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How would you rate episode 504?


How would you rate episode 504?  

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I gave it a 9.

Pros and cons
+ Mannis & Shireen, not as touching as I was led to believe but still touching enough :crying:
+ Mel! :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool: :drool:
+ Jaime & Bronn vs dornish guards
+ Barristan's fighting skills. When he appeared on the street, the cheerful music started, I am sure if I had not spoiled myself, I would've thought that Barry would save the day. Even though he died, still epic as fuck.
+ Lancel becoming the face of Faith Militant
+ Jonathan Pryce
+ Mace being honoured by the Kingsguard escourt, while he doesn't realize that Meryn is there propably to kill him?
+ Pycelle
+ Stannis snarking at Selyse
+ Jon sending a letter to Roose
+ Tyrion's muffing when he was cuffed
+ Tommen being weak
- Cheesy Sand Snake introduction
- Ellaria out of character
- Obara's actresses bad acting. How did she get an Oscar?
- Faith Militant destroying beer/mead/whatever alcohol it was
- Barristan's death
- No Roose
- Littlefinger
- Cheesy Sand Snake introduction
- Loras being captured so easily
- Margaery just being a bitch to Tommen
- Cheesy Sand Snakes

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Really? I thought it was bad. You can clearly see a bunch of the Harpies just standing around waiting their turn at Barristan or Grey Worm, despite the fact that there was plenty of room to surround them. And the Unsullied really do need short swords like in the books. I agree it was better than others, because at least in this case the "players" weren't randomly positioned all over from the start.

I've rewatched the scene again and I still think it's a good, plausible coreography.

It's hard to get the exact count, but there's about 24 Sons of the Harpy against 7 Unsullied + Barristan. A 3,4 ratio are nearly impossible odds. The unsullied are fighting in a narrow alley where the unsullied have little space to use their spears. They are trained to fight in formation, but now being attacked from both sides and without time to organize a defense. During the first seconds of the fight, using their higher numbers and the element of surprise, the SotH kill two unsullied. And of course the spear is a terrible choice whe you are patrolling streets. As shown several times during the fight, once your spear gets stuck in an enemy, you can get killed easily.

Certainly there are instances when some SotH are "standing around", not daring to attack Barristan or Grey Worm, and waiting for their colleagues to to the work for them. I don't think that's unrealistic at all. Who wouldn't hesitate to approach someone who has just single-handedly killed half a dozen men?

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Gave it a 4...and I think I am being generous. I have removed myself from the books when watching this show so I try to be open minded.

The Good:

- Stannis and Shireen scene was a surprise and I liked it.

- Sons of the Harpy going all out was good to see and much needed action.

- Watching Selmy slaughter many, many Sons of the Harpy was great.

- Jorah and Tyrion's scene was good. I can like them together.

- Seeing Sansa in the crypts was great until...

- As stupid as it was, Melisandra's breasts are always amazing to behold.

- The show is so weak this season that it reinforces just how amazing the books really are. GRRM is a master of his trade and our minds and imaginations have no set limits.

- Building up the stone men (greyscale) had better pay off somehow.

The Bad:

- The writing for this entire season has been crap and Episode 4 was no exception.

- The Dorn story line is weak. Would have been nice if they followed the book even a little since it made far more sense.

- Miss the Ironborn, who were far more fun to watch than angry Italians.

- Killing Selmy off was pure crap. He died like a champ but come on! You killed off Selmy? Talk about taking the books and shitting on them.

- I assume Greyworm lives. Would that many Unsullied have been killed by idiots in golden masks? The Unsullied should have laughed while killing all of them with ease.

- The entire plot/point of arming the Sparrows was utter garbage. Completely missed the mark or the reasoning for Cersie's behavior. And why make them so stupid by carving a symbol into their heads? And then they run around like it's the 1930's prohibition? STUPID!!!

- Sand Snakes introduction was weak as hell and very, very lame. Almost silly. Too bad Arianne was cut out of the story. She would have been a much better plot line than the annoying as all hell Paramour.

- The entire scene with Tommen and Margery was weak and not convincing at all.

- Melisandra trying to seduce Jon like that was idiotic and embarrassing. "Do you feel my heart?" Umm, no. I feel your tits.

