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How would you rate episode 503?


How would you rate episode 503?  

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8/10. My favorite episode so far this season. Pacing was good, and I Iiked pretty much everything. Not loved - but this episode gave me the feeling I definitely will be loving episodes in the near future.


- Cersei vs Margaery. Very strong scenes and full credit to Natalie & Lena. I know a lot of people weren't happy that Marg had been watered down to the sweet innocent girl, so I'm very glad we're starting to really get into this side of her character now.

- Arya. Enjoyed every scene at the HoBW. Even though the Waif isn't exactly as how described, it was cool that she has a presence in the show. Arya and Needle was touching, nice one Maisie.

- Jon. Everything was pretty much spot on here. Minor complaint is that Janos ended the way they treated him all along of being very cartoony evil and wimpering.

- Tyrion. Again this was all pretty good. They really want Tyrion to still be the most likeable character with the choice of not whoring it up, but that's fine, that chapter was tough to read anyway.

- Sansa. Lol I love the continuing story of Sansa getting betrothed to the worst people in Westeros.

- High Sparrow. Great casting. They're setting up this story well.

- Qyburn. Awesome glimpse into his experiments.


- Brienne/Pod. *snore*. Brienne the Beauty story is not really book material that needs to be shown. Lets move this along.

- Tommen and Marg consumation. This felt....odd. How old is show Tommen meant to be?

- LF/Boltons. This change seems a bit out of character for LF. His plan is very out in the open for everyone to see.

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10. Best episode so far.

Pros and cons

+ Michael McElhatton

+ Roose trolling and playing with everyone, including Ramsay and Littlefinger, pure badassery

+ Lancel's actor's performance when they humiliated the High Septon

+ Jonathan Pryce

+ Edd, fetch me a block Olly, bring my sword


+ Thug!Brienne is gone, for now

+ Qyburn's creepiness

+ Reek

+ Jorah is back

+ No Dany

+ Roose, again

+ Flaying

+ Jaqen

+ Arya's Needle scene

+ The whore dressed as Dany

- No "rue the day" line, but I suppose we'll get it later on

- Sansa marrying Ramsay, but as long as Ramsay does the same things to her as to Jeyne (not dog raping), I'm fine, since they didn't alter Ramsay's character

- No Tyrion's whore scene, where the whore doesn't want him but he doesn't care and acts rudely to her

- General Tyrion whitewash

- No Urine Euron

- They changed the famous line by Jon, but that's ok

- Brienne and Pod going to the North

- Still no mention by Stannis of the White Walkers & wights

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I gave it a 9/10 It was a great episode everything at the wall was superb, Jon &Stannis being badass and Thornes acting was top tier the house of black and white had a great atmosphere about it. I think they are trying to do too much with Cersei were it is not needed but it wasn't bad. I can't believe more people aren't talkin about the Tommen Margaery shag fest I was expecting people to be saying thats not in the books how dare they.The High Sparrow was well cast and hit the mark .People have been saying that they don't find Little finger "knowing nothing* very plausible, who says he doesnt know about Ramasay?? just because he says he doesnt? since when does Petyr let anyone know what he does and doesnt know.The moment Sansa meets Roose Bolton again was a great piece of television. The twitching body of Gregor Clegane was fantastic. There was definitely something idiotic about the messages coming to little finger in Winterfell from the vale surely they would know better than to send them to him there. The Brienne Pod scene stank such a contrived monologue.

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Man, I just don't get any categorization of what they are doing with Cersei (or Ramsay) as whitewashing.

That scene between Margaery and Cersei was utter contempt. I honestly thought Cersei was going to slap Margaery that final time she stepped forward. Cersei has the look of someone who is about to plot the rape and murder of every single person Margaery has ever known whilst putting on a smile and giving courtesies because she has to. And obviously her siding with the High Sparrow is the first step in taking down Loras.

Ramsay is obviously putting on just as much of a charade in front of everyone as Sansa is. Their first interaction alone will be telling.

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There was more 10 votes then 1-5 votes combined. That is a good sign. And this place is a tough crowd...

I wouldn't say this place is tough on the show, it's just the whole vocal minority thing.

It was pretty solid, Sophie's expression of pure hatred dissolving into smiles was great, so was Maisie. I loved Robert Strong's appearance!

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The Cersei "whitewash" has to do, I think, with the fact that they make the High Sparrow seem much more benign and controllable, so it won't seem as much her fault when it turns around to bite her. They have consistently made efforts to mitigate Cersei's bad decisions on the show, up to and including giving the worst of that behavior to other actors. I think the writers value "relatability" a lot higher than GRRM does.

The Margaery scene wasn't a whitewash at all, although her affected demeanor wasn't really fitting the book Cersei, but then that's a refrain we've been repeating for five years now. Going in to see how Margaery acts, and letting her think she's "won" the war now that she has Tommen wrapped around her finger, is perfectly fitting Cersei's MO in the novels as well.

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They explained on the show why Littlefinger has no fear of exposing who Sansa is. The Lannisters have never gone that far north with an army. She is safe in the north.

