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Mercy - Fan Reading


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I was reading the Mercy chapter kindly provided by youtuber Words are Wind, but my gratitude for his effort was only rivaled by my difficulty to listen to it.

I am a big fan of audiobooks, I would go so far as to say I would not have finished my "reading" of books 4 and 5 (the only books I read from start to end) were it not for the audiobooks I paid for on audible.

And so it's for those reasons that I made my own reading:

I know that I made a few mistakes in tone and pronouncing certain words, and I welcome feedback. But no bashing please.

I might do others but might not too, depends on how good the others are (I have two more to listen to).

If you are interested in listening to it, I recommend reading it in 2x speed by downloading it and playing the file in a proper media player (VLC, Windows Media Player).

Thanks for encouraging me as a fan. I hope you like it.

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