- Littlefinger has become a shit-for-brains this season. Unless he has some MASSIVE plan, why would he abandon his ONLY plan, which is to have Sansa? Sansa is he key to success. So, just leave her with a bunch of psychotic maniacs. I know those 3 women shown last week are his plants (I assume) but still. In the books, he just ignores Cersie. He is already passed the point of no return.

- Jaime/Bronn buddy cop show is already amazingly stupid. How weak. He is the Kingslayer. Not some lovable goof who gets himself into trouble only to have his more serious pal Bronn get him out. At least have them travel to Dorn and bring the gift of Gregor's head as a peace offering. Then have it so they secretly want to kidnap Myrcella.

I am sure I missed a lot more. This season is already worse than Season 2. The 4th and 5th books were weak and dull only if you have the IQ of an ant. They are superb and D&D apparently could not get a good story out of them for HBO.

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Ill give it a ten for stannis scene.

Yeah, even though I am NOT a Stannis fan, this scene was awesome. Brought my respect for him from a one up to a solid two. I think Mel and Selyse are going to try to sacrifice Shireen in the fire, though.

Now that Mace Tyrell and Ser Meryn "Hit List" Trant are going to Braavos, Arya's gonna have a chance to Mercy-kill him instead. Interesting change!

I am not sure why there's so much hatred for the Sand Snakes. Is it the fake accents? Let it go! They're not supposed to be genuine, seeing as they're supposedly speaking with a Rhoynish accent, so why the fuss? Enjoy the hot chicas with whips and spears before they get their brains bashed in by Jaime's golden pimp hand / scimitar shield.

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This was a terribly written piece of TV, and couldn't be rescued by some good performances (although a lot of the performances are part of the problem).


What to say? There is no a trace of character believability in Ellaria or the Sand Snakes. They're just caricatures. Vaguely racist ones. "I want-ah my-ah revenge-ah!", lol.

Why does the show keep resorting to these unnecessary exaggerated characters? They have a huge, HUGE advantage of already being provided with incredibly complex, formed characters by GRRM. They need to trim down the story for TV, but instead of trimming story, they dump all character complexity.

Jon and Mel
"Do we NEED to show her boob here?" "We don't "need" to do anything...". Just, I mean, is TV Mel like a legitimate sexual predator?


Aiden Gillen is difficult to watch at the best of times, but especially so when the writers change their mind about who they need Littlefinger to be this episode. Because then you're totally confused, you're like "Is this just the usual bad acting, or is it also bad writing this time??" because it's hard to say! lol.


By far the weakest link in the show. The show can't seem to decide who Cersei is (or maybe Lena Heady can't deliver it consistently, I don't know - either way, the job of having a believable and interesting character is not being done).

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The Faith bit felt utterly rushed- All KL Scenes felt a bit out of place and unexplained as if we missed out on a lot of Information in between. (bumpy)

I read the books and I think I would be confused if I had'nt.

I think next was the scene with Danny looking down on Mereen - the backdrop looked to much like a painting and wasnt matching the lighting on Danny! (production just dropped it)

CGI Scene with the Sandsnakes was't great either. What happened to the "Either do it right or dont do it" approach they used in the last 4 seasons? I hope they rework those for the Blue-ray!

Stephen Dillane and Aidan Gillen saved this episode for me - Directing, cut, production and narrative have never been such a "let down" in 4 seasons.

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I get that they have to streamline the plot by cutting characters or merging some into one, but this is ridiculous! Dorne is a farce. I was really looking forward to the Sand Snakes, but I was very disappointed in what we got. Cersei...gah! It would have been so easy to have her conversation with the HS be about the crown's debt and to make the Militant Faith be the compromise as in the books. The treatment of Loras has reached a new low. He is now simply a gay man and nothing else. The biggest disappointment though is Barristan. Really? They have him killed!?! WTF! At least he got to fight, but really, who is going to take over for Dany (assuming she does leave)?

The only redeeming scene was Stannis and Shereen. I thought that played out very well.

I have rolled fairly well with the changes for TV, and have tried very hard to treat the show as an adaptation and not judge it too harshly. I know it cannot follow the books exactly and I would not want it to. However, such huge mistakes like Sansa marrying Ramsey, Barristan's death, Jamie in Dorne (again, WTF), and no Arianne, are driving me crazy. Also, what happened to the Greyjoys? They are probably my least favorite story line to read, but it is like the never existed.

