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What Are You Listening To - Vol. XIX "The Music of the Night"

King Tyrion I

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I've given the most recent Modest Mouse a few more listens, and I do like it, but I like it a bit less than their last few, and I don't think it would make a convert out of an unconverted.

I've been on a bit of a Delta Spirit kick still. I think they're massively underrated.

Here's a track I like. The difficult-to-understand line is "It'll all live on." Acoustic version

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I'm really into singing proper folk songs lately, like old Cornish and Welsh sounding folk songs (in english lol, not cool enough to be able to sing many words in either cornish or welsh). It's making me feel kinda good about myself to have some people think I even sing them quite nicely so listening to a lot of those.

Haven't recorded this one yet, but would like to; really beautiful song by Brenda Wootton, a cornish folk singer.

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