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[Poll] How would you rate episode 505


How would you rate episode 505?  

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I gave it a 7. It was decent but so many parts felt really boring; I kept looking at the clock wondering how time was moving so slow.


--Tyrion seeing Drogon. AHHH. That was magnificent.

--"A Targaryen alone in the world. It's a terrible thing." *enter Jon Snow* I laughed. I love that D and D are starting to hint at RLJ more.

--I love Maester Aemon. "Kill the boy, Jon Snow....and let the man be born." Yaaaaas

--The conversation between Jon and Tormmund. Honestly, the Wall stuff has been pretty awesome this year, overall. Especially love watching Jon this year as the Lord Commander (and Kit has come a long ways, no?)

--The WF dinner scene was incredibly awkward to watch, but the kind that really draws you in because you keep thinking anything can happen. Also, very well acted from all involved.

--Shireen and Davos are so cute. It's such a shame she's probably going to be fed to the fire before long....


--"I forgive you" I don't get it. I mean, is it supposed to be character development for Ramsey or is he toying with Reek? But the scene was very tense and well acted.

--Brienne got a plot that might be interesting! But, I might be one of the few people who actually really enjoys Brienne's travelogue in AFFC. And I miss that story.

--I'm glad D and D are sticking with Dany marrying Hizzy from the books, but come on! That's not how it goes down at all. What about Hizzy going out and promising no deaths for X number of days and Dany coming to the desperate conclusion that she must marry him for the good of the city. Right now she has the upper hand having just scared the shit out of the Slavers with her Dragon Display.

--Valyria! Valyria!! We got to see Valyria! (why isn't it glowing red and on fire!?) However I did love Tyrion and Jorah's speech about the Doom. Glad to get some ancient history.


--Jorah got Greyscale. Okay. Well. I'll be over here. In my corner of sad. (no for the love of god, WHY?! Oh because we don't have JonCon, right??!) I....am not happy.

--Dany feeding the Slavers to the dragons. She has a dragons wrath in the books but she's also trying to compromises. I'm not sure what is going on in Meereen right now. Also, where is the Green Grace? Are they really leaving her out?

--I'm convinced that Sansa Stark only has one dress

--Really don't care about Ramsey and Miranda and could do without the "I'm jealous scenes!"

--I care about Missendei. I care about Grey Worm. I do not care about this rather forced romance between the two.

What's so essential about the Green Grace that you'd be shocked if she was cut? We're talking about a series which has cut far more significant characters and arcs already. She's a minor character.

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The only downsides of this episode for me were Myranda's storyline (but Charlotte Hope is so hot, that I don't actually follow it :) and The Great Northern Conspiracy in the form of tavern servant and random old lady instead of well thought-out vivid Martin's characters. These two brought my score down to 9 points.

Everything else was great: Dragons were badass; Mormont/Tyrion scene were a thriller (although i was spoiled by twitter about Jorah facing JonCon fate); Bolton's dinner was fun; even all the setup sequences with Olly the Commander Killer and even clumsy "a Targaryen alone in the world" montage from Aemon to Jon were entertaining; and no KL sequence was kinda felt like a rest, lately it became not so fun to watch.

Impossibility to make a trip to Valyria in the books doesn't bother me at all.

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Because 0 is not available.

The inconsistency and character assassination was just more annoying this episode. And random things, like Stannis just walking around Castle Black and running into Sam just so he could tell him to continue reading, just kept happening.

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The Bolton stuff was too drawn out. It should have been cut down. The "candle in the broken tower" is going to play a role in how Sansa and Theon escape Winterfell.

There are times in the books when I wish Essos didn't exist. But, the Seven help me, I'm actually sort of enjoying Meereen this season. Jorah/Tyrion weren't bad either. Poor, handsome Jorah, you've been JonCon'd. It makes sense, they were both friendzoned by the ones they loved.

The Wall scenes have been good this season.

