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[Cosplay] Targaryen Bastard Knight (WIP)

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Hey guys, I just recently got into crafting armor from EVA Foam for cosplaying and decide my first project was going to be a Targaryen Knight/Bastard. I've been working on the costume for about a month or two now, and the progress is coming along great (arm, shoulder, and thigh armor is finished, working on shins and belt soon.)

Most people cosplay as specific show/book characters, I wanted to do something a bit more fun and do my own character. So I went with a Targaryen Bastard who has his knighthood and personal heraldry (Targaryen Father, Royce Mother, nicknamed "The Bronze Dragon"). Nothing too out there (going for like a pre-Aerys II era character so its not conflicting with anything.)

Figured you guys might enjoy some pictures and such of the progress.

Planned final costume


Thigh Armor

Bicep/Gauntlet (with super prototype shoulder)

Full Arm

Bastard Heraldry


Personal Heraldry


I constantly post updates on the progress on my Twitter and over on my Deviantart for those interested.

The costume has to be done by June 27th for Indy Popcon for its trial run, then I intend to take it for all four days of Gencon Indianapolis on July 30th.

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