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How would you rate episode 501?


How would rate episode 501?  

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They even managed to botch up Maggy the Frog scene with no valonqar and 3 children (what about that boy with black of hair in season 1. Continuity? Anyone?)

Good catch. Oops. When you change the books and then forgot you changed them....

Everyone (or Stannis at least) knows RB was the man who killed Robb. Really. It thought it had to be a secret? At least it would not be common knowledge at Dragonstone and the Wall? Really?

Good point. Obviously the Starks were loved by the smallfolk of the north, so, letting that be known would severely undermine the Boltons.

--If Littlefinger is taking Sansa to Winterfell (not directly stated, but one probable possibility)...then...all I can imagine--based on at least two actors' pearl-clutching near-spoiler gossipings to the media--is that we are headed to some Ramsey torture-porn on Sansa later in the later episodes. If that happens...it would be one of the cheapest, dumbest pieces of exploitation ever committed in American television. Do D + D think so little of Sansa's intelligence-survival instincts, that she would agree to an LF plan that would involve her married into the Bolton mafia...without any back-up? Seriously, who in the fuck--above a 30 IQ--would agree to that?

Please god no. Two of my favorite, absolute favorite, book moments, in the entire series. #1 is when Arya is at that Inn and the bwb come in and she sees Harwin and she breaks down for the first time since seeing her father die and you remember, after all the shit she has been through, she is just a little girl, and she begs him "Please remember me." That moment was cut. My second favorite moment is when Littlefinger explains to Sansa about Harry the Heir. It is like we were reading with fuzzy glasses all along and suddenly it comes into focus and we realize just how good Littlefinger is at playing the game. This, if it were true, really undermines Littlefinger's skill (though I suspect he is not long for this earth anymore). He couldn't have decided to ally with the Boltons for this maneuver until they got Winterfell, which means he wasn't thinking that far ahead. It removes much of his motivation for killing Lysa, if he didn't need the Vale, why bother? It is apparently a severe departure from the books considering the recent TWOT sample chapter. It also makes him look relatively foolish considering the Boltons do not have a strong hold on the north, nor could they ever, the north remembers afterall. Marrying Harry and marching the might of the Vale north to capture Winterfell and the fractured North would have been a much stronger move.

I can see how this would play out. Boltons doublecrossing Littlefinger, Sansa being tortured, Reek snapping out of it and rescuing Sansa (and doing what with her I don't know). I know it will make good TV, Alfie Allen has done such a good job with Theon/Reek you know it will be compelling drama, and perhaps in a world without the books that would be enough. But if it comes to pass I will probably always regret them abandoning the vale plot.

I definitely think last season's premier was the high water mark for premiers. Starting with the Rains of Castamere over the Ice destruction montage, ending with The Hound kicking ass over some chicken (one of the best scenes in the entire series, to date, possibly one of my favorite scenes of TV ever period).

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A 7 for me. I think it's the best season premiere since the first, but still there were some issues.

The high points were the initial flashback (very well written and acted) and the closing scenes. And I would have given a whole point more if they had rought back Illyrio and the same Maltese set from S1 for that one scene. It's a shame they didn't do it.

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- 1 pt for the missing "valonqar" stuff.

Things I really enjoyed were:

- Stannis. (For the first time in ages, really. Stephen Dillane nails him.)

- Varys/Tyrion (bonus for the camera movement in the crate)

- Kevan/Lancel

- Young Cersei and Merlana (except for the missing "valonqar")

- Cersei and Jaime in the sept

- Mance/Jon

- the scene in the brothel with the member of the Unsullied (nice to point out that even those guys enjoy sexuality)

- Lancel/Cersei

- Loras/Cersei

- Dany was also fine


I forgot Pod and Brienne. I liked them. And of course, Sweetrobin and Lord Royce's comment on his fighting skills sitting next to LF. Hilarious!

