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How would you rate episode 503?


How would you rate episode 503?  

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Gave it a 9 easily. Best of the season so far, and only escaped a 10 because I'm not sure about the Jaime going to Dorne scenario and the short cuts that are being taken with the Cersei and Tyrion arcs. But the Janos Slynt scene was just fabulous, and the characterisational depth and dialogue throughout were beyond reproach.

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I haven't enjoyed a GOT season this much since Season 1. I'm excited about the changes, and happy to watch the show not knowing what's coming for once.

Also, Jonathan Price is superb, Kit Harrington is improving as an actor, and as a whole, Sand Snakes aside, the entire cast have upped their game.

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Rating this episode is particularly difficult for me.

On the one hand, I loved most of the scenes and thought they were really well-done. But on the other I am concerned about the directions of certain characters and what it means for the overall narrative. I don't really mean Sansa in Winterfell, I think that's fine for the most part so far, but there are problems in King's Landing and the Wall which are entertaining to watch overtly, but when you break things down there are major cracks with the overall writing direction and how events are portrayed.

It would take a Wall of text to explain it all that I'll leave to write for a bit later.

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I gave it an 8, liked it better than the two first episodes. Things seem to be getting somewhere now, and with the show diverging from the books so much now, it'll be interesting to see where the storylines go.

Still, I'm having trouble understanding LF's motivations. Maybe everything will become clear later. :worried:

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I am overall pleased.

Stuff finally happened and I had reactions. I didn't just blankly stare for 40 minutes out of the 50. I laughed and I screamed at the screen. They showed signs of creativity, subtly foreshadowed stuff and almost pulled off necessary plot changes. Of course some things are bothering me, something always bothers someone. But getting over going insanity wolf a couple times, it is at least an 8 out of 10 compared to the 6/10 I gave the first two episodes.

First off, :bowdown: to Lena Heady and Natalie Dormer who basically stole this episode with their superb scenes. I was laughing so so hard when Margaery trolled Cersei, it was a delight to watch. I generally love Margaery's character which had always come off as insignificant and barely noticeable in the books. The show does her justice, I'm close to going TeamMargaery from TeamDaenerys.

It was also a positive surprise to spot Jorah in the brothel and the fact that he even got some action into the last bits of the episode calls for another :bowdown:

I actually enjoyed Stannis and Davos this episode, I felt like it was this was an adequate proportion of them.

Smaller things I liked. Qyburn. The dude is killing it with his attitude and his ZombieGregor. The subtle hint of Myranda's side eye. Brrr. The old lady telling Sansa the north remembers. Aww. The fact that they were consequent enough to have Fat Walda in the background. Creative nudity. The high septon brothel scene was above the usual Littlefinger style squalling whores, and so was the Cosplay Daenerys in the Volantis brothel. The high septon's nude walk was also a fine bit of foreshadowing. And I also like that Sansa wears her hair like catelyn used to. It makes me want to think there's a hint in there as well.

What made me go insanity wolf at the screen was Tommen and Margaery consummating the marriage. Fuck realistic, right, D&D? If sansa told Cersei in season 1 that she is 13 and she told Lysa in season 4 she is 14, Tommen is supposed to be no more than TEN FREAKING YEARS OLD! Even Joffrey's aging was ridiculous but one could pretend it's a pass. Tommen. Just no.

I can't get used to Jaqen at the house of b and w. And Maisie just wasn't enough make those lengthy Bravos scenes count, they were boring.

And I hate how freaking condescending, full of herself and confident Brienne is. She is literally a female Jaime ever since she left KL. And I don't give a single shit about how she fell in love with Renly or how Pod came to Tyrion's service.

The Jon Snow scenes are rushed and they make no impact. Janos beheading did even come close to Karstark beheading. Not to mention the completely unnecessary and undue change of 'Edd fetch me a block'.

Tyrion is as boring and annoying as he was in the book, no changes on that part.

And here comes the huge dilemma of the Sansa Stark Ramsay Bolton match. I have read complaints about why the Boltons would want to turn their backs on the Lannisters and I think the

Roose and Ramsay lunch gave a perfectly sensible answer. Also, Tywin married Tyrion to Sansa so the Lannisters would hold the North one day which is basically fucking over Roose Bolton who he had promised the North. There you have the Bolton motive. The funny part to me is LITTLEFINGER. The gaping hole in his character. HOW does Littlefinger not know what Ramsay is? HOW does Littlefinger not look into what Ramsay might be when he is about to marry his precious Cat2.0 to him? And WHY on god's earth would Littlefinger help the Boltons to the North out of his own free will and notion? The whole point of the Arya double was the Lannisters making the Boltons think they secured the North and Littlefinger brokering THAT for them. The show failed to fill this plot hole. As for why Sansa must be Ramsay's victim, I understand. There isn't really a plot for Sansa after leaving the Eyrie so they would have to make up an alternate plot for her and cast a doe eyed Arya double and get her into viewers' hearts before Ramsay destroys her, overall it would be a lot of trouble and book readers wouldn't be satisfied with whatever else they make up for Sansa anyways. The Bolton part was explained, Sansa can't do much but accept the situation, but the Littlefinger side of the bargain is a gaping plot hole.

