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Drunk Again. How did this happen?

Lily Valley

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scot, LV is fucking with you mercilessly. she damn well knows that you wouldn't know the term slats, as it is a term drawn from the dialectics common to the inland northwest empire's bathtub crank subculture. the proper yankee term from my point of origin in the great lakes may be more familiar to you (meatflaps), whereas dixie generally doesn't have a cognate term, as the concept contravenes its assumed gentility. down my way, though, we refer to this as les boeufs tournedos, best served in sauce béarnaise.

I just lol'd for real.

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Catching up on the past couple of pages in this thread...

I LOLed for serious at the slats/meatflaps stuff. :lol: Lily, you are fucking awesome. :D

I'm 2 deep into a sixer of Strongbow Gold Apple. It, too, is fucking awesome. First time trying this brand. I think Theda or Luke mentioned it to me a while back. Thanks for the recommendation. :cheers:

ETA: This quote wins the thread, and possibly the entire internetz. :D

Ive sprained my fucki g ankle and they havent plauwd rock the casbah yet ffs

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Pub quiz night, we got battered, on both forms that you might expect/experience on pub quiz nights.

If anyone is any good at identifying music from the opening bars (in some cases simply the opening note (singular)) they're always welcome in East London on a Tuesday evening.

We need you.

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