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+ Drunk self-pity Tyrion

+ Great visuals

+ Sweetrobin getting beaten

+ Loras and Margaery talk

+ Mannis

+ Melisandre

+ Return of Kevan

+ Dragons getting names


- Mentally Incapacitated Show!LF

- Asshole super fighter Brienne

- Daenerys's ignorance about Sons of the Harpy

- Loras's Dorne birthmark

- No Boltons

- Jaime and Cersei talk, that didn't feel like Jaime

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I never care about the show deviating from the books. It is what it is. My major complaints are always the small little details that the show runners keep forgetting. Little things that would make it so much better. Last night, Melisandra looked plain and quite brownish. She is the Red Woman for crying out loud!! Make her RED!!! Make her stand out in fiery red dresses and fiery red hair!! And why not have the fires light up without her simply using a torch?!?!?!?! And why not have Dario have a forked blue beard and gold teeth? Why have him look like every other schnook in Westeros? Why not have Maggy The Frog look like she does in the books? I thought she was Osha for a split second. Where was Ilyrio? Were they not able to get him to come back on the show? Little things like this are annoying as hell. Like totally screwing up Craster and making him look more clean shaven and proper than Mormont. None of these things cost money. To me it is just production decisions that are dropping the ball. Also would have been funny if Tywin's corpse stunk. Still, I gave it a 6 overall. At least we saw Ghost.


I was not too happy about Varys' story deviating either but I like his character a lot and he's not in book 4 and not really in 5 either until... I will assume he departs from Tyrion eventually after hearing about some unforeseen news in King's Landing that could mess up his plans. I really enjoyed his scenes with Tyrion. Illyrio should have been in the episode.

I am thinking that, after seeing Margery and Loras talking, Margery will end up plotting the demise of her nemesis instead of her nemesis going too far and messing things up. In the books, Margery is just there in the background and kind of sweet and innocent. GOT Margery is far more shrewd and cunning.

I am glad GRRM released his Sansa/Alayne chapter. Seems like the show will not spoil anything based on what Peter said to Sansa last night. Seems like they might be running away for a while instead of marrying Sansa off to Ser Harrold.

I can look upon Missendei all day and not care, but her story arc with Greyworm is not necessary and more time should be spent with the real plots and main characters. This is a common complaint.

Glad they are showing the Sparrows since they are more than a little important. Too bad the original Lancel was not able to be cast. Another annoying thing that keeps happening. But it is awesome that Kevin Lannister is back!

Enjoyed the Cersie/Jaime scene. Welcome back.

Brienne and Pod could have been much better. But it was good to see them.

FINALLY we actually hear RHAEGAL and VISERYON get called upon!!!!! You would think that Drogon was the only dragon Dany has. They looked awesome. My favorite scene. Made me feel very bad for them and for Dany.

Sons of the Harpy = Good. Glad that is at least still part of the show.

Seems like Hizdahr is getting played down. I hope that is not the case. I assume he will become more important once the Sons of the Harpy keep doing what they do best.

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Good solid start to the season. 7/10. It's not going to be the best episode of the season, but I think they kicked forward 75% of the story lines for the season with clarity and a good pace.


- The Wall. We've hit the point in the books where The Wall is a very interesting place to be. For the first time in 4 seasons past I want to spend the most time here. About a dozen great characters (and acting) all in the one spot.

- Changes to the Mance Pyre. I didn't mind losing Mance here. Cieran is a very good actor but he's never really captured Mance. Interested to see what character is chosen for Mance's future duties, maybe Tormund?

- Lena Headey. It's going to be a big season for her and already every little nuance is on point. The character of Cersei is in very capable hands and I think Lena will be MVP of this season.

- Enjoyed the opening Maggy the Frog scene. A lot of it word for word from the books. Where was the valonqar prophecy though? or did Cersei remember that later? I hope they don't leave that out because that's a huge driving force in Cersei's psyche.

- LF/Sansa. It's pretty exciting not really knowing where this is going to go this season. Robin's pathetic fighting was enjoyable to watch.

- Sons of the Harpy. Cool scene, very cool masks.


- Brienne/Pod. Whatever they decide to do with them, I just hope they make it quick. There is no upside to them wandering aimless for another several episodes.

- Emilia Clarke. I really don't want to be negative on her all season like I was last season, she does some types of scenes well like speaking Valyrian or more action oriented scenes. But her 'Queenly' scenes I still do cringe.

- Tyrion/Varys. I'm open to changes from the book, and I knew this one was coming for months, but I don't love the interactions here and depressed Tyrion is going to be, well, depressing.

- Hizdahr. The show really has not put the ground work on him if he is going to be used the same as he is in the books.

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Out of a possible 10 stars, I'm giving the episode an 8. I thought it was mostly a well done episode, once I decided to not expect a literal translation from the books anymore.


--Jon Snow and the Wall segments were really well done. My favorite moment was Jon shooting Mance in the heart so the King Beyond the Wall wouldn't have to die in such a horrible way. Very nice character moment for Jon.

