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Season 5 Casting, News and Speculation V 10 [Spoilers]


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It's locked because there was poor behavior going on. Let's hope we can all be swell to each other in this one. I, for one, appreciate each and every one of you. W.A.F.F.L.E.O., folks, W.A.F.F.L.E.O.

Thanks for the update,

"Manners make the Man." a well spoken and truth filled line from "Kingsman"which some here should consider.

Watched the film today, awesome, fun and funny movie; loved the conservative neocon southern churchgoers reaping what they sowed. Brainwashed dimwits, easily manipulated by Neocons and their supporters from the pulpit in southern and western churches to an extent.

I moved a comment to another board, being its more about the lie of what southern churches teach from my personal experience.

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Cersei's Storyline, My speculation based on what we know, the books, and some of the changes in the show.

This is completely jumbled, but I think some of it works.

Episode 1: Maggy the Frog Prophecy occurs. Cersei then wakes up to Tywin's death. Cersei escorts Tywin's casket with Meryn Trant into the sept of Baelor for Tywin's funeral. Cersei interacts with Kevan and Lancel. Margaery tries to comfort Tommen. Cersei enters the sept seeing Jaime stand around the body and tells him that "The Monster is still out there drawing breath" and begins to think it could have been Jaime that released him.

Episode 2: Cersei receives a threat from the Sand Snakes, a box containing a dead viper with a lion necklace around it. Cersei becomes paranoid and sends Jaime to retrieve Myrcella in Dorne, but also because she is also angry that he could have released Tyrion. Jaime then asks Bronn to leave with him to go rescue Myrcella in Dorne. Later on, Tommen and Margaery are married. Cersei wants a fresh start and orders the kingsguard to burn the tower of the hand and arranges a behind the scenes murder of High Septon. Perhaps she convinces Meryn Trant to murder him.

Episode 3: Cersei meets with her new council Tommen, Kevan, Qyburn, Pycelle, and Mace where she learns of the High Sparrow. Cersei travels with Meryn Trant to streets near the Sept of Baelor. She notices how much poverty she has created, but doesn't seem to care all that much. She then meets the High Sparrow and begins to converse with him about how King's Landing has become a shitty place. Cersei agrees to restore the militant orders of faith in return for Tommen's blessing to improve the city, and the forgiveness of the crown's debt.

Episode 4: Cersei, Tommen, and Margaery travel in their litters through the streets where peasants and common people are cheering, however the High Sparrow looks displeased and begins his quest to remove all of the scum from the city. The faith militant destroy a pub and Littlefinger's brothel. Cersei also has not remained faithful to her word of restoring the faith militant.

Episode 5: Cersei meets with her council again and learns that many peasants have been waiting on the steps to the Red Keep and are asking for help, but Cersei has shut down every effort and charitable work of Margaery's. Cersei begins her scheming plan to dispose of the Tyrells. Cersei attempts to catch Margaery sleeping out with her cousins including Mira Forrester.

Episode 6: Cersei's paranoia grows as Jaime has not returned from Dorne. She later visits Qyburn, who tells her that Littlefinger was seen in the capital. He also reveals to her that his experiments are going quite well. Cersei then learns of how the faith militant are gaining more momentum.

Episode 7: Cersei sends Mace and Meryn Trant to Braavos to negotiate with the Iron Bank on the crown's debt. Soon after, Cersei frames Loras for the murder of the High Septon and frames Margaery for adultery and treason. Loras is taking away and tries to fight back, but fails. Soon after, Olenna receives a scroll stating her grandchildren's fates and that she should return to Highgarden. However, the plan backfires when Olenna travels to find the High Sparrow and tells him the truth. The High Sparrow then arrests Cersei and she is sent to the black cells.

Episode 8: Cersei and Margaery argue in the Black cells. Septa Unella arrives to attempt to get a confession out of Cersei, but Cersei only confesses to sleeping with Lancel and not the murder of the High Septon. Cersei then writes a letter to Jaime requesting his help, despite creating her own downfall. Later, Kevan reveals to Cersei that she will be submitted to a walk of penance before her trial.