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I gave it a 9, same as always, though technically if I'd had the option, like ep.2, I'd have given this 8.5. For me, the deviations from the books are something I've gotten used to. I'll only complain if they take over an entire episode and are inconsistent with character, compromise faithfulness to story arcs in a damaging manner, and are unnecessary and bungled. The Dany scene at the start was absolute fanfic, but at least it was fun to watch. I understand why they've made the alterations to the story arc of Mormont, though I do think they've possibly thrown his future place in the series into disregard in relation to the novels by unnecesarily eliminating Jon Connington and Young Griff. Still, the only caveats I have are with the plodding pace of the later Stannis scenes and the wastage of time on the uncanonical and also tedious Missandei and Grey Worm romance. These took up space that could have been better served by having at least one scene with Cersei. On the other hand, Valyria looked great, and I do prefer Mormont as a character to the unlikable Jon Con. Loved the Dreadfort scenes, of course, and the earlier scenes with Jon at The Wall. It was overall an excellent episode, the same as all the others in this season. But I would prefer the season to now find a quicker and less padded pace.

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This episode just saddened me, it kinda epitomized everything wrong with the adaption.

Before this season I was still loving the show. 5 episodes in and Im pretty much over it. I'll stick with it because I still like seeing the portrayal of some great book characters (Jon, Arya, Jaime, Brienne, Tyrion), but the changes made in earlier seasons and this season have finally deteriorated the quality of the show as a whole to almost unwatchable levels (see Sand Snake seen in episode 4).

This episode gets a 5 at best.

The stone men were poorly done, Jorah getting greyscale was expected (with the omission of Young Griff/Jon Con) and I just don't understand the whole Winterfell situation, it just simply doesn't make any sense.

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Cogman did a good job of writing this mess into some sense that is still kinda following a shadow of a shadow of a book. I feel for the man. It is tough wiping someone else's shit.

I think the pace was good. I did not find a WF sequence too long like some of the posters. Boltons may be despicable shits, but these two men can act. Kudos to Iwan and Michael! Alphie Allen is consistently excellent from season 1 and keeping the spirit of his character's arc alive despite of the quality of the script. I could feel the cold in WF. And not just the weather induced one. Myranda plot is weak, but Dumb&Dumber must have their nudity quota per episode and someone has to fill it. I am sure being naked in WF is a thrill! No one mentioned if the hot stream pipes are working. Somehow it doesn't look as if they do. But, people walk around naked and randy. I suggest D&D do the same next time they are in Iceland. That would be an excellent reality check. Boobs before reason!

The Wall, as far as acting goes, is a treat. Stephen Dillane wiped my vision of Stannis from my brain. Cannot remember how I imagined him anymore. Every move, every look is badass. Sadly, they didn't write Davos in much. The departure scene was well choreographed and directed. Good writing set up for what is to come in the NW. It is different form the books, but it makes sense.

Oldtown has been introduced, so I guess the trip is on after all. I love every second of seeing Aemon!!! He is my favourite Targaryen. Maybe even topping Rhaegar if that is possible (for me at least. I am his shadow after all). Glad that he is still alive. Peter Vaughan deserves an award. Blind, wise and great sense of humour. It takes a genius to refuse the throne.

Cogman should also be given an award for trying to untie the Meereenese knot. It has nothing to do with the books, but the plot kinda made sense. Apart from the ongoing Greyworm/Myssandei minority quota bs. That is just idiotic. Emilia did a good job in this episode.

Valyria instead of the Royne. I had nothing against it. The glimpse into what once was is ok with me along with Drogon flying over it.

I'm fine with Jorah Connington as well. So, the Aegon plot is dead and buried for good. RIP. The only thing that bothered me was that Iain Glen could not wipe a smile of his face. Dinklage must be cracking him up all the way, which is fine off camera, but doesn't make any sense when it is rolling.

And finally, I realised what I disliked the most this season - King's Landing. The lack of it made the episode tangibly better.

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I'm not sure how to score this ep. I thought the acting was good, I enjoyed the pacing and a break from KL.

However I hated Jorah getting greyscale and the trip through Valyria (why???!!!)

