty straight forward. It shows us how she truly feels about her brother and that s of an abusive and very powerful man. In the dream he his beating her and than turns into the Dragon that she thinks he is due to his abusive and controlling nature.

On to the seating the arrangement for the wedding. We get Dany and Kahl at the top level, than the Kahls bloodriders (Most trusted men, kind of like the Kingsguard), and than Viserys, Ser Jorah, and Illyrio. For the last three to sit up there is an honor and once again Viserys is fuming, believing he deserves to sit at the highest point of honor. Which is just unbelieavable, you really think you can sit above the leader of all the people who are going to help you get the throne back? What is the biggest stab to his pride though is that the one person he controls, Dany, as the one who sits above him and he can't stand it.

This wedding would be one of those things where you walk away just freaked out if you saw it in real life. Consists of women dancing, men killing eachother, sex happening right on the dance floor, it's ridiculous. Throughout this Dany is just becoming more afraid and we as the reader truly have some sympathy for her. She is just a young girl being thrown into a culture that is veyr frightening. Throughout this she is constantly telling herself that she is the blood of the dragon, kind of like a self confidence boost. She probably looks out at all thee women being taken by the men and is scared that her self worth will go so low that she is just an object. If she keeps reminding herself that she is the blood of the dragon maybe her self confidence will stick around longer.

All righty here comes the bridal shower party. We get a couple handmaidens from Viserys, some books from Ser Jorah, and from Magister Illyrio the most important gifts to the series, three dragon eggs. Now let's just be honest here, I doubt that George is going to introduce three dragon egss and were not gonna see dragons in the book. But we shall see. After the eggs are presented we do find a reason Magister Illyrio was involved in selling Dany to Drogo, he made bank off of it. But probably the most rememberal gft was a gown that was sown together with the skin of a thousand mice. That takes time and efforts my friend and I would never wear it but I would definitely appreciate it.

Than Drogo brings his gift, a silver horse that is said the be the pride of the kahl. She is placed upon it by Drogo and Ser Jorah tells her she just needs to ride around a little. When she does tis she feels freedom. Now why exactly? Possibly because she is now in control for probably the first time most of her life? She feels almost royal upon this horse as the Dothraki parted as she rides by? These people who she has feared during the whole wedding ceremony and now they part the way for her as she rides by. This horse already has a connection with Dany and finally feel a little relief for her. Part of it I know is that she is away from her brother. She almost forgets about him actually and it is not until he comes up to her that the fear returns.

So personally most sex scenes in this book, any book, andy show, I generally skip because 99 percent of the time I feel that they are uneccessary. This one is actually kinda significant mainly in the end when she accepts him and they start having sex. So this whole time we are pretty scared for Dany, we feel she is abused and she is young so in the real world this is rather illegal. As they ride off to consuumate the marriage we are pretty dang scared and that their is no hope for Dany. But at this point when she accepts hi m it kind of comforts us in a way. she isnt raped she is allowing this marriage to happen and were kind of okay with it now, sort of. It's still creepy how young she is but age pretty much goes out the window in this book.

Book Owns

-1 to Viserys for being a whiny punk

+1 to Jorah for that look he give Illyrio

-1 to Kahl Drogo for just being scary

+1 to Dany for sympathy

+1 to Jorah for giving her a gift that reminds her of home

+1 to Illyrio, thats a pretty itense gift, thats pretty thoghtful

+2 to Kahl Drogo for being pretty thoughtful on his gift to Dany

-1 for Viseyrs, the usual

+1 to Kahl Drogo for being a whole lot gentler than we thought he would be.

+2 To Kahl Drogo for not being what we thought he would be

Favorite character: hmmmm let's give it to dany for some sympathy

Book Vs Show S1 E1

This scene is pretty accurate I feel all the way up to the ending. The whole time all we are thinking is poor dany. Cause we are seeing it through her eyes because she is so young and isn't used to this type of life style and neither are we as the viewers. The only moment that we get a little hope is when Ser Jorah gives her those books, almost a little piece of home. While the books give a lot details about what is going on, the atmosphere and such, the show focus's on dany and how she is reacting to all of this. When Drogo and her go off it isn't a gently thing like it is in the book. He takes her and she is hating that moment and doesn't want tp be there whioch leaves us with a view that she is going to live a very rough life from now on.

