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How would you rate episode 502?  

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It was tighter than the first episode (except Meereen, which I continue to despise, but I don't penalize the show for that because that's an anchor from the books). I don't think the start or reasoning of Jaime's mission to Dorne was handled well, I thought the night watch election was a little too fast (granted, I'm also glad it didn't drag out), and the reversal of Jaqen/Kindly Man's decision to let Arya in wasn't explained well enough.

Everything else I liked; particularly Kevan's brief yet memorable scene.

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gave it an 8/10 I really don't understand why Jon and Sam would ignore the fact they Know Bran and Rickon the heirs to winterfell are alive and Stannis would have Jon usurp him.I didn't have any other major problems with the plot logic in this episode although the dialogue in the Prince Doran and Ellarie scene did make me cringe a little it seemed a little too much like cartoon villains meeting up after their latest defeat.I liked the Varys and Tyrion scene the most

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I thought it was decent I gave it a 7.

Dany got Robb Starked, oh ne of your people killed one of your prisoners. Though this happened in the books to some extent. Though we don't get the same reaction. Glad to see Drogon. In the books the law applied to everyone in Meereen as well and freemen and slaves both got punished. Though when a person says Dany does not belong in Meereen, could one of the slaves use logic and reply none of us belong here, you took us from our homes and people assholes.

I thought Tyrion and Varys were good, they always tend to be good together. Nothing great, but a decent scene. Need to watch it again to catch all the detail.

Didn't not care for the house of Black and White, there was a long wait to finally see and really nothing happened in Braavos.

Cersei and Jaime I am indifferent on, but I liked Kevan and Cersei and the Small council.

Jaime and Bronn I enjoyed, Jaime looked pretty pimp in his new outfit.

The election made sense, though I don't think it should of been that close, nobody liked Thorne. Now half the people like him which goes against both the books and the show. Also Aemon picking Jon was totally predictable. But I really enjoyed Shireen, however I am not thrilled about the horrific heavy handed foreshadowing with her. Jon and Stannis play well off eachother. I iked that Stannis was not overly angry about Jon putting Mance out of his misery.

Dorne, two episodes in and we finally see it for 10 seconds and the water Gardens look great, but again nt much going on, Elaria or whatever her name is annoying. I am so angry Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

I think that is about it, some flat scenes some good scenes, nothing to bad, but nothing great. I gave it a 7 but could of given it a 6. Some annoying little things, not sure why a freeman execution was made a public display, that did not make much sense and we were not privy to the reason why.

Darrio and Hiz, their is something going on their I think.

ETA: Totally forgot Pod, LF, Sansa, and BT, probably not a good thing a forgot it. Umm was a little shocked Sansa didn't ask anything about her mother, and thought it felt way to easy for LF and BT does not bother to explain anything but glad to see she decided to follow. Which is not a bad plan considering her current situation. Though you would think killing her would be priority number 1 for LF. As she knows he is with Sansa.

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8/10. I enjoyed the pointed comparison between Cersei and Dany's ruling styles. I also liked that Brienne and Pod actually found Sansa but lost her to Sansa's now suspicious nature and LF's influence.

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I gave it a strong 9.

I really enjoyed this episode. There were a lot of changes but I liked many of them and it keeps me guessing on certain things.

It might have been shortened but I loved Jon's election to Lord Command and Sam putting Slynt in his place. Everything with Jon was good and I'm glad they included the Lyanna Mormont part (who is apparently now Lady of Bear Island).

Shireen teaching Gilly how to read was unexpected but a very welcome addition that I loved. Throw in Sam and that was a great mix.

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Brienne isn't even the same character anymore.. :thumbsdown:


Now I wont have to sit through her boring AFFC storyline and watch her spend an entire season searching for Sansa

only to not even come close to finding her lol

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