If I were not so starved for anything related to ASOIAF, I would stop watching. I am afraid that the show is going to spoil the next two books for me. If they were doing it well, I would not mind so much, but since they really going off the rails, I don't want to the joy of reading ruined by a mediocre adaption.

Sorry for the rant, but I don't have anyone to talk GOT with and I really had to get this off my chest. I have never rated an episode as low as I did this one. I am going to go explode now... :bang:

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I gave it a 9/10 because the first 50 mins were good and better than some stuff I've seen in the season so far. However, those last 10 mins just threw me for a loop and I don't know what to think. So I'm sticking with 9 because I enjoyed more of it than I didn't enjoy????


--OMG THEY TALKED ABOUT HARENHALL AND RHAEGAR AND LYANNA. Holy. Crap. It's about FREAKING time. It's like D and D remembered that RL are kinda REALLY SUPER IMPORTANT for... let's call them J-shaped reasons. That conversation was great, though.

--I liked the Jaime and Bronn back and forth repartee getting to Dorne. They could be their own comedy show, followed by Jorah and Tyrion's show and Tyrion and Varys's show.

--I also thought the fight scene between Jaime, Bronn and the Dornish men was good.

--Show! Jorah actually merged with Book! Jorah for half a heartbeat when he hit Tyrion.

--I *loved* the Stannis and Shireen stuff and I normally find Stannis to be duller than dishwater. But that was FANTASTIC. And now it's sad because Shireen is probably going to burn, isn't she? Those looks between Selyse and Mel? Oh god in heaven. Run, Shireen.

--Really liked the talk between Selmy and Dany about Rhaegar. It was a sweet moment.

--As much as I hate her, Cersei getting the best of Lord Tyrell was good.

--Marg yelling at Tommen. Poor boy. He looks cowed by her.

--Glad to see they are going to keep Tommen as a nice boy who is very Un-Joffery.

--Jaime looking fondly at Tarth.


--Littlefinger's plot. I dunno. Maybe I'm still just waiting for the emotion to hit that a Stark (a real one!) is back in WF. Thus far, nothing. Or maybe I just don't get his plan. Or think that he's giving very sound advice. "Outmaneuver them" Kay?

--The Sand Snakes seem mostly okay. Can't get a real feel for them yet.


--I cannot with what they did to Ellaria. Just cannot.

--While I did like the Jaime and Bronn interactions, I hate the way Bronn described the Dornish as all made for fighting and fucking. The Dornish are more complicated than that, come on!

--THE HELL SELMY AND GREY WORM. WHAT IS THAT?! What in god's name is going on with this Meereen plot? So now it's just Daario, right? Daario is going to take over Selmy's plot in the end? UGH. And Selmy would never leave Dany so unattended. That just felt weird.

--Mel for the love of god, put on your clothes! The internal conflict for Jon was interesting but once again slightly (ok a bit more) gratuitous.

--The Faith Militant. Uh. I know I haven't read AFFC in a little bit but that was a bit...extreme, right?

If we all clap our hands really hard and say I do believe, I do believe Selmy will be ok. If he does die, maybe he has something he needs to tell Dany, because why prevent his throat from being slit? But what could he tell her? "There is another skywal... Targaryen."

Dany is not alone though she has Daario, and Missy, and Hiz. So ummm yeah that's just, ow maybe more Missy and Grey Worm, boy can't wait for that. I mean who wants Barristan the Bold, when you can have "Hey do you still have a penis?" I mean that is a love story right there. Maybe even make it a musical

Do you have a penis? I really need a penis.

Yes I have a penis, would you like to see it.

I would like to see it, let me see your penis.

See I have a penis, would you like to touch it

You better hope D&D don't see that, or you will be getting the Missy/Grey Worm musical, Do you have a penis?

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On one hand I really hate the butchery they've made of the Dornish female characters, on the other hand I think this episode is finally jumping on the R+L=J train and the Stannis and Shireen scene was cute even if pointless (unless they're building up to Melisandre burning her). So 8/10.

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Gave it a 4. LOVED Shireen but I could watch her all day long. She's so sweet. Stannis was okay too but the rest, ugh.

