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What's really awesome today? v.2


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I am kind of not following the rules of the thread by posting things that happened two days ago and yesterday, but I couldn't even find the thread to post in it in the little time that I had.


Saturday - my best friend informed me that FantaSTikon, or a fantasy/sci-fi convention in Split, which might be the first of the type in our country or at least sub-region. It was really awesome - I got Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 for like 3-4 bucks, Stephen King's The Drawing of the Three | Dark Tower #2(because they sold the first part before I laid my hands on it) for like 9-10 bucks, wore authentic ancient Roman armour and shield and wielded a gladius, shot arrows out of Roman bows, handled authentic replicas of several modern rifles(meaning, they can't shoot, but everything else is real), visited some great lectures and played the Game of Thrones boardgame. There was also Tolkien elves inspired jewelry on one stand and another had awesome fanart and other stuff inspired by games(I bought a picture of Wrex cause he's awesome. Wish the girl who made those made a Tali one, though). After I got back to my town, I met some of my high school friends, we chatted and drank a bit which was also great.


Yesterday - It was rather unremarkable, 'cept for one thing - the concert of my arguably favourite band, Silente was held in my town. I have no idea how quickly that hour and half passed, but I wished it went on longer and longer and longer.

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