I don't think that this explanation completely justifies the choice. Roose Bolton tells Ramsay that he shouldn't expect the Lannisters to send an army to defend them if they lose the support of the Northern lords. He doesn't say that they wouldn't send an army to bring a woman suspected of conspiring to murder a king to justice. I'm assuming Bolton has reinforcements at Moat Cailin, so they should be enough to keep an invading army at bay.

However, I would be more concerned with Cersei finding out and sending a small group of men to attempt to murder/capture Sansa. As the show has revealed, it's apparently possible to bypass Moat Cailin if you're heading north...

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Better than the first two episodes, but I'm a little worried about where some of the story is going in the show with how much they've changed thus far. I don't mind differences in the two mediums, but now we're talking about completely different plots in some cases.

I gave this an 8. Good fun to watch, and I enjoyed it. Just a little worried they are going to get a little too sloppy with the writing in the future, but I'm sure they can pull all the changes together.

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I gave this episode a *9*. (501 was an 8, 502 a 7)

This was a very good episode, the scenes were allowed to breath, and the editing and transition between story lines worked much better than usual.

Best bits:

- I really enjoyed the Sansa story line, which surprised me. Strong performances all around. Roose is so smooth, filling the Tywin vacuum.

- Jon snow, becoming the man.

- Jonathan Pryce!

- Brienn/Pod scene

- Great scenery... Volantis, the neck. And snow drifts around Winterfell. Winter is coming.

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This episode kind off makes me mad. It showed the amazing potential this show has, with its brilliant actors and amazing source material, but some things were just pure garbage, which resulted in an average rating.

Worst of all is the Sansa/LF storyline. It makes absolutely no sense. Roose should be done with LF now. The only thing LF can supposedly give him is the army of the Vale. Except he can't for a few reasons. One of them even gets established in this very episode. When LF says that he is betraying the Lannisters because they will never come North. And the Vale will? LOL. And the next one is that LF doesn't even have the Vale. He has no Robin and the moment he gave Sansa to Roose he doesn't have the Lannister support anymore. If Robin says fuck you to LF (which he should) when he calls ''his'' banners, then LF has...nothing. So Roose can just put LF in chains right now and that's it. But he won't because everyone involved has to act like the biggest moron for this plot to make any sense. Speaking of morons, LF actually offers Sansa the chance to say no. And she doesn't. Because she will get revenge by letting herself be used as a pawn by monsters? What happened to getting her own agency and all that clothes change and stuff? This storyline would be a 0/10, if it would not be a pleasure to watch some amazing acting by the guy who plays Roose. Now it's maybe a 2/10.

Next is the ''Edd, fetch me a block''. This is literally the only line from the entire series that I would get mad about. And they cut it. And there was even no reason for it. Not to mention they even had a close-up shot of someone putting up a block. As if to mock the book readers. ''Hey you know what this resembles? That iconic line that we didn't include because we are so much better.'' Just intentional disrespect to either the readers or MArtin himself. Ugh. The wall stuff was actually great otherwise, with the exception of Olly. Also Kit has improved so much I can't believe it.

KL at the start was...confusing. I just didn't get what they were trying to accomplish with Marg-Tommen. I guess show that Marg is the scheming bitch and Cersei just wants to protect her children? W/e, pretty forgettable all-around.

And the Volantis part was garbage aswell.

Pod-Brienne was ok. As were the scenes with the high Septon.

The wall was great, if only they included that one line they had no reason for excluding.

But what really stole the show this episode was Arya. That scene with Needle was just pure 10/10. I almost cried. One of the best scenes in the entire show.

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I thought this was another mostly solid episode. The interaction between Brienne and Pod was nice, and the Sansa scene that preluded it featured some nice acting from Sophie Turner. Janos' execution was decently handled, if a bit rushed. Still not sold on the Winterfell storyline, frankly, but we'll see how it progresses. The House of Black and White material was good. The High Septon bit brings back B&W's lack of subtlety, as does the Cersei-Margaery material. While I never expected them to really go with Tyrion's dark descent, I think the show's version really lacks that blackness of the character's morality, and it weakens his material.

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I find interesting that everything seems rushed in the show to some people. Election was rushed. Execution is rushed. Sansa getting to Winterfell too rushed. And so on.

Here's a thought. First every episode should be three hours long, that would give them ample of time to draw every plot movement out so it is as long as in the books.

Also, they should film allot of horseback travelling and in the box travelling scenes. Montages. Scenes when they add dialogue "my dear Petyr, we have been travelled 2 weeks since Moat Caitlin, how long do you think we will need to travel before we see Winterfell?" - "My dear lady Stark, as you know it takes two months to reach Kings Landing from Winterfell and Moat Caitlin is roughly halfway there so I think in 2 weeks shall you be back home".

Also when pressed in time, they should add black screens with a text "2 weeks later" and so on. Or maybe calendar. But first they'd have to invent a true Westeros calendar and then explain it to the audience as I seriously doubt there were emperors Gaius Julius Caesar and Augustus in Westeros.

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8 and that is the highest I have rated an episode so far this season (and yes, I know, we are only 3 in). LOVED Jon, Stannis, and Davos. Why, oh why, could we not have the 'fetch me a block' line? WWWWWHHHHYYYY? Anyway, I worry about this whole LF/Sansa/Bolton storyline.

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