--Varys and Tyrion's conversations. Those actors really play off each other nicely.

--The opening flashback was well done as well.

--Still a lot of gorgeous scenery and costuming.

--The Sansa and LF conversation was quite good. Sansa is really coming into her own

--The other dragons finally getting named and Dany running from them. Made me sad.

Some things I did not like

--Brienne and Pod. Unnecessary. Also, felt like Brienne was out of character with the level of harshness she leveled at Pod.

--Reminding the audience of Dorne through sexposition.

--Mel creeping on Jon. Oh boy.

--Jaime felt...off in that one scene between him and Cersei.

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Very slow episode. Not much of action and not much of driving the plot forward.

They could have show some Arya instead of Loras + Oliver(?) and Missandei + Grey Worm.

Or they could have let Cersei express her thoughts instead of showing her staring at sunset.

Only one scene worth watching again: that is Varys and Tyrion dialogue.

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This was the best episode of GoT in quite some time. Sure, not as flashy as some other more recent episodes, but it was just well crafted throughout.

I'm with you, I really enjoyed the episode.

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I gave it a 5, which is maybe too low, but it seemed more like a series of well-crafted scenes to me than a cohesive whole with forward momentum. I think it did a good job of getting the pieces for each storyline in place, but it would probably benefit from a rewatch once the whole season is out.

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I was torn between giving it a 7 or an 8 but finally settled on an 8 for the acting of Varys, Stannis and Mance, production values and directing alone. Really didn't dislike much but if it werent a season opener I think I would have been much harder on it.

Liked Jon Snow beating the crap out of the kid that killed Ygritte and seeming to enjoy it all the while teaching him how to survive.

The sets with Varys and Tyrion reminded me of several Sandals resorts that I have visited. LOL

The TV show and the books are now so much different (I enjoy both) I have taken to imagining the TV show as occurring in an (another) alternate universe showing how things could have unfolded if only minor changes had taken place in the books. That damn dead butterfly again.

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I gave it an 8. For a primiere it did well. Actually had a pretty big character die.

Book snobs should be happy since the majority of the Maggy the frog scene was directly from the book. Yes no valanqar but the show has done a good enough job of showing her hatred for Tyrion.

Reminded us of where most of the players were when we left off last season. I would expect next episode to show Arya some. Can't fit them all in one episode.

Grey worm love story, wish it didn't exist since we feel like we are losing screen time of major players.

You mean there are 3 dragons and not just 1!!!!!!!! To be fair though, at this point in the books they are an after thought.

I like that they included Jon training the boy that killed Ygritte. At first it seemed he was being too harsh but then you seem him being gentle. Stoked that he killed Mance.

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It was the worst season starter of all 5 seasons (1st episode of season 1 being the best, by far), mostly due to the trailers spoiling most everything in it. Also the really short scenes and sort of playing catch up with everyone made it feel very... synthetic. You know like a play or something "drop the curtain, change the setting, open the curtain".

It was a bad case of the "season premiere syndrome". The extras just felt like extras with nothing to contribute too but that is nothing new.



+ Robin "fighting" if you can call it that. lol

+ Mance & Jon

+ Stannis & everyone

+ Depressed Tyrion was believable. A very minor + though, since the lines weren't that good. The actor just happens to be very good.

+ Meereen. Sons of the Harpy. Dragons. Looks like I'll be liking Dany and her stuff a lot this season

+ Harpy statue torn off the pyramid. Epic


- Trailers spoiled pretty much everything

- Varys too upfront, sort of out of nowhere

- Maggy the frog. casting, acting and general portrayal were bad. like really really bad. Too young. Too human. Cartoonish laugh. No explanation who she is or why she is there.

- The Flashback in general. Melara wasn't even named, just some random annoying "Friend A" of Young Cersei's.

- Melisandre & Jon. Felt way forced...

- Cersei and Jaime convo was hilariously out of character for Jaime

- A mole like Dorne. And just Loras in general. Everything about his scene just made me say "No!" out loud. Talk about stereotypes...

- Missandei and Greyworm. Continuation of the dumb pairing from last season. Very forced.

- Brodrick. (Brienne and Podrick). If one duo has to kick the bucket this season I would vote for this one.


± Portrayal of the sparrows via Lancel.

± Margaery. Getting a bit more biaaatchy, are we? Not that I mind.

± Kevan. More or less what I expected.

± Pretty much everything else.

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