I will stick with an overall 8/10.

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It's been a very difficult one to vote, for me. Most of the episode was fine, and the Wall sections were particularly well done.I would have given it an 8, in normal conditions. However, the marriage of Sansa and Ramsay makes absolutely no sense at all and requires all character involved to act illogically and the viewers to disconnect their brains. It's, as I see it, such a serious blunder that I've ended giving the whole episode a 6.

I'm sure, from now one, Sansa being in Winterfell and taking Jeyne's place will certainly provide us interesting and exciting situations. But if they wanted to go that route, they should have made up a decent explanation for it.

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The changes to the storyline were ridiculous

Sansa a gift for the Boltons? Willshe save Theon & teach him to remember his name? Myranda not happy about her arrival should be fun

Cersei the good?

Varys the good hearted activist?

Still gave a 6 for the most WTF moments yet

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On par with the first two episodes, with this one slightly better than "bad".

Even my unsullied wife doesn't understand why Littlefinger is showing off Sansa "The Suspected King Slayer" to the world. Cersei would have LF, Sansa, AND probably the Boltons after removing them as Wardens of the North.

Furthermore, anyone with half a brain would now see Tyrion probably wasn't the guilty party.

We're all stuck in a gapping plot hole.

I'm also bothered that every character seems to know everything else. Arya easily removes the dead from her list, Davos can recite TKW vows, and the entire world seems to know Tywin Lannister is dead.

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I gotta say, I really enjoyed this one. Seems like they are starting to weave the show-only ideas together, and I have to say they are doing a pretty damn good job of it. They've made some really good cuts of material and are making it work with characters everyone already knows. It's early, but I may end up liking Season 5 more than FFC/DDW. *Expects Bowen Marsh to start stabbing him*

Easily the best episode of the season for me. Lots of plot advancement, lots of threads starting to come together, signs that all the truncation isn't going to be radically detrimental to overall themes... I gave this one 10/10.

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7/10, by far the best episode of the season, but still overall as a TV experience no better than a seven.

1. I loved the Brienne and Pod scene, finally giving some back story on who they are and how they got here, something that is in AFFC.

2. Arya's scenes dragged on too long in the House of Black and White I enjoyed the inside but it was slow paced as AFFC is slow paced.

3. Dormer and Headey aren't doing it for me this season. Headey seems like she's just collecting a pay check and Dormer, who is in her mid 30s, is looking like a woman in her mid 30s. It reminds me more of, "The Graduate" than anything. Clearly Tommen is struggling in trying to please his mother and his wife. But also it was tacky for Madge to talk about their sex life to Cersei. That was an insult and actually so disrespectful it adds to the, "white washing" of Cersei. That's rude no matter what time period you are in.

4. Roose looked like he wanted to strangle Little Weasel. Two alpha scumbags with armies, Roose doesn't even know why LF gave up Sansa and no one else can figure it out. Roose, like Tywin wants Sansa as a pawn and what is this, Cersei and Littlefinger working together? Is Cersei going to marry Littlefinger? This show seems to be losing it's way . . . .

5. Sansa goes from one sadist to another. This time in her own home that isn't her own home anymore. She's stuck with Ramsay and knowing Dave and Dan they will make sure Sansa suffers. So we all can be motivated for Theon, Brienne, Pod and Stannis to save her . . . this is nuts.

6. Speed of information. Do they have the Internet in Martin's world? Nope? They must have it in Dave and Dan's world. the speed of information is baffling and unrealistic for the Dark Ages, heck even in LOTR and NARNIA no one got information this fast. Ravens must fly at warp speed.

7. Stannis and Jon scenes were finally good, enjoyed the Davos scenes, and I think they are setting up the Ides of Ollie more than the Ides of Bowen Marsh. They are really simplying the plot so brain dead show only/spoiler seekers can comprehend clearly what is going on. It is ASOIAF by the numbers.

8. The High Sparrow and Cersei scenes were good. The scene with Qyburn is all right, I like him more than book Qyburn and Un-Gregor = Frakenstein's Monster . . pretty clear.

