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Missed opportunity for a Hot Pie cameo. Boo!

Pod appears to be doing most of the actual detective work on this mission.

Also, Arya's list appears to have shed half its membership. I guess she must have killed Beric, Thoros, Melisandre and (somehow) also killed Tywin offscreen.

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They handled that scene reasonably well (Sansa could have pushed the "I saw you at Joffrey's wedding" logic further, but I'm guessing the show doesn't want to call too much attention to Brienne's having been in KL for like a month and never so much as speaking to Sansa).

We so rarely get horses in action scenes on this show. This is a nicely-handled one.

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These Dornish send unambiguous messages... And cool props...

It never made sense why Brienne never talked to Sansa in kingslanding

Which is why this scene makes a bit of sense.

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