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Sansa is Weak

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I don't understand how Sansa can be described as weak. I personally did not like her much in AGOT, but her emotional strength was one of the reasons she became my favourite characters. She was imprisoned and unable to do anything about her whole family being brutally murdered one by one. Something that even pushed Cat (who is seen as a very emotionally strong character) over the edge. She was constantly bullied and beaten by the white knights she clung to stories about, at the whim of the 'dashing prince' she'd always dreamed of, yet she managed to keep going. I don't think that anyone in the series has shown as much emotional strength as Sansa Stark. To have been put through all of the trauma she has, and yet not only refuse to give up or turn her back, but also still be able to show empathy to people such as Sweetrobin is a testament to that strength.

I would also add that clickbait titles are not the way to go about things. You may receive more views, but it creates a certain level of negativity throughout the thread.

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