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[Book Spoilers] EP501 Discussion


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Intresting Nod to the readers in Little Cerse' scene, "they said that you were terrifying wth cats teeth and 3 eyes." Long speculation on a certain black cat in KL and Bloodraven. While obvious it is nice to see on the show. It's minor, but still cool, and that Little Cersei, what a scamp.

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Not a bad episode, overall. The usual first episode, setting up the board. Mance, obviously wasn't long for the show, nor the overall endgame and was best served, going out the way he did.

On a side note: What the fuck has Ghost been eating! I swear, he must have ate entire mammoth.

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The episode wasn't bad. I kinda enjoyed the thing. I have a lot of criticism that has nothing to do with the plot (surprisingly) or the deviations. But I have to speak up about this: I'm getting very tired of the sexposition and Loras being treated like all he does is have sex with dudes because he's gay. We got it, he's gay. Does he have a disease in which he could die if he doesn't have sex or something? I'm not a prude. It would be very hypocritical of me to say "oh, noes... two naked dudes!", but come on. I was actually considering to turn out the tv because that was one of the most unnecessary scenes I've ever seen in a tv show, and I won't even mention the fact that is very much character assassination .

Idem for hotMaggy. Was so hard to cast an old lady? I know is a minor detail but the devil is in the details. Has this show turned so... for the lack of a better word, "sexist" that they can't cast an unattractive actress for the role of an unattractive character? That lady was actually very fine... :dunno:

And I don't want to even start with Melisandre. The only way she could have been less subtle had been having a neon sign flashing on her forehead saying "I want your cock. I want your cock". Carice is a beautiful lady, does that mean she's implied to be always so explicit in her sexuality? Ok, we also, like with Loras, got it: she uses sex to produce her magic. We also got it like two seasons ago.

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Didn't they introduce Tysha, or at least her story, back in Season 1 when Tyrion was with Bronn and Shae before the "battle?" It's been a long time since I've seen Season 1, but I definitely seem to remember that happening.

They introduced it in season 1 and referenced it in season 3 and then they pulled back from it.

It all comes back to their weird mishandling of Jaime in season 4 compared to their relatively flawless portrayal of the character in season 3. I suspect they decided there was no need for the Jaime/Tyrion relationship to be clouded by the Tysha conflict- ie that they never meet again. You'll never convince me that they really thought audiences wouldn't be smart enough to grasp a reference to Tyrion's twice referenced prior marriage. I think the choice they made was to sacrifice the full impact of the wrapping of Tyrion's AGOT-ASOS tragedy for a cleaner finish and an avoidance of loose ends they don't intend to or don't intend to tie down the road.

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Ok....Sansa and LF are heading "west". Looking at a map, there are many possibilities, but none that would garner privacy or secrecy. However, if they traveled southwest, it would take them to the quiet Isle - IF the hound is still around, it would bring him back into the story.

Not QI, trailers show her in WF, LF telling Sansa he's taking her where Cersei can't touch her, Lannisters have not enough soldiers to mount any large attack, I'am sure it will be WF.

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Ok......but it didn't show them traveling with a very large contingent......how will a dozen knights stand up to the Bolton forces?

Someone asked about the note that Sansa saw LF read and I think LF is still going to broker a marriage deal, but there is no Jeyne Poole so I think fake Arya is out and all the background scenes in Sansa trailers are Northern from the looks of them.

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WTF moment for me was the change of character of Mance? I thought he wanted the Wildlings across the Wall to save them from the Others? I'll admit that sometimes I can't keep straight what I read in the books versus what I have watched onscreen but I just reread ADWD last week and my memory must be worse than I realized....lol. Is Rattleshirt assuming Mance's role onscreen now and will he be the one to attempt a rescue on fAyra or Sansa? That's probably been scraped too. So much swirling around in my head abt where they are going on the show.

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And so, our long wait is over. And we got … an episode. It was almost 55 minutes. It had characters. And story. I thought I saw Sansa. I may have missed her buried under the 6 scenes of Cersei being creepy.

I usually do a list where I say what I liked and didn’t like etc, but I’m not feeling it. I was utterly underwhelmed by the episode. Once again, I was reminded just how little screen time each character has because there are so many fucking characters. No story could really go anywhere. Everything was rush and fast and by the end all I knew was:

Cersei- Crazy

Lancel- Crazier

Stannis: Mean; meaner than Dany.

Maggie the Frog: Why is she so attractive? IN the book, she’s, well, similar to a frog. And old. Why does she have to look like Lady Gaga’s stand-in?

Loras: Gay. We… we get it. He’s awkward around Cersei because he’s so… gay. Yup. We already knew all of that. Oh, and here is a long shot of him and a dude. In bed together. We’re edgy. Yup.

Dany: Angry. And justifiably. And confused. And with two larger, angry dragons. Why did we need that? Didn’t we already know all this?

Jon: Boring. Some things never change.

Sansa: Not really here.

Littlefinger: Wait was that him?

Sweet Robin: How the FUCK is he 13?

Arya: (Description not available)

Varys: Told us he’s been working on a plan to restore the Targs… for 15 years. MY God, some people will take forever to finish a large-scale project.

Tyrion: Witty. Rye, interesting, funny. Well written. On screen for 5 minutes. Tops.

Brienne: Complaining. About Pod. Because that’s important.

Jaime: I think he said 18 words. Maybe 19.

Kevan Lannister: Not dead.

Tywin Lannister: Dead, but even while dead, BY FAR the most interesting character on Westeros proper.

Davos: Context-Bot

Jorah Mormont: Friend Zone is off-screen.

Dorne: I swear, we will be relevant ANY day now.

Margaery Tyrell: Proves not every woman in the 7 Kingdoms wants to boff her brother…. Right?

There were some interesting things this episode, including Mane’s …. Apparent desire to burn to death; the rise of the sons of the Harpy and, obviously, Tyrin’s well-written scenes. But overall?

Overall, I thought the episode was listless, taking all its time just to catch us all up (something they HAVE to stop doing). There was virtually no change from where we were 55 minutes ago. And that’s not terribly unusual, but we spent so much time at seeing so little of so much. Not a good start.

I know people said that this season would be the best veer. Well… not a great start. Obviously the show has stated that they are departing the most from the books this season, and that’s due to the fact that Book 4 and 5 are the two weakest books; 4 is especially terrible. Despite apologists trying desperately to claim otherwise, the show-runners recognize a very clear truth: not much happens in FfC so its okay to go in a different direction.

But I think they need to actually go.

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I think it's obvious LF is brokering a marriage between Sansa and Ramsey. The real question is whether he plans to double cross the Boltons or if this is legit. Whatever LF's plans are I'm sure Ramsey will make them go up in flames and then it will be up to Sansa and/or someone else to save the day.

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Looking at discussions around the internet by show only watchers, they are wondering what exactly Varys sees in Dany that makes him think that she'd be a much better ruler than Stannis. I think this is a serious problem with how they took the shortcut of elimination FAegon and make Varys a Dany supporter. The idea that Varys, who has not so much as ever met Dany, would be all aboard her train as the best option for the the throne is a little hard to swallow.

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