Episode 9: No King's Landing Scenes

Episode 10: Cersei performs her Walk of Shame through the streets of King's Landing and is escorted by Septa Unella. When she reaches fleabottom, the peasants throw stuff at her and yell countless words that tear Cersei apart. Cersei slips on the ground for a moment, but tries to keep herself together. She eventually reaches the Red Keep where Qyburn places a robe around her. Cersei notices a very tall man in armor beside him. Qyburn tells Cersei that she is to dine with Kevan and Tommen tonight. Kevan tells Cersei that he has not heard word of Jaime from Dorne and once the dinner is over, Kevan is called to Pycelle's chambers. When Kevan arrives he notices a white raven, a sign that winter has arrived. Kevan looks around and finds Pycelle dead and Varys appears revealing his plans that Tommen will be overthrown by Aegon Targaryen. Varys then kills Kevan.

But now that I think about it, that's a lot of material for one storyline.

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alcasinoroyale, since your storylines seems quite strong, could you please expose us your Jaime's one for Season 5.

I find it difficult to predict Jaime's storyline for Season 5 because he isn't going to the Riverlands, but I will try anyway.

Episode 1: Jaime attends Tywin's funeral and afterwards stands around his corpse contemplating whether it was Tyrion and comes to the conclusion that it must have been. Cersei enters and tells Jaime that "The Monster is still out there drawing breath" and begins to think it could have been Jaime that released him.

Episode 2: Jaime enters the Tower of the Hand where Cersei is sitting. He notices her paranoia and is soon told to retrieve Myrcella in Dorne. Jaime agrees to the task and tries to converse with Cersei, but she tells him to leave. Jaime then asks Bronn to come on the journey with him because he can only go so far fighting with one hand.

Episode 3: Jaime and Bronn begin their adventure to Dorne. Bronn continues with his great one liners.

Episode 4: Jaime and Bronn row a boat to the coast of Dorne and encounter Dornish guards, who are not happy that Jaime has arrived as House Martell demands vengeance for Oberyn's Death. Jaime and Bronn fight the Dornish guards and continue to the Water Gardens.

Episode 5 - 8: (Hard to predict) Killing of a viper or a scorpion, encountering Ellaria, Jaime fighting with one of the Sand Snakes. If Bronn does not appear during the "Fire and Blood" speech, I could assume he is either dead or has returned to King's Landing after hearing what Cersei has done with Lollys.

Episode 9: In his bedroom chambers, Jaime receives a letter from Cersei that she needs his help and should return to King's Landing, but Jaime burns the letter. During a meeting in the palace, Jaime meets with Doran, Areo, Ellaria, Myrcella, and Trystane. Doran reveals his plans "Fire and Blood" Speech. Doran shares that he be sending Nymeria to take the seat on the small council and Tyene to accompany Myrcella back to King's Landing. Their mission is to keep House Martell in good faith, but also overthrow House Lannister's regime.

Episode 10: (Not sure if he is in the finale, but Jaime has to think about Brienne at some point)

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alcasinoroyale Your Cersei and Jaime outlines seem pretty accurate, except i think Loras will get into the fight with the guards/faith militant earlier; either at the end of episode 4 or 5. Margery needs to be imprisoned by ep 5 or 6.

Also somewhere in the starting episodes 1-4 there has to be a margery storyline, where Cersei tries to catch her and her cousins out for not being maidens. We have seen that they are introducing a new kingsguard to the fold, he may only be an extra, but maybe he will be a Kettlblack replacement of some kind. I also think she will use LF's associate Olyvar to get Loras caught by the faith militant.

I like your Jaime outline, i think in between episodes 5-8 Jaime and Bronn stop the Sandsnakes, Ellaria and Trystane ffrom kidnapping Myrcella (like the queen plot) and Bronn will get injured from Tyene's poison daggers or something. Tensions will run high, Jaime will work to repair the Martell-lannister relationship.

Also thanks Arkash for starting a new thread! I'm not sure why v8 got locked but i really enjoy this thread so thanks to everyone that posts here

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