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How would you rate episode 504?


How would you rate episode 504?  

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Generic Arabia land with verdant green hills and fields rolling away into the distance...

Oh silly Ran, clearly you missed the part about how Nymeria and the water singers... Are water singers a thing? Well they should be, so Nymeria and the water singers brought water to the waste lands of Dorne and the water gardens actually were built to celebrate all the water and green beauty of Dorne. Now sure the show never mentions any of that, or the books really, they brought some water, a little water really. but it must be true because the show says so.

I know they know what a desert looks like, they gave us the red waste, so clearly the watch magic brought a lot of water to Dorne, more than expected, like a lot more. They did have sand at that lovely beach. Maybe when they move inland you will get more desert, at the Water Gardens. Maybe they are so close to the water gardens that everything is green. Like really close. No Sunspear, so it appears the Dornish come from a giant oasis. Also it looked like it was going to rain, so you know, more water.

Now in all seriousness, might I ask you a question? What happened to the Daynes? As far as I can tell they have been killed off. Selmy is Rhaegars buddy, no Darkstar, or Edric, no Arthur, no Starfall, no Dawn. Nothing about them that I can recall. Were they mentioned at all in season 1? Because I am wondering on the show if Selmy was with Rhaegar from begining to end, which will be so weird.

ETA: Never mind, forgot about the book of Brothers from last season, Arthur got a mention as being in Dorne.

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After a solid start to the season setting up everything now the actions is starting. Pieces are in place for some great episodes now.

Loved the history stuff too which was really good.

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Stannis-Shireen scene was awesome. Jon-Melisandre scene was just WTF and didn't seem to add anything. Dorne is thematically ruined. KL and Meereen stuff was decent. I have a feeling things are not going to go well for Sansa. I really liked the Jorah-Tyrion scene.

Best of all, now I don't have to worry about spoilers from anyone who torrented the leaked episodes.

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I loved most of this episode. I had no problem with Mel going nude for Jon...she's trying to entice him because she wants the power he can give her, and it's not like she's ever been shy about her sexuality.

Love all of the Rhaegar/Lyanna history.

Cersei arming the Faith is just as stupid and shortsighted as it was in the books, imo.

The bit with Ellaria and the Sandsnakes was mostly unecessary, imo. We already know that they are are on her side, I don't see why we need that again. I think it would have been better just to have the part with the merchant captain.

Really sorry to see Selmy go, but at least he went out like the badass he was. RIP. I don't think Greyworm is going to die yet, though.

I really like how this season is going, though.

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10/10 Great Episode!!!! It will suck if Barristan and Grey Worm are both dead. The Melisandre and Jon Snow scene was very weird but I liked it. I freaked out when she said "You Know Nothing Jon Snow". The scene with Stannis and his daughter was very touching. I also loved all the scene with Sansa and Littlefinger talking about Lyanna and Rhaegar Targaryen. Also Barristan was talking about Rhaegar. So we are starting to find out that Rhaegar might not be the crazy murder and rapist we thought he was.

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I never thought I'd see the day when I'd start to appreciate the story they're giving to Jaime. Sure it was great in the books, but I like the fact that I have no idea what will happen to him and Bronn, and I also love Bronn.

Hate the fact that they didn't show Arya, but at least we'll probably see her next week.

Dorne is just really bad in my opinion, I freaking hate Ellaria.

Stannis with Shireen, absolutely beautiful, gave me goosebumps.

I give the episode 7/10 because of Stannis and Shireen.

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Not sure exactly what it was I didn't like. But this was definitely a poor episode as far as I am concerned. Stannis at the Wall and Meereen shone again. But the rest was very poor, imo.

Will reserve my vote until I have a little time to think over it. Based on previous votes by me I am thinking a 4 or a 5

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So the thing is titled Sons of the Harpy for a three minutes (horribly written and directed) fight scene, rather than Big Fat Nothing for the remaining 47 minutes of the episode.

Let's see the points.

All the Rhaegar stuff +3

Stannis and Shireen +1

Margaery finally losing it +1

Bronn and Jaime 0

Sandsnakes 0

Ellaria 0

Tyrion and Jorah 0

Melisandre and Jon -3

Harpy attack and fight -3

uhh... wait... we are below 0...


another episode of Game of Thrones +3

Darth Sansa costume +1

Margaery costume +1

but then Daenerys costume -1

god what else can I do to get this score up...

itsy bitsy hints in conversations +1

and yeah... that should be 4/10... It was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.

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Some really nice stuff and some dumb stuff. Stannis and Shireen scene was the best, yet that is kind of an indictment on the episode itself as that scene does nothing to move the plot forward, other than to suggest there is no way Stannis will allow Mel to set Shireen alight. But then I never thought there was any danger of this happening. Grey Scale is being mentioned far too often for it to not be being set up to have some significance.

The motivation for Cersei to voluntarily re-establish the Faith Militant was OK, but I felt like the High Sparrow was altogether too passive in that scene. And while I suppose people might not be surprised that Cersei would make such a dumb move just to attack the Tyrells from the shadows, it is surely always a very reluctant move to allow a military / paramilitary to be created that is not directly under crown control. But there seems to be no introspection at all on this point. So it was overly simplistic.

Jorah and Tyrion was solely for the purpose of confirming what we already knew: Jorah is taking Tyrion to Dany NOT Cersei. I think this is also a book spoiler re Jorah getting back into Dany's good graces, which will be forced upon her by the fact that Selmy is either dead, or so badly wounded as to be no longer capable of serving her in any substantial way. By rights Greyworm should also be dead. If the Unsullied truly feel no pain then the only time an unsullied falls to the ground is when he's actually dead, or had his legs incapacitated.

I'm not a fan of how the Dorne story line has been adapted at all so far, and also not a fan of the direction Jaime has travelled. I am glad that it at least appears there is not a breach in Jaime and Tyrion's relationship, at least as far as jaime's concerned, and I'm sure Tyrion is smart enough to know that Jaime would not take his father's murder kindly. Though Tyrion has no cause for ill will towards Jaime.

I'm happy that there was a decent amount of set up for the Lyanna/Raegar relationship. It is definitely steering the audience in the R+L=J direction. I think LF departing Winterfell sets up some nice dread on the part of the audience. Ramsay is such a sadist that there is no way he could fulfill any sexual desire with Sansa without inflicting pain on her. But more than likely Roose will impose enough will on him to keep the harm from being able to be discerned by the casual observer. So basically keep the face unblemished, do not remove any appendages, and make sure she remains capable of bearing children. Otherwise, have at her my son. I do hope the show reveals the rather unpleasant circumstances of Ramsey's conception, and the equally unpleasant reason his mother is not around. I'm sure they can set it up that Sansa asks Ramsey about his mother, and that Ramsey relates the tale without the least sign of remorse for his mother, perhaps taking pleasure in Sansa's reaction.

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