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Evidences for Hybrids from the Main Series


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But he [Yezzan] was said to be the richest man in Yunkai, and he had a passion for grotesques; his slaves included a boy with the legs and hooves of a goat, a bearded woman, a two-headed monster from Mantarys, and a hermaphrodite who warmed his bed at night. “Cock and cunny both,” Dick Straw told them. “The Whale used to own a giant too, liked to watch him fuck his slave girls. Then he died. I hear the Whale’d give a sack o’ gold for a new one.”

They would share this space with Yezzan’s other treasures: a boy with twisted, hairy “goat legs,” a two-headed girl out of Mantarys, a bearded woman, and a willowy creature called Sweets who dressed in moonstones and Myrish lace. “You are trying to decide if I’m a man or woman,” Sweets said, when she was brought before the dwarfs. Then she lifted her skirts and showed them what was underneath. “I’m both, and master loves me best.”

This goat-legged boy surely seems like a goat-human hybrid. The World Book mentioned that “slave women mate with wolves in torchlit cellars” in Norvos for amusement.

The Little Pigeon was not quite a dwarf, but he might have passed for one in a bad light. Yet he strutted about as if he were a giant, with his plump little legs spread wide and his plump little chest puffed out. His soldiers were the tallest that any of the Windblown had ever seen; the shortest stood seven feet tall, the tallest close to eight. All were long-faced and long-legged, and the stilts built into the legs of their ornate armor made them longer still. Pink-enameled scales covered their torsos; on their heads were perched elongated helms complete with pointed steel beaks and crests of bobbing pink feathers. Each man wore a long curved sword upon his hip, and each clasped a spear as tall as he was, with a leaf-shaped blade at either end.

“The Little Pigeon breeds them,” Dick Straw informed them. “He buys tall slaves from all over the world, mates the men to the women, and keeps their tallest offspring for the Herons. One day he hopes to be able to dispense with the stilts.”

“A few sessions on the rack might speed along the process,” suggested the big man.

This selective breeding is true in the real life as well. That is how humans were able to domesticate animals. Humans captured the wolf cubs from the packs following them, killed the agressive cubs and kept the friendly ones. After many generations, the wolves became dogs.

But this “process” can be speeded up by bloodmagic in ASOIAF setting. Valyrians were forcing their slave women to mate with the beasts of the field in Gogossos. Another example of selective breeding is carried out in Lys as we are told in the World Book. Since the prostitutes with Valyrian features are highly prized, the Lyseni breed such slaves with one another to preserve the beautiful features.

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Is there any confirmation Roose’s story about the conception of Ramsay from another source? I don’t think so. It also makes zero sense for the woman to defy Roose like that. Arya could not dare to spill a drop of Roose’s wine.


Roose claims that his long life and “agelessness” is due to frequent leeching.


Are we supposed to buy this? No, we are not. Then, Roose produced “frequent leeching” as a cover story for his “unnatural” youth. That means the conception of Ramsay is also a cover story. But for what?


Recall that Ramsay is called a monster even for Bolton standards. Was Ramsay’s mother truly a monster? Did Roose sacrifice his seeds to her in return of unnatural youth and long life?


There is yet another cover story that Roose apparently cannot tell whether the original Reek corrupted Ramsay or Ramsay corrupted him. If Ramsay is a hybrid born from a monster, it makes sense to produce a cover story like this. It also makes sense to pass Ramsay as a bastard. Roose could have easily arranged Ramsay to be passed as a child of his late wives. But if he expected the boy to grow into a monster, it would draw unwanted attention. But nobody is that much shocked to the monstrosity of Ramsay because he is a “bastard born of rape” as Robett put it.


Therefore, I think Roose might have sired Ramsay from a monster and I think the mother is probably a squisher. Ramsay’s appearance has a squishy feeling. He should grow into a Godric Borrell with Bolton eyes and without webbed-fingers.

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