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Pronunciation Key!

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I usually try to pronounce names in the books like common names today or as simply as I can. Example:

Aeron = Air On

Aegon = Ai Gone

Alys = Alice

Alysanne = Alison

Arya = Are Yah (I have heard some say Are Ee Yah)

Benerro = Ben Air Oh

Catelyn = Kaitlin (or however you prefer to spell it)

Danaerys = Dan Err Is

Euron = You're On

Falyse = Fal Ees

Groleo = Go Lee Oh

Jhogo = Jo Go

Jeyne = Jane

Jalabhar Xho = Jal Abba Zo

Lyanna = Lee Anna

Quentyn = Qu (as in queen) En Tin

Viserys = Vis Air Ees

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