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Not to me, I was glad that Doran was recognizable as the character from the book; and his interaction with Areo Hotah made me smile.

Ellaria... :frown5: Her speech in the book about the futility of vengeance was touching. TV Ellaria wants to mutilate Myrcella for no reason. Ghastly.

I don't think book Ellaria would of dared to belittle Prince Doran in that way, just my opinion

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I like Kevan. Far more backbone

It seems like a bit of an overreaction here. In the book there were a bunch of sycophants; in the show it's just Qyburn; and Kevan was also angry about Cersei sleeping with Lancel, which the TV version doesn't appear to know about.

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I would have liked to Sam play the intrigue game like the book, but at least he nutted up and stated his piece.

I liked Sam's sass.

I really wish this website could handle traffic.

Wouldn't we all?

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