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Season 5 Casting, News and Speculation V 8 [show spoilers, book spoilers past OP]


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501 If the info on Octavia Alexandru is true is it an too much of an extrapolation that Bran , Hodor and Meera might be in a scene left over from season 4?

So we had confirmation from Benioff ,Isaac Hempstead Wright and Kristian Nairn tho never saw any thing from Ellie Kendrick.

However Benioff did not rule out something short form season 4.

Don't know how they list the directors tho?

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I hope we get one book before the TV show ends, never mind another one.

My preferences for finding out the end of the series:

Books>show>online spoilers/discussions.

I'd rather read about it in the books, but I'm honestly not too disappointed if the shows does happen to finish first. Better that than hearing about it while surfing the web if you ask me. (Because trust me, if you try to avoid the show and wait for the books, you're just going to end up getting spoiled while online. It's inevitable.)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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