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ASoIaF 20 Questions #106

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Easy one: unknown until much later.

1. Not a character.

2. Not an event.

3. A place.

4. Not in Westeros.

5. Not kingdom of Sarnor.

6. Some character was there, afair, but no character stayed there.

Minor hint: character from answer 6 is not a character from main series, though mentioned there a lot.

7. Not a ghiscari city.

8, Never mentioned in ASOIAF, I think.

9. Not in Essos.

Not from Dunk and Egg because I said it might be from TWOIAF.

10.A grim place indeed.

Intermediate hint: it's EASY, people!

11. Not Zamettar.

Not Ulthos.

12. Not a city.

13. Not Smoking Sea,

14. Not a water body.

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I was so close to saying it, but I am sure it was mentioned in one of Victarions chapters, wasn't it?

Being AFfC translator, I'd remember this.

In Tyrion chapters, may be, I didn't work on these chapters except one.

If so, sorry for confusion.

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