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ASoIaF 20 Questions #106

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Absolutely nobody knows the rules, except me :ninja:

  • Anything from the series is allowed! This includes the show and (unfortunately) Dunk and Egg, also The Princess and The Queen. We've had everything from Theon Greyjoy to Willas' crippling to Arya's fleas to the storms of Storm's End.
  • Animals are considered characters. So if you have an animal (or some other odd creature) in mind and someone asks if it's a character, you can just growl ''yes''.
  • Body parts are considered objects.
  • Plants are objects (without any consideration).
  • Dunk is considered a POV character.
  • The Iron Islands are considered South of the Neck.
  • All Essos is considered South of the Neck.
  • Skagos is considered South of the Wall.
  • Hints aren't mandatory. They're common, but if you want to challenge us, don't feel obligated to include one (or two, or three, as the case sometimes is).
  • Once we get to around sixteen questions, start conserving questions, to be fair to other players, even if they are far less smart than you.
  • Keep an updated list of all the questions in your post when answering.
  • It's customary to let the winner host the next round, although you can see in the registry that that's not always the case.
  • Post a list of the host, answer and winner of the previous round in the registry thread.
  • Don't choose something that's already been done. We have a registry going, and it's allegedly updated every time a game finishes, so you can just check it. It's long and you should feel intimidated.
  • You may ask one question, make one guess, or do a combination of a question and a guess. However, you should not ask more than a question or make more than one guess in the same post. Or do. I do.
  • Editing old questions or guesses into new ones is not authoritatively allowed.

You are welcome!

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