The Jon and Mel scene was completely unnecessary and cringe-worthy. Same for the Sand Snakes. They didn't do much for me in the books and even less so here. Ellaria is just weird. Liked her last season, hate her now.

Crazy Faith Militant was way over the top. Did anything even remotely similar to their eliminating drinking and invading brothels happen in the books? That was so clunky. And that it was Cercei's idea to arm them also didn't make a lot of sense. Her plan is to arm a bunch of religious zealots in order to get rid of Loras, to get back at Marg, what? Makes my head spin.

Don't get me started on the Littlefinger's bizarre plan. Sure, leave Sansa alone with Ramsay. Don't ask around about his "activities". Nothing bad's gonna happen.

And Barristan! I really liked his role in the books and now it looks like that's not gonna happen...

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I love how 33% of the people freak out when there is a change or it doesn't do what they want done. Can you imagine how many seasons it would actually take to get through these books if they played it more true to the books? How many of the same people bitching here about things being left out, also bitched about 3 page descriptions of food? Or have posted that if GRRM would just be less descriptive about nipples on a breast plate we would have the next book already...

Hateful people will always find something to hate on.

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3 and I am being generous. I can't believe how many people like it. It's just bad television. I felt a little better after ep3, but this took me back to just feeling sad. The montage was cheese, the faith militants poorly done and rushed,the fight scenes were terrible, the sand snakes are dumb and Mel scene was gratuitous. Stannis scene was ok. I don't get how the show manages to feel both rushed and padded out at the same damn time.

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3 and I am being generous. I can't believe how many people like it. It's just bad television. I felt a little better after ep3, but this took me back to just feeling sad. The montage was cheese, the faith militants poorly done and rushed,the fight scenes were terrible, the sand snakes are dumb and Mel scene was gratuitous. Stannis scene was ok. I don't get how the show manages to feel both rushed and padded out at the same damn time.

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Hateful people will always find something to hate on.

Yes! I feel sad for them. These people only watch the series to catch the differences with the books, they can't possibly like anything in it because their mind is focused only on the changes (and questionning if it's good or not). It's just a negative behaviour, I don't get it.

Seriously, there are two options for book readers at this point :

- Accept the changes and accept that it's another version of the books,

- Stop watching.

Watching something you hate is just contre-productive, at this point. When I hate a TV show, I stop watching it, I don't keep watching it and I don't go on online forums to bitch about how it should be. That just doesn't make sense at all.

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There were two very beautiful scenes in this episode:

- Talk between Barristan/Dany

- Shireen/Stannis

I especially like the talk between Barristan and Dany. I also like how they are starting to refer to Lyanna, Rhaegar and Jon's mother and Margaery was finally not a bitch to just be a bitch but was starting to use her cunning

But it is pity they are overshadowed by some things that absolutely I dislike

"All smiles died"? Really? Does you really need to make LF say exactly those words? I don't really mind it was LF the one who told the story. But please don't let them use those words (who represent for me all the grief Ned felt because of the war, the dead of his sister, ...)

- LF's plan still don't make any sense

- Jon and Mel. While I like Jon made the decision to refuse, it thought this scene was just wrong, gratuitous and distasteful. When I watch tv, I am normally not saying each second a curse word. Which I know I did. What was the point of this scene? What was the point of "You know nothing"? Did Ygritte warg Mel?

- Ellaria. First of all, this entire story line is butchered. Second, I don't feel any desire for vengeance by them. They say it but I did not really feel it.

Lets give it 2

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Feel like Jorah is getting GS and like the verbal between him and Tyrion

I didn't feel Jamie and Bronn, the Sand Snakes where laughable.

Like the wall, no real need for Mel to go nude; but I sure as hell wished I could have been Kit then.

Torn between Sam and Gilly saving Shireen or momma burning her.

Loved Sansa in the crypt and her homage to Lyanna, also liked the expression of LF about kidnap and rape, and Sansa's look as LF is leaving the crypt she doesn't trust him I'm sure like us she is puzzled by his thinking.

Sad about Selmy and GW I hope Selmy can give more insight on the Starks to Danny before he passes on.

Finaly saw next week's promo at the second showing, Tyrion seeing a dragon through the fog, Sansa,Ramsey and Reek looking bad for someone.

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