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(Book Spoilers) Positive Nitpicking thread...

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Barry and Grey Worm swinging like a couple of battle bosses, what a pair of BAMFs. Those harpies didn't know what hit them. They would have done better with some backup from a couple of CHAINED UP DRAGONS, DAENERYS.

The Mannis having a bit of trouble with the concept of a fatherly hug, but getting around to it eventually, lol. That whole scene was lovely, and you know that he's not just saying words, because it's Stannis.

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- "You know nothing, Jon Snow" and Jon's face after.

- Adding Dorne to the map. Woohoo!

- Bronn and Jaime continue to own everything they do, down to Jaime's awkwardly brilliant fight and catching the sword.

- I know this isn't a popular opinion, but I love the Faith Militant. I forgot about this plot from the books, and freaked when I realized what Cersei is up to. The intensity and the violence of the FM resonated with how truly terrible life in Westeros has been since the war of the five kings. It also reminded me of Daniel Craig's performance as the psychopathic priest in Elizabeth.

- Finally getting to hear about the Harrenhal tournament

- Petyr's looks when Sansa brought up Rhaegar raping Lyanna, and the similar one he gave her when she mentioned being married on his return. He's totes up to something.

- Barry RIP. I died a little when Gray Worm tried to save him at the end and it wasn't enough.

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Like everyone else, Shireen (what a great little actress!) and Stannis.

Like someone said earlier, Jorah's going to the back of the boat and slugging Tyrion, though I, too, am not fond of Jorah (and love Tyrion). It was just done so well.

Brilliant for the sword to be stopped by Jaime's golden hand.

Great job of showing the reality of Tommen's powerlessness on all fronts, Marge, Mom and the FM, though I felt sorry for the little guy. What a rude awakening.

Loved that Jon came back with "I still love her" to Mel, though I thought I'd literally be sick while watching Mel put her moves on him.

Love the portrayal of how Cersei is gradually, blindly setting herself up for her own downfall.

Loved the thoughtful regard Jaime gave Tarth as they passed through.

Loved that Bronn's great lines and personality continue to shine through with Jaime, now that Tyrion's gone. Really didn't like Bronn in the books - it's been a pleasure to grow fond of him in the tv series.

And of course that scene with Dany and Baristan about Rhaegar singing out in the streets - and what a contrast to her scene with Baristan last episode where she learned how truly mad/bad Aerys became before his death. Loved the scene in the Crypts giving the hx. of Lyanna and Rhaegar. Sansa doesn't quite get it yet, though. Loved that Sansa was paying tribute to Ned and her family by lighting candles down in the crypt.

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So much good stuff this episode.

The R+L history was great. I missed the Crow feather on Lyanna but nice touch - as good a a blue rose growing from the Wall.

The gold-hand block was awesome.

I like that Sansa in WF and Jaime in Dorne can surprise us as we have no idea where it's going. At first I didn't like the idea but now I quite like it. There is plenty there for us book readers, You know nothing Jon Snow!

Some misgivings about the hysterical war mongering women but it's minor. I has potential for some good action.

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There was so much I HATED about this episode, I feel the need to come to this thread for a little positivity.

What did I like?

- Loved the brief moment of Jamie looking wistfully at Tarth.

- Small Council Comedy.

- Tommen getting owned on the steps of the Sept.

- Margery fuming, "I'm calling my grandma!"

- The Sparrows - while currently laughable - could be a good storyline if they take the fanaticism down a notch.

- Ellaria looking lovely.

- Stannis the Mannis showing he has a heart.

- Bronn being Bronn.

- R+L=J hints all over the place.

- Jamie using his gold hand as a shield.

- Barristan being a boss.

For everything that happened in Mereen ... I have no words of positivity.

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I liked a lot of things, but they were all tiny tiny little things. And everything that was kinda grand, I freaking hated.

- Rhaegar stuff - I'm really happy to hear tons of tons of talk of Rhaegar however, it may have been just a little better if all the talking and all the hints were, how to put this, somewhat more diffused all over the series. In any case, I am overly happy that we got a Tourney of Harrenhal and Rhaegar in KL

- Stannis hinting about Jon's parentage

- Stannis being a sweetheart to Shireen

- Jaime seeing Tarth

- Cersei's master plan, especially "I'm not holding him"

- Margaery losing it

- the order of the world is changing on the large and on the small scale as well, aka. "this is Lord Petyr Baelish's estabilishment" providing less than zero protection for the second time this season

- Margaery's dress

That's about all. Maybe I didn't like a lot of things. Maybe that's why I thought the episode sucked. Oh well...