9. The Brothel scene was well done, not over the top in nudity, and Tyrion was more realistic than the books, he wasn't over Shae . . he just wasn't over all the pain, he was in the mood but then not. I enjoyed seeing Ser Jorah, borken and beat down . . drinking himself to death . . but now he has Tyrion . how will they get to Mereen? Will Moqorro be on the show and will the Asian woman err Yi Ti priestess of R'hllor take Benerro/Moqorro's places?

Dorne looks silly next week. Ellaria Sand rallying The Sand Snakes to vengeance. We shall see . . .

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I gave it a 9

Personally, I'm glad the show is parting from the books, even thought the ultimate end is supposed to be the same. I like the element of surprise. After a couple of lackluster episodes, I was fully invested in this one. I'm no longer comparing them, although I do appreciate nods to significant book scenes. (I was hoping for "Edd, fetch me a block though"...)

Jonathan Pryce will make an awesome High Sparrow...one of the best casting decisions of the series. (Charles Dance was another)

House of Black and White was sufficiently creepy and even though we didn't get Arya's internal monologue as she was contemplating giving up Needle, Masie made the scene work well.

Pod/Brienne time was better and it looks like they have a purpose now.

The whole Winterfell section was unsettling...but I really think that LF has something up his sleeve....Just 'giving' Sansa away is not in his character and I think he has something else planned. His whole arc is to have Sansa for himself and just selling her for no reason isn't making sense. There's something else going on and I'm anxious to see how it plays out.

The Wall was great and like others, I think Olly is probably going to be the 'For the Watch', character. Maester Aemon not feeling well is probably not a good sign and I can see him meeting his end at the Wall instead of on a boat. Cutting out some of the long 'travelogues' helps keep the tv series manageable.

Tyrion meeting up with Jorah was unexpected and welcome, although it was a bit of a stretch that Varys of all people lost him. Their journey together to Mereen was important, so I hope some form of that remains...and the Red Priest being a Red Preistess (and a hot one) was interesting too.

All in all, I'm happy as I think the show is developing its own personality.

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Gave it a 4 again this week, I'm feeling generous. There were a few 'good' things but the bad was so bad it trumped the rest.

The scene with the High Septon was appalling and was there just so they could show some tits & ass, which would be otherwise lacking in this episode and we can't have that. And they've upped the game too, now it's tits & ass & bush in your face - quite literally.

Sansa and LF's scene was kind of nice, but again, felt very rushed. When he tells her his plan, she immediately says she won't do it, she'll starve herself etc etc, and LF tells her it's her decision. And in three seconds flat, she's changed her mind. Also, this Sansa Poole thing they are headed to... I don't see how this can work, but we'll see.

The constant and annoying whitewashing of Cersei, Tyrion, and even Ramsay.

Arya's scenes were ok.

Brienne & Pod... well, at least we got a glimpse of Brienne the Beauty, Brienne the Thug is getting very old, very fast. Although the scene was a bit too long maybe.

Winterfell... Littlegfinger has never heard of Ramsay. Doesn't make sense. I won't even go into the speed that people and ravens and riders travel.

The Wall... some dialogue straight out of the book, but it still left me unhappy. Not only we have no 'Edd, fetch me a block', and that annoys me more than it should, perhaps. Why not throw this little bone to the fans? Especially since they've changed so much, why not stick to the book in a case where it would obviously fit in this story they're telling (whatever that story is)? And why not have Jon tell someone to hang Slynt first, and then ask Edd for the block. And why not use Edd? He was sitting right there! Ah, that's right, they have to give Ollie as much screen time (where he always has a weird look on his face) as possible, because that's how they do foreshadowing.

I should wait until I've seen more of where they're going with the High Sparrow - Jonathan Pryce, amazing as always - but for now, it feels like the HS has the personality of septon Meribald. So far, a completely different character than in the books. Seeing how they handle subtlety (!), they'll probably have the character do an 180° turn in the blink of an eye.

Marg and Tommen. Hmm Doesn't work for me. I know Dormer is a fan favourite, but imo her range - or lack thereof - as an actor is obvious in every scene.

The scene where she's talking with her ladies in waiting and good queen Cersei was cringe-worthy.

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I'm giving it a 10.

I know, this is shocking all of you who see me post in the Rant and Rave threads. But I am quite able to judge the show as a TV show instead of comparing it to the books. In that thread I'm comparing it to the books. Here I am merely grading it as a show.


I gave it 8/10. The show itself is getting better. I loved the Janos Slynt scene. The Olly change kind of confuses me, but I guess they are looking for more of an impact for what happens in the finale.

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Gave it an 8. Really enjoyed this episode. League's better than last week.

My main gripe (always have to complain about something, heh), is the whole Sansa marrying Ramsay-or any Bolton for the matter. Simply put would never happen. How could either side possibly trust each other enough for this to happen?

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