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How would you rate episode 504?


How would you rate episode 504?  

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I gave it a 5 the lowest rating I have ever given an episode to my recollection. I hate almost everything about Dorne with the exception of lazy lannister forcing Bron to do everything.The sand snakes were awful pointless monologue from Obara instead of just saying yes I'm with you. why would She have to explain her motivations like that and what were they doing hatching plans in some tent out in the middle of nowhere and why would they kill a ships captain for wanting to be paid for information, it was just brain dead. I did enjoy the stannis and Shireen conversation it was well written.Most of the kingslanding stuff was very dull. The meereen stuff was pretty solid even the fighting including Ser Barristan up until the point he gets knifed up to the hilt three times it just stinks they killed off yet another great charecter because they are apparently too lazy to keep that many stories going at once but more than like the queen of thorns will have more scenes or some rubbish like that.

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LOVED IT. I never liked Dorne in the books so nothing to ruin for me there. Cersei arming the Sparrows is such a beautiful WTF moment - in modern parlance, it's like arming ISIS. Bronn and Jaime are the best. You know nothing, Jon Snow. Can't wait to see Sansa unleash vengeance on the Boltons (I've never liked Petyr's truncations in the series, but however weak his schemes are written now, he still doesn't lose) - she's so self-possessed. Margaery and Tommen continue to entertain. Stannis the mannis.

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5 for me. Some hit (the stannis scene) but a lot of misses : the Faith Militant being over violent biggots goes against everything the High Sparrow represents and it's not subtle at all (the image of Lancel rising up with is face tatoo was cringe inducing).

The sand snakes introduction broke my heart a little, that Obara speech came out of nowhere and seemed so forced. Who was she speaking to anyway? Dorne is one of my favorite place, especially because of Doran and Arianne and just the overall atmosphere of the place. We get none of that here, juste some REVENGE, how original. And just from a tv show stand points thoses characters don't seem to bring a whole lot, I'm afraid they will be very poorly received, god they seem to screw up Dorne so much...

The final showdown failed to bring tension because it came out of nowhere. See, I'd be down to see Barristan fight and even die if it was even remotely relevant to the plot and his character. Here it felt so apart from the rest of it. Sure the Harpys have been introduced, but the whiole scene feels like one big segue, the Barristan adventures or something. No doubt it iwill have some consequences later, but as it stands now it doesn't live up to its potential I feel.

I don't know if it's fair to attribute all of that to the new writer. But assuming it is, then I must say the guy seems to be talented, but overall shows a baffling lack of comprehension of the source material.

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9 out of 10

Best episode so far IMO

Once I got over the fact that the show is not going to follow the book I've found it much easier to enjoy the show.

What I liked:

Bronn - he is a great character & a great actor. I enjoy his scenes even though I don't particularly enjoy his storyline ATM.

High Sparrow - again just phenominal acting. Great for the part

Stannis & Shireen - Aw! Dillane proves his worth every episode.

Jon - telling Mel "I love another"

Sand Snakes - I'm not sure they did anything particularly great I was just excited to see them

Sansa - I am really excited to see what happens with her. I originally assumed she would replace (f)Arya & obviously to a point she has but maybe she will fuck Ramsay up. That would be great.

Barristan & Dany - Emilia is doing great this season. I think she is a decent enough actor when she has something to act with.

Barristan - Kicking some Sons of the Harpy ass!

Things I didn't like:

Mel with her boobs & trying to sleep with Jon. Didn't we already go through this with Stannis? HBO has to meet their boob quota some how I suppose.

Tyrion & Jorah - I am usually the biggest Tyrion fan girl but just wasn't impressed with him this episode. He didn't do anything wrong exactly, just didn't get much of his spunk I guess.

Bronn & Jaime storyline - the acting is brilliant & they have great chemistry but I just don't think sending Bronn & Jaime to Dorne was the best move to make.

Ellaria - I don't like that she is the one 'rallying' the Sand Snakes. They are the Sand Snakes for gods sake they don't need rallying. The whole scene could have been done just as well if not better with out Ellaria.

The faith - going all psycho cutting people up every where? I have a hard time understanding how the High Sparrow would back that? The whole situation with them is strange.

