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[Poll] How would you rate episode 505


How would you rate episode 505?  

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7, knocked up to an 8 by the final scenes. A bit of a slow episode, but I wasn't really unhappy with anything.

What I liked:

- Sansa/Reek reunion. I thought they made that quite compelling, even though I knew what was coming. A very good scene, fantastically acted by both participants.

- Roose telling Ramsay the story of his birth. They FINALLY got some of Roose's good book dialogue in there. Also liked that he insulted him with the story about his mother and validated him at the same time. Excellent stuff.

- The Wall. Hands down the best storyline to this point. Everything is brilliant, from Aemon's kill the boy speech, to Jon basically goading Tormund into going North, to Stannis finally asking some questions about the White Walkers.

- Tyrion and Jorah in Valyria. A lot of changes obviously, but for me, all positive ones. Sailing through Valyria is exactly the kind of brave, stupid thing Jorah might do, I loved the little verse Tyrion popped out, and the stone men attack was very tense. I also think that a Jorah-Connington merger actually makes a lot of sense, and the Greyscale makes Jorah's arc infinitely more compelling. No complaints whatsoever.

What I wasn't wild about:

- Dany's decision to marry Hizdar was exceptionally clumsy. No real rationale given, and she did it while he's kneeling in a cell?? I was watching it with a bunch of Unsullied, and they couldn't understand why she was giving him power when he was at her mercy. Frankly, neither could I.

- I wish they'd done a better job explaining Jon's rationale for bringing the wildling's south. There's a particular piece of book dialogue that would have done it perfectly "The dead will rise in their hundreds and thousands, and they will come for us."

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I gave it a seven. If it weren't for Meereen the rating would be higher. I mean, first Dany arbitrarily executes the leader of an important family (which was admittedly fun to watch), then she commands another to marry her out of the blue. :dunno: I guess logic must be sacrificed to meet D&D's schedule. However, dinner with the Bolton family was one of the best scenes of the season.

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Yea, I really liked this episode too. I gave it a 10. Setting up for a great second half. It is strange to feel like a Sullied not really knowing where storylines are going. As usual, the Wall scenes have been the absolute best. I am liking Jorah and Tyrion too.

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I liked not having King's Landing since the Wall and the North have had the best scenes in the show so far. I thought the Winterfell scenes and Ramsay's ass was drawn out a bit too much. I wish they would have taken some of that time and used it at the wall instead, mainly the "kill the boy" speech since that was the name of the episode and it was cut way too short. Also I would have preferred Jon to volunteer to lead the ranging like the book, but Kit is finally get some really good dialogue.

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Things I liked:

-Pretty much everything at the Wall. Well, except that kid.

-The actors playing the Boltons nail their portrayals every time. Ramsay is the perfect lunatic.

-TheonReek looking and acting about as miserable as you'd expect having to face up to Sansa.

-The North (still) remembers. And Brienne and Pod look like they may end up doing something useful!

-'I don't care if you're innocent or not', says Darth Dany before she has the dragons roast a guy. I like morally-challenged/sorta-kinda-evil Dany much better than perfect-princess Dany, so I actually liked her scenes tonight.

My only complaint was the Greyworm/Missandei scene. Does anyone actually care?

And BTW...what happened to Jorah and Tyrion's boat? And I thought they were in canal or narrow waterway, how did they end up on a beach? More an oddity than a complaint.

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Dany, oh Dany. She was lovely feeding her sweet babies, then she decides to marry the feed. Incomprehensible in the show, incomprehensible in the novels. I'm starting to think the Meereen portions of this story are cursed.

Rest was great, though. Loved their taking the time to concentrate on the north. The shot of Stannis's men leaving the Wall was gorgeous. I'm very worried for Shireen.

Edit: W/out Dany, I would have given this a 10/10

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My favorite episode this season unsurprisingly it was written by Cogman, there were more references to history that Cogman likes to drop in there, like Randyll Tarly and the battle of Asheford, Roose about Ramsey's conception, etc that D&D don't do nearly as much of. Even though the plot is different, this episode felt more like it belonged in the world of Ice and Fire than any other episode so far this season. So I'll give it a 10.

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First 9 of the season for me.

Probably because there was no King's Landing or Dorne in the episode.

I pretty much liked all the scenes and this is coming from someone who is becoming an increasingly larger book purists. Only a few nitpicks here and there.

The only thing I just can't get behind is Missendei and Greywork. Can't do it. Just don't care.

And it just occurred to me that Arya has only been in two episodes and we are already halfway done with the season. Strangely enough, I don't mind it.

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Really good episode. Not quite as good as recent weeks but this keeps up a streak of four really strong episodes in a row. Bryan Cogman never disappoints and filled the episode with a lot of backstory, which is always welcome.

This episode was also another example of the benefits of a reduced focus. Less jumping around means more time spent on key plots like the Wall and Winterfell.

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