I disliked Stannis leaving without Jon telling him how to get the Northern hill tribes support. I also though Roose was going to say "don't make me rue the day I raped your mother" but instead got a sappy "your my son" speech. BOOOO!!

Otherwise the wall and WF were good though. I think its worth a 7 but I may change the score higher or lower after a rewatch.

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I liked the episode. Last week's episode was a lot of setup, and I was prepared for this episode to be another setup episode. I gave this week's episode 8/10.

The only thing I didn't like was how Dany burning the leaders of the Great Families played out. Dany going from executing those men at the beginning of the episode to admitting fault at the end of the episode after a quick chat with Missandei felt rushed. There was such a clear connection between Dany's actions, and the actions of her father, and the scene could have been so much more powerful, in particular if Barristan Selmy hadn't died in the last episode.

The way I would have done it, Dany would have made the order to have the leaders of the Great Families gathered in the dungeons, but Selmy would be there asking Dany to reconsider. Dany would ignore Selmy and have the men burned. In a later scene, Selmy would deliver that speech about her father Aerys that was in the second episode where he talked about the kinds of things Aerys did to maintain a sense of control. I would have Selmy killed off after this somehow. Then, Dany could still have her scene with Missandei where she tells Dany that she's seen her heed the advice of her counsellors, as well as ignore it. All of this wouldn't even necessarily have happened in the same episode. It just would have happened more or less in this order.

I feel like rearranging things in such a way could have made Dany burning the leaders alive, Selmy's death, and Dany's admission of fault that much more powerful, and could have helped define where her character's going this season a little better. But that's just me...

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I've given it a 6.

If I were to rate by storyline, Mereen would get a 4 (Dany's execution of the noble was too random and cruel, and I was tired of Grey Worm+Missandei from their first scene), the Wall a 6 (Ok, but no more), Winterfell and Valyria a 7.

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I gave it a 7.

From a direction standpoint, the use of space was nice, in particular the beach scene with Tyrion and Jorah. Otherwise it was just sort of there. I'm bothered by the complete lack of dignity/send-off for Barristan. There seems to be a thing this season with ideas from the book making their way in, but lacking the appropriate context and weight. Kill the Boy just didn't resonate with me. The Stone Men were...err. Very generic b-movie horror monsters. The scene itself also just happened, without a lot of tone or tension.

Stannis leaving the Wall was nice. Is it just me or does everyone in this show talk? Every single scene is just dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. There's very rarely a time when they just allow the visuals to communicate the story. Everyone is always speaking. I mean, seriously, B&W take 3 script pages to communicate something that could be established with 3 shots.

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Is it just me or does everyone in this show talk? Every single scene is just dialogue, dialogue, dialogue. There's very rarely a time when they just allow the visuals to communicate the story. Everyone is always speaking. I mean, seriously, B&W take 3 script pages to communicate something that could be established with 3 shots.

They are overwordy at times, but there are other moments when they use visuals: Stannis' nod to Jon, all the looks between Jon and Mel, Sansa's emotions are often displayed without words, Theon/Reek is very visual-based, etc...

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Golden Raspberry pie with whipped cream. Worst episode of the entire series. Impossible to top that, but I've said that before, and the tend to surprise you.

Lol. Should I send a piece to you before I throw the rest to Dusken&Dale? I actually liked this episode, but I also like the mental image you provided. B)

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Sansa will never be a player. Its clear in the books now it is crystal clear in the show. Her death is foreshadowed sonce her walk in the crypts. Myranda played her for gods sakes. She will light that tower fire and probably die there. Dogs, flaying or they may even burn it down knowing ramsay with Sansa in it. Her stairing at the tower and the flash back to burned millers kids. Guatanteed

Player or not she knows not to make it so apparent that she hates them. She parroted courtesies to Joff & Cersei back in KL daily to stay alive & then sat at dinner with the Boltons & made her feelings very apparent. She is smarter than that.

Anyway I disagree about her being a player. She may die eventually but I don't think it will be in the tower.

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