ETA: Barry getting knifed. Bad move I think. If he lives it seems unreal. He was stabbed like 3 times. If he dies I'll be pissed. Laziness on D&D's part. He is crucial to the story & his part is not done yet. Idk maybe they can rectify it.

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9/10. Not as good as last week but still thought it was a terrific episode with some great character moments, like Stannis and Shireen. Jaime and Bronn in Dorne is working out well so far. I wish Melisandre would have been more subtle but she absolutely nailed the "You know nothing, Jon Snow" moment.

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I gave it a 6. The Wall, Winterfell and Stannis were OK. I guess the honeymoon is over between Tommen and Marge. The whole High Sparrow storyline has been butchered and its moving too quick. The High Sparrow goes from being a nobody, to having an army and pissing off the King, the Tyrells and Littlefinger on the authority of a Queen who everyone seems to imply has no real power at this point. The sparrows are too extreme much more so than in the books where the High Sparrow does seem to have some sense of his limitations. Dorne is off to a bad start. Why did the Sand Snakes kill the guy who gave them the information? Why is Bronn waiting til now to voice reasonable objections? Why is Jaimie pissing off the only guy he brought with him? Did Bronn have bury the horse as well? Did Bronn even have a shovel? Mereen wasn't bad but if they killed Barristan, and it looked like they did I'll be mad.

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I'm with the camp that says this was a terrible espisode. Really awful. D&D just seem to be killing of characters for shock value as the story runs out of steam. Of course, GW and Barristan aren't necesasrily dead. . . .

The Best: Shireen and Stannis

Still pretty good: Mel and Jon; Tyrion; Bronn and Jaime; Cersei & Tommen

Super weak@ass: Sand Snakes, Unsullied breaking formation; Sansa and Littlefinger; Mereen

Sansa coos after Littlefinger abandons here to Ramsay snow, yet "she's learned from the best?" They really didn't put much (any) effort into building that up. That's the Harry the Heir/SweetRobin Eyrie stuff they skipped.

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Things I like

- Stannis and Shireen

- Jaime and Bronn interaction (would rather have them in the Riverlands but whatever.)

- Sansa and LF

Things I didn't like

- Ellaria and the Sand Snakes

- Faith Militant

- Barristan dying

- All talk of Rhaegar. I just dislike everything about Prince Perfection. My dislike probably stems from fanatics that think R+L=J is the most important thing to ever exist in the books.

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It pains me to say 3. No way my Jon would have gotten that tempted by stupid Mel! Overall a clunky episode...such a letdown after last week. Hated Ellaria and the Sand Snakes. Grey Worm and Barristan deserved better deaths. Faith Militant storyline lacks the nuances of the books. Just...so sad right now.

On the upside next week looks awesome.

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I loved the Stannis and Shireen scene too and Lancel was very entertaining. But overall it was the dumbest episode of the entire series. 3/10

Littlefinger is turned into a moron who doesn't bother to research who he's marrying Sansa to. "Outmaneuvre them" is dumber than the previous dumbest line of the series "where are mah draaaaaagons!" LF's plan makes no sense. He's trying to curry favor with the Boltons who are about to be deposed. If he wanted Sansa to be Wardeness of the North he could have just waited a couple weeks then sent her as soon as Stannis took Winterfell without the risk of her dying. Yes Sansa "outmaneuver" Ramsay Bolton while he's literally fucking you.

Anybody else get a strong Adventures of Sinbad vibe from the Dorne storyline? Good thing there were only just enough scouts for our intrepid heroes to kill.

They also wasted a perfect opportunity to make Iian Glenn look hilariously disheveled and his plan is dumb. Sorry I betrayed you here's a dwarf so we're clearly even now. Tyrion should have really had to talk him into it, he could have brought up how he's read everything about dragons and she really needs him.

And then there's the climax! It's like the showrunners have a rule that all big battle sequences must feature pants-on-head retarded tactics. So the Sons of the Harpy decide to use small knives to attack unsullied in a narrow corridor where spears should be most effective, but it works because the unsullied travel in tiny little groups of 2 to 5. And it's all overlayed with tacky and generic music, not every show can have Wardruna, but it's been 5 seasons reusing an old track and making it off key doesn't make for great battle music. I'm going to go read that Barristan preview chapter again. :bang:

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