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Vikings season 3


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Apart from the crap in Kattegat, poor Siggy, :crying: (she earned her place in Valhalla) I found the episode very amusing. I had a feeling the princess was going to kill her brother, but the guests' reactions to the poisoning was priceless. And I loved the conversation between Ragnar and Ecbert. It reminded me of the time when Athelstan told Ragnar that Ecbert was like him.

And yes, to add my voice to the puzzled, why was Horik's prick of a son spared?

I hope Bjorn and Thorunn's relationship doesn't get dragged down into a black hole.

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Glad Saggy is gone, still can't forgive her for the way she was in S1.

Great episode overall, The scene with Ragnar and Ecbert shoulder to shoulder was easily the best of the season so far and one of the series' best.

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