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I didn't think this episode was as good as last week's but still enjoyable. Things I liked included:

  • Tyrion/Jorah exchange - Tyrion's storyline has gotten so much better in the last 2 episodes and he is bringing some humour to proceeding which is needed
  • Cersei's look of disappointment when the High Sparrow didn't want any wine :laugh: and generally how much she has no respect for Pycelle or Mace (who is idiotically oblivious!)
  • The Shireen/Stannis talk - aww I got all the feels at that! His hardcore fans must have been disappointed
  • The mentions of Rhaegar and hints of R + L = J though I wish they would give Mel a little more characterisation that the religious nut who strips a lot
  • Marg going from charming to enraged - poor Tommen - he can't control any of the ladies in his life! I quite liked the Faith Militant though the whole time I am thinking you complete idiot Cersei! I hope they don't overdo the homophobia thing and make it really silly
  • Selyse - Tara Fitzgerald really is excellent despite playing such a minor character with little lines she is memorable (and perfectly creepy)
  • I don't generally ship couples but I loved Jaime's slightly lovesick look at Tarth (and the ambiguity of whether it was Brienne or Cersei who's arms he wanted to die in)
  • The golden hand stopping the sword was awesome :cool4:
  • Barristan going out like a legend :crying: it's a shame he didn't get that much fighting scenes beforehand (and killed before his book counterpart). I have actually found all the Meereen scenes more interesting this Season that Dany hasn't been in :dunno:
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I made the mistake of browsing the negativity thread before the episode aired, which made me expect a terrible episode. I was glad to be proved wrong.

I loved everything at the Wall. Even Selyse, who usually annoys me. And the Stannis-Shireen scene was so sweet. Stannis finally returning the hug. The whole story beforehand. The Jon and Melisandre scene was really good, and not even because of Carice's gorgeous body. For once the nakedness fitted the scene.

Jaime and Bronn's bromance carries on. Their verbal sparring and the actual fighting later. The sword being stuck in his hand was funny.

The KL stuff was great this time around. I really feel for Tommen. He was in heaven last week and now he's starting to realise the truth of his position. Seeing Cersei's smugness will just make the later episodes all the sweeter. I also really like Margaery on the show. Giving her more screen time works out well for her character. And I loved her calling on her Granny for help.

Also a shoutout to the guy who plays Mace. He plays the bumbling fool so well and his scene was total gold.

Barry is dead. :bawl: Although that battle did annoy me a bit, it's still a wrench to see him go.

And finally, LF finally starting to outline his plan to Sansa. Now I'm dreaming of a team of Stannis, Sansa, LF, the North and the Vale coming down hard on KL. A shame it won't happen.

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- I liked that Jaime told Bronn that if he saw Tyrion again, he'd kill him. As much as I hated Tyrion and Jaime parting on bad terms in the book, I thought it was a really important piece, and it annoyed me that it was changed in the show.

- Melisandre saying "you know nothing, Jon Snow", followed by a sly smirk.

- The look Melisandre gave Selyse, as if to say shame on you for mistreating your daughter.

- The way Nymeria Sand so non-nonchalantly wrapped her whip around her after she whipped the bucket off of that guy's head.

- Stannis and Shireen (of course).

- Tommen starting to understand the not so nice realities of being a King.

- The little hints being dropped here and there about Jon's parentage.

- All the mentions of Greyscale we've been getting. It was mentioned in this week's episode, and I think more than once in last week's episode.

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I quite liked Jaime's really shaken reaction to nearly being killed.

Along with all the other stuff of course.

That's a really good point. When else have we seen him afraid for his life? Grey Wind nearly eating his face like a peach was once. I say his maiming didn't frighten him as much as shock him and make him dismayed. But here, he was a spectator to his own impending death, allowed by his lack of skill. No chance to put in another golden dragon or go to the last savepoint. Dead is dead. Also, the thrill of triumph may have been part of it. He's been training with and losing to Bronn for so long that winning is a shock too. So many emotions in that scene.
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I wish they would give Mel a little more characterisation that the religious nut who strips a lot

If she was trying to make a shadowbaby to kill Roose Bolton, taking off her clothes at Jon makes a fair amount of sense, especially since she doesn't have much time before they leave. I'm pretty sure that is what she was doing, since she was talking to Stannis about the war effort while staring at Jon earlier in the episode.

But you have a point that Melissandre is disproportionately naked.

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If she was trying to make a shadowbaby to kill Roose Bolton, taking off her clothes at Jon makes a fair amount of sense, especially since she doesn't have much time before they leave. I'm pretty sure that is what she was doing, since she was talking to Stannis about the war effort while staring at Jon earlier in the episode.

But you have a point that Melissandre is disproportionately naked.

She's not afraid to use her sexuality to get what she wants. It means nothing to her- it's a tool, because she believes herself to be a tool of the Lord. The last thing she's going to do is shirk away from the possibility of creating another weapon in service to her god.

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The complete transparency of the whole sharks / dolphins / swimming ashore alibi.

That one should be slow enough for you.

The sword stays stuck in Jaime's steel hand when he tries to shake it loose.

"Mwaah-mwah-mwah. Mwaah-mwah-mwah. Mwaah-mwah-mwah."

No one in Braavos will bother Ser Meryn with his armor and big effn sword.

High Sparrow deliberately uses the third person masculine pronoun.

The dinginess of the King's Guard's white cloaks at the confrontation on the steps.

One of these days the Unsullied will catch on to that double-crossing whore.

Don't bring long spears to an knife fight in the casbah.

Sons of Harpy spooky little moves as they get set to rumble with Barristan.

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