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Xray el Sicario

[TWOW Spoilers] Alayne I, v. 3

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On 2/11/2018 at 4:37 AM, A Ghost of Someone said:

On a related note, if Margerary manages to survive long enough, she will be considered for Aegon as well. The Tyrells and The Reach were Targaryen loyalists, although a bit incompetent with the exception of Lord Tarly.

I wouldn't be surprised lol  I think Arianne will get her claws onto Aegon first but I reckon the Tyrells will try that at the very least.  lol someone once said about her "wife to 3 kings and mother to none" could get to even 4!  I have to say, I like Marg, she is shrewed but then circumstances always beat her, a bit like with Tyrion I guess and I would like her to do well.  I trust her better than I do Arianne to be honest but, taking into account that I think Aegon will have an outstanding victory and the ovation that goes with it I think he will be short-lived, at least politically.  Marg should be married to someone she can brainstorm with as a high lady but no queen.  She likes the limelight but I think ruling from behind would be better for her lol

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Blue Eyed Wolf's essay and theory on Ser Shadrich, Ser Morgarth, and Ser Byron is probably my favorite theory on what is going to happen with Sansa in TWOW, or at least what will happen with her in the whole Ser Shadrich "abduction" plot point, which I think is going to spin in a completely unexpected direction.

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