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Kenny Crybaby

Selling my Rhys Cooper Call the Banners (Series 2 Wave 1) Screenprints

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I originally bought these with the intention of tracking down the first series of prints and displaying them all, but the eBay prices for the Series 1 are out of control, and now it turns out I will be going to Brazil for the foreseeable future to train, and therefore am strapped for cash. I am a little flexible on the price, so forum members won't offend me by making an offer, or if you'd rather skip eBay you can just email me. They are all mint, I received them, looked at them, to make sure they were all there and then stored them. Never even got a chance to display them. I set the starting price at 425 which is significantly cheaper than other sellers. Thanks in advance for anyone willing to help me sort my life out haha.


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