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[BOOK SPOILERS] What your non-reader friends/family thought and their predictions


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From a viewing session with one completely Unsullied and one Half-Unsullied (currently at the beginning of AFFC):

- Meereen: Everyone loves the dragons. Everybody thinks that Dany opening the fighting pits is the first good choice she's made since she has come to Meereen.
- Wall and beyond: Everyone agrees that Jon is a better ruler than Dany, but his actions will come back to bite him.
- Winterfell: Nobody cares about Briennne. One of them thinks Myranda is more of a danger to Sansa than the Boltons. Everyone was laughing when Roose mentioned Walda's baby, although they all agree that she and the kid are as good as dead.
- Valyria: Everyone loved the Stone Men scene and thought Tyrion's is-he-dead-or-not should have been the last scene.

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