Just a note, my next post tomorrow will be an add up of all the rankings I have given these characters, let's see how they have been adding up! Also if you want to watch the TV show along with reading the books, watch S1 E1

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These are the rankings so far! Ned and Jon are leading the pack and Viserys is bringing up the rear. Which is funny cause I just read the chapter about him being placed at the back of the Kahlasar! Cool thing I'm gonna end up doing is graphing out all the points and seeing the progression of the characters. I handed out a couple points to some minor characters and I've decided not to keep track of some of them just to keep it condensed. These rankings are for all the chapters that episode one covers and episode one. I'm done with all the chapters that episode two covers, now I jsut need to watch the episode and take notes and I'll start posting for them as soon as I can.

What do you think of the rankings? Do you agree? disagree? Who is your favorite character out of these listed?


Eddard Stark: 14

Jon Snow: 10

Maester Luwin: 6

Arya: 5

Kahl Drogo: 5

Tyrion Lannister: 4

Daenerys Targaryen: 3

Bran Stark: 3

Jorah Mormon: 2

Robert Baratheon: 2

Robb Stark: 1

Catalyn Stark: 1

Sansa Stark: -1

Theon Greyjoy: -1

Joffery -1

Jamie Lannister: -3

Cersei Lannister: -3

Viserys Targaryen: -7

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Seven hells. xD Awesome job man,awesome job. I have read the books twice and i must say,you really get the gist of it. Chapter review's aren't long and they aren't short either. I love the point system in the end. If you do this till the end on ADwD,you can math calculate who is your favorite/least favorite character xD There are a few mistakes,i caught a couple(Tommen's age,i think he is 7 and Robert or Benjen being Jon's father,i dont know if you are trying to add some intrigue for someone who hasn't read the books,don't get me wrong,we know nothing for certain but there is one theory concerning Jon's parentage that is 99% on the money) So basically,someone who doesn't have the time to read the books can come here and read your chapter analysis instead. And its not just chapter summary,cause you add your own opinions,have a point system and have a book/show comparison. Keep it up,you have a fan.

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Its a combo of both when it comes to Jons parentage. It is for those who haven't read the books but also that is one of my theories that I have. I haven't read a bunch of other peoples thoughts on it but thes I know is oits either Lyanna and Rhaegar or it is just Ned and his gal.....wylla? What's the 99% one? I have only read the first book actully

And just curious, when I get to later books the TV show starts jumping all over the place. Would it be super annoying if I start to post chapters out of order? I'm planning on people Reding the chapters and when you've read all the chapters that are covered in an episode I'll say 'now watch episode such and such'. What do ya think

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Opinions opinions xD

As far as book and show going their own way(and they do very much,at least in my mind,there are some pretty important characters that aren't included in the show,which i understand,with the budget and all) Going past aSoS,there is a big split,not story wise so much(Stannis from the books and from the show Tyrion,Sansa,Arya etc all have same destinations and purpose)but general character interaction and like i said characters missing. So you will have to decide which way you want to go. This being a book forum,i would advise going the book route for completion sake. But its up to you,. You are building something great here and i would really like it if you endured,hours and days and months reading,watching,taking notes can take its toll but feel it wont be an obstacle,cause a blind person can see passion here. Again keep it up and since you haven't read past aGoT i wont spoil anything.

Jon's parentage-throughout the series GRRM drops little hints that go to those 99%. The 1% is just GRRM coming out and saying"Yes Jon's mother and father are___________"

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Since my posts are more sided towards the books I think that I can pull off posting them in the order that the show goes at least the first book, possibly the second. But we will see what I can pull off. I'll cross that road when it comes to it. Thanks for the advice man I appreciate it.

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In season 3 there is a storyline that in e books we are not introduced to until A Dance with Dragons... It will get a lot more difficult but I think AGOT and Season 1 of GOT are relatively similar. Same goes for ACOK and Season 2, but after